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11200 Micrograms1200 Micrograms (Psychedelic trance, Electronic)
23OH!33OH!3 (Electro-hop, Electronic rock, Alternative hip hop, Rapcore, Crunkcore)12
3AirAir (Electronic music)
4AlexkidAlexkid (Electronic music)
5AlizeeAlizee (Pop, Electropop, World, Chanson, Hip-hop, Dance)
6Anders MangaAnders Manga (Electronic rock, Alternative, Dream pop, Darkwave, Goth, Deathrock, Industrial)
7Animal CollectiveAnimal Collective (Experimental, Psychedelic pop, Neo-psychedelia, Indie rock, Freak folk, Electronica)
8Anne DudleyAnne Dudley (Electronica, Synthpop, New wave, Pop)
9Annie LennoxAnnie Lennox (Pop, Pop rock, Blue-eyed soul, R&B, Electronica)
10Apollo 440Apollo 440 (Electronica, Electro rock, Big beat, Slternative rock, Slternative dance)
11Apparat Organ QuartetApparat Organ Quartet (Electronic)
12Astral ProjectionAstral Projection (Electronic music)
13AviciiAvicii (Country, Progressive house, Electro house)14
14AwolnationAwolnation (Indie rock, Alternative rock, Electronic rock, Alternative dance, Noise rock, Dance rock, Trance)12
15B. FleischmannB. Fleischmann (Electronic)
16Banco de GaiaBanco de Gaia (Electronic, Ambient)
17Bang GangBang Gang (Trip hop, Indie pop, Electronic, Downtempo, Shoegaze)
18Bebe RexhaBebe Rexha (Pop, R&B, dance-pop, electro)68
19BeirutBeirut (Balkan folk, World music, Indie folk, Electronica, Baroque pop)
20Benny BenassiBenny Benassi (Electro, Techno)7
21BjorkBjork (Pop, Trip hop, Alternative rock, Jazz, Ambient music, Electronica, Folk)
22BoABoA (Pop, R&B, Dance-pop, Electro-pop)
23Bomfunk MC'sBomfunk MC's (Hip hop, Electro, Electronic)
24BonoboBonobo (Downtempo, Trip hop, Chillout/Lounge, Electronic)
25Breathe CarolinaBreathe Carolina (Electronic rock, Eelectropop, Electronica, Crunkcore)4
26BTBT (Electronic music, Film score, New classical)
27BucketheadBuckethead (Progressive metal, Funk, Electronica, Jazz fusion, Bluegrass, Folk rock, Ambient, Country Rock)
28Calvin HarrisCalvin Harris (Electropop, Eelectro house, Nu-disco, Synthpop)239
29Carl CoxCarl Cox (House, Techno, Hardcore, TechHouse, Electronica)
30Caro EmeraldCaro Emerald (Jazz, Pop, Electro swing)
31CascadaCascada (Pop, Eurodance, Electronic)9
32Chad VangaalenChad Vangaalen (Indie rock, Folk music, Electronica)
33Charli XCXCharli XCX (Synthpop, Darkwave, New wave, Electropop)27
34Chiddy BangChiddy Bang (Alternative hip hop, electronica)6
35ChromeoChromeo (Italo-disco, Indie electronic)3
36Clean BanditClean Bandit (Electronic)
37CoilCoil (Industrial, Post-industrial, Acid House, Dark ambient, Noise, Drone, Electronic, Avant-Garde)
38ColdplayColdplay (Alternative rock, Post-Britpop, Electro rock)105
39Craig ArmstrongCraig Armstrong (Orchestral music, Electronica, Film scores)
40CrossesCrosses (Electronic rock)10
41Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles (Electronic, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Noise)
42Daft PunkDaft Punk (House, Electronic music)13
43Daniel BedingfieldDaniel Bedingfield (Pop, Dance-pop, Pop rock, Electronic, Dance, UK garage)
44Deep ForestDeep Forest (Electronic, New Age, Ambient, World music, Ethnic electronica)
45DevDev (Electropop, Dance, house, Jazz house)19
46DiploDiplo (Moombahton, Hip hop, Trap, Dancehall, Reggae fusion, Electro house)
47Empire of the SunEmpire of the Sun (Electronic, Synthpop, Electronic rock, New wave, Dance)35
48EnigmaEnigma (World beat, Electronic, New Age, Downtempo)
49Enrique IglesiasEnrique Iglesias (Latin rock, Latin pop, Dance-pop, Electropop, Soft rock)3
50EstheroEsthero (Trip hop, Hip hop, Nu jazz, R&B, Soul, Electronica, Experimental rock, Lounge, Indie)
51Evils ToyEvils Toy (Futurepop, Synthpop. Electro-industrial (previously))
52FaithlessFaithless (House, Techno, Trance, Trip hop, Electronica)
53FalcoFalco (New Wave, Hip pop, Rock, Dada, Electropop)
54Far East MovementFar East Movement (Hip hop, Electronic dance, Hip house, Electropop, Alternative hip hop)6
55Flo RidaFlo Rida (Pop rap, Southern hip hop, Electropop)125
56FlumeFlume (Electronic)59
57Flying LotusFlying Lotus (Experimental electronic, Hip hop)8
58Four TetFour Tet (Trip-Hop, Electronic)
59GarbageGarbage (Alternative rock, Electronic, Trip-Hop, Industrial rock)
60Global DeeJaysGlobal DeeJays (House music, Electrotech)
61GoldfrappGoldfrapp (Electronic, Electroclash, Electropop, Synthpop, Trip hop)
62GorillazGorillaz (Alternative rock, Alternative hip hop, Electronica)3
63Gotan ProjectGotan Project (Tango, Electronica)
64GrimesGrimes (Electronic, Experimental, Indie pop, Dream pop, Dark wave, Synthpop, Industrial)7
65Groove ArmadaGroove Armada (Big beat, Electronica, House, Trip hop, Downtempo, Synthpop)
66Gus GusGus Gus (Electronic music, House)
67HalseyHalsey (Indie pop, Electropop)347
68Hans ZimmerHans Zimmer (Orchestral electronic)
69Holy Ghost!Holy Ghost! (Electropop, Disco, Alternative dance)3
70Hot ChipHot Chip (Indie Pop, Electropop, Alternative Rock)3
71Icona PopIcona Pop (Dance, Synthpop, Electro house)9
72Iggy AzaleaIggy Azalea (Hip hop, Electronic dance)70
73Imagine DragonsImagine Dragons (Alternative rock, Indie rock, Pop rock, Electropop)463
74Infected MushroomInfected Mushroom (Electronic, Psytrance)
75InnaInna (Electronic, Progressive, House)
76Jonn SerrieJonn Serrie (Ambient electronic music, New age)
77Katy PerryKaty Perry (Pop, Pop rock, Dance-Pop, Electro-Pop, Rock)118
78Ke$haKe$ha (Pop, Dance, Electronic)41
79KelisKelis (R&B, Neo soul, House, Alternative hip hop, Electronic dance, Dance-pop)10
80Kenji KawaiKenji Kawai (Movie music, Electronic music, Instrumental music)
81Kids of 88Kids of 88 (New wave, Electro, Afrobeat, Disco)
82KMFDMKMFDM (Industrial rock, Industrial metal, Eelectro-industrial)
83La RouxLa Roux (Electropop, Synthpop, New Wave)3
84LabrinthLabrinth (R&B, Dance, Soul, Hip hop, Electronic, Gospel)
85Lady GagaLady Gaga (Pop, Electronic)106
86Lali PunaLali Puna (Electropop, Indietronic)3
87LeftfieldLeftfield (Progressive house, Electronic, Dub music, Trip hop)
88Lil JonLil Jon (Hip hop, Hardcore hip hop, Crunk, Electro hop, Rap rock, Hip house)17
89Little BootsLittle Boots (Synthpop, Electropop, Dance-pop)3
90LordeLorde (Art pop, Indie pop, Minimal, Electronica, Electropop)61
91Lykke LiLykke Li (Indie rock, Dream pop, Electronic, Wonky pop)16
92M.I.A.M.I.A. (Electronic, Alternative hip hop, Alternative dance, New rave)
93M.O.V.EM.O.V.E (Electronica, Eurodance, Techno, Trance, Rock)
94Major LazerMajor Lazer (EDM, Dancehall, Reggae, Electronic, Reggaeton, House, Moombahton)83
95Mark RonsonMark Ronson (Electronic, Hip hop, Pop, Pop rock)26
96Marlon RoudetteMarlon Roudette (Hip hop, R&B, Reggae fusion, Electronica)14
97Martin L. GoreMartin L. Gore (Synthpop, Alternative dance, New Wave, Alternative rock, Electronica)
98Massive AttackMassive Attack (Experimental rock, Electronica, Trip hop)
99MetronomyMetronomy (New wave, Electropop, Wonky pop, Experimental electronic)12
100Michael CretuMichael Cretu (Electronic, trance, New Age)

Imagine Dragons - top artists list [#6]

Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. They formed in 2008. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Electropop
  • Thunder - one of the best Imagine Dragons songs, top songs list [#3]

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