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Metal artists list (results 101 - 200 of about 313)


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101ExumerExumer (Thrash metal)
102Eyes Set to KillEyes Set to Kill (Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Alternative metal)
103FairylandFairyland (Power metal, Symphonic metal, Speed metal)
104Faith No MoreFaith No More (Alternative metal, Rock)2
105Fates WarningFates Warning (Progressive metal)
106FilterFilter (Industrial metal, Alternative metal, Industrial rock, Alternative rock, Post-grunge)
107Five Finger Death PunchFive Finger Death Punch (Heavy metal , Groove metal, Thrash Metal)2
108Flotsam & JetsamFlotsam & Jetsam (Heavy metal, Speed metal, Thrash metal)
109Flowing TearsFlowing Tears (Gothic metal)
110FlyleafFlyleaf (Alternative metal, Hard rock, Post-grunge)2
111Forgotten TombForgotten Tomb (Black doom, Depressive black metal, gothic metal)
112FozzyFozzy (Heavy metal, Alternative metal)
113Gary MooreGary Moore (Blues-rock, Hard rock, Heavy metal, Blues, Jazz fusion)
114Glenn HughesGlenn Hughes (Hard rock, Funk rock, Blues-rock, Soul, Funk, Heavy metal)
115GodsmackGodsmack (Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Post-grunge)
116Gorky ParkGorky Park (Glam metal, Hard rock)
117Grand Funk RailroadGrand Funk Railroad (Hard rock, Boogie rock, Heavy metal)
118Guano ApesGuano Apes (Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Punk rock, Pop rock, Post-grunge, Nu metal)
119GwarGwar (Thrash metal, Comedy rock, Crossover thrash, Hardcore punk, Shock rock)3
120H.I.M.H.I.M. (Love metal)
121HalestormHalestorm (Hard rock, Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Heavy metal)3
122HatebreedHatebreed (Metalcore, Hardcore punk)5
123HBHB (Christian metal, Symphonic metal)
124Heaven & HellHeaven & Hell (Heavy metal)
125HelmetHelmet (Post-hardcore, Noise rock, Alternative metal)
126High on FireHigh on Fire (Sludge metal, Stoner metal, Heavy metal)
127Hollywood UndeadHollywood Undead (Alternative rock, Rap rock, Rap metal, Ru metal, Hip hop)
128HypocrisyHypocrisy (Death metal, Melodic death metal)
129Ian GillanIan Gillan (Hard rock, Blues-rock, Progressive rock, Heavy metal, Jazz fusion)
130Ian ParryIan Parry (Metal)
131Iced EarthIced Earth (Heavy metal, Power metal, Thrash metal)
132Ill NinoIll Nino (Alternative metal, Latin metal, Nu metal)4
133In ExtremoIn Extremo (Medieval metal, Folk metal)
134In FlamesIn Flames (Melodic death metal)2
135IncubusIncubus (Alternative rock, Alternative metal)2
136InntranceInntrance (Metalcore, Alternative metal)
137InsomniumInsomnium (Melodic death metal, Progressive metal)
138Into EternityInto Eternity (Progressive death metal, Melodic death metal, Power metal, Thrash metal)
139IntronautIntronaut (Post-metal, Progressive metal, Sludge metal, Experimental metal)
140Iron MaidenIron Maiden (Heavy metal)
141Iron SaviorIron Savior (Power metal, Heavy metal)
142James DurbinJames Durbin (Rock, Hard rock, Alternative metal, Post-grunge)3
143Jane's AddictionJane's Addiction (Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Hard rock)3
144JanusJanus (Alternative metal, Hard rock, Post-grunge)1
145Jimmy PageJimmy Page (Hard rock, Heavy metal, Blues-rock, Rock and roll, Folk rock, Blues)
146Job for a CowboyJob for a Cowboy (Death metal, Deathcore)
147Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani (Rock, Jazz fusion, Hard rock, Blues, Heavy metal)
148Judas IscariotJudas Iscariot (Black metal)
149Judas PriestJudas Priest (Heavy metal, Hard rock)6
150Kari RueslattenKari Rueslatten (Doom metal)
151Keep of KalessinKeep of Kalessin (Black metal, Extreme metal, Melodic death metal)
152Killswitch EngageKillswitch Engage (Metalcore)
153King DiamondKing Diamond (Heavy metal, Speed metal, Black metal, Thrash metal)
154KissKiss (Hard rock, Heavy metal, Glam metal)
155KittieKittie (Alternative metal, Heavy metal, Groove metal, Nu-metal, Death metal)
156KiuasKiuas (Power metal, Thrash metal, Folk metal)
157KMFDMKMFDM (Industrial rock, Industrial metal, Eelectro-industrial)
158KoRnKoRn (Nu metal, Alternative metal)8
159KorpiklaaniKorpiklaani (Folk Metal)
160KreatorKreator (Thrash metal, Avant-garde metal, Symphonic metal, Industrial metal, Groove metal)
161L.A. GunsL.A. Guns (Hard rock, Glam metal)
162LacrimosaLacrimosa (Darkwave, Gothic metal, Symphonic metal)
163Lacuna CoilLacuna Coil (Gothic metal, Alternative metal, Gothic rock)
164Lamb of GodLamb of God (Groove metal, Metalcore)7
165Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin (Hard rock, Heavy metal, Blues-rock, Folk rock)
166Legion of the DamnedLegion of the Damned (Thrash metal, Death metal)
167LemmyLemmy (Heavy metal, Rock and roll, Hard rock, Speed metal)
168Limp BizkitLimp Bizkit (Nu metal, Rap metal, Rap rock)
169Linkin ParkLinkin Park (Nu metal, Rapcore)39
170Lita FordLita Ford (Heavy metal, Hard rock)3
171LordiLordi (Hard rock, Heavy metal, Shock rock)
172Lost in ThoughtLost in Thought (Progressive metal, Melodic metal, Symphonic metal)
173LostprophetsLostprophets (Hard rock, Nu metal, Alternative rock)
174Machinae SupremacyMachinae Supremacy (Alternative rock, Alternative metal)
175Machine HeadMachine Head (Groove metal, Thrash metal, Nu metal)
176ManowarManowar (Heavy metal, Power metal, Speed metal, Symphonic metal)
177Marshall LawMarshall Law (Heavy metal)
178MegadethMegadeth (Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Speed metal, Hard rock)2
179Meliah RageMeliah Rage (Heavy metal, Thrash metal)
180MessiahMessiah (Death metal, Thrash metal)
181Metal ChurchMetal Church (Thrash metal, Speed metal, Power Metal, Heavy metal)
182MetallicaMetallica (Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Hard rock)8
183MolotovMolotov (Alternative rock, Hip hop, Rap rock, Nu metal, Rap metal)
184MoonlyghtMoonlyght (Black metal, Melodic death metal)
185MoonspellMoonspell (Gothic metal, Doom metal, Black metal)
186MotorheadMotorhead (Heavy metal, Speed metal, Hard rock, Rock and roll)
187Mr. BigMr. Big (Hard rock, Soft rock, Glam metal)
188MudvayneMudvayne (Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Progressive metal)9
189MushroomheadMushroomhead (Alternative metal, Industrial metal, Heavy metal, Electro-industrial)9
190NecrophobicNecrophobic (Death metal, Blackened death metal)
191NightwishNightwish (Operatic metal)
192Nine Inch NailsNine Inch Nails (Industrial rock, Alternative rock, Industrial metal)2
193NonpointNonpoint (Alternative metal, Nu metal, Hard rock, Heavy metal)
194OnslaughtOnslaught (D-beat,Thrash metal)
195OpethOpeth (Progressive death metal, Progressive metal, Progressive rock)5
196OverkillOverkill (Thrash metal, Speed metal, Groove metal)
197Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne (Heavy metal, Hard rock, Blues rock, Doom metal)10
198P.O.D.P.O.D. (Alternative metal, Christian Metal, Nu metal, Rap metal)
199PainPain (Industrial metal, Industrial rock, Techno)
200PanteraPantera (Groove metal, Heavy metal, Glam metal (early))13

Linkin Park - top artists list [#112]

Linkin Park

Linkin Park is a popular band from Los Angeles, California.

They are often considered the most famous and most commercially successful exponents of the nu metal genre, mainly due to their debut album Hybrid Theory (2000), which has sold 19 million copies worldwide to date. Currently, they are also the best-selling musical act of the 21st century.


  • Nu metal,
  • Rapcore
  • Final Masquerade - one of the best Linkin Park songs, top songs list [#687]

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