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1Angelo BadalamentiAngelo Badalamenti (Film score, Jazz, Ambient)
2Banco de GaiaBanco de Gaia (Electronic, Ambient)
3BjorkBjork (Pop, Trip hop, Alternative rock, Jazz, Ambient music, Electronica, Folk)
4BucketheadBuckethead (Progressive metal, Funk, Electronica, Jazz fusion, Bluegrass, Folk rock, Ambient, Country Rock)
5CoilCoil (Industrial, Post-industrial, Acid House, Dark ambient, Noise, Drone, Electronic, Avant-Garde)
6Current 93Current 93 (Apocalyptic folk, Experimental music, Dark ambient, Neofolk, Post-industrial)
7Deep ForestDeep Forest (Electronic, New Age, Ambient, World music, Ethnic electronica)
8GoviGovi (New age, Ambient, New Flamenco, Instrumental, Ethnic fusion)
9Jonn SerrieJonn Serrie (Ambient electronic music, New age)
10M83M83 (Synthrock, Ambient, Shoegaze, Dream pop, Post-rock)
11Mike OldfieldMike Oldfield (Ambient, Celtic fusion, Classical, Synthpop, Experimental, New Age, Pop, Rock and roll)
12MobyMoby (Dance, Ambient, Electronica, Alternative rock, Pop rock, Techno)
13OrbitalOrbital (Techno, Ambient techno, House, Electronica, Trip hop, Trance)
14Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney (Pop-rock, Rock and roll, Classical music, Ambient music)
15Rob DouganRob Dougan (Trip hop, Electronica, Ambient)
16Robert MilesRobert Miles (Electronica, House, Trance, trip hop, Ambient, Nu jazz)
17RoyksoppRoyksopp (Electronica, Trip hop, House, Dsco house, Synthpop, Big beat, Ambient)
18SchillerSchiller (Electropop, Ambient, Electronic, New Age, Trance)
19Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream (Electronic music, Ambient, new-age, Drum and bass, Psychedelic)
20Telefon Tel AvivTelefon Tel Aviv (Ambient techno)
21The Future Sound of LondonThe Future Sound of London (Electronic, Ambient, Acid techno, Neo-psychedelia, Trip hop, Drum and bass)
22The NotwistThe Notwist (Indie rock, Electronica, Ambient, Noise rock)
23William OrbitWilliam Orbit (Electronic, House, Ambient)
24WoobWoob (Ambient, Downtempo, Space music)
25XasthurXasthur (Black ambient, Black metal, Dark ambient)
26Zero 7Zero 7 (Trip-hop, Downtempo, Shoegaze, Ambient music, Acid jazz)



Coil was an English cross-genre, industrial experimental music group formed in 1982 by John Balance and Peter Christopherson.


  • Industrial,
  • Post-industrial,
  • Acid House,
  • Dark ambient,
  • Noise,
  • Drone,
  • Electronic,
  • Avant-Garde
  • At The Heart of It All by Coil

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