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Live a L' Olympia by Jeff Buckley [2001] [album editions]

Live a L' Olympia (Jeff Buckley)

Track listing

1Lover, You Should Have Come Over
2Dream Brother
3Eternal Life
4Kick Out the Jams
5Lilac Wine
7That's All I Ask
9Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
11What Will You Say (ft. Alim Qasimov)

Jeff Buckley albums

1Grace[ 1994 ]
2Live a L' Olympia[ 2001 ]
3Live at Sin-e[ 2003 ]
4Mystery White Boy[ 2000 ]
1Grace (Jeff Buckley)
2Live a L' Olympia (Jeff Buckley)
3Live at Sin-e (Jeff Buckley)
4Mystery White Boy (Jeff Buckley)

Jeff Buckley songs

1Alligator Wine [from the "Grace"]03:22
2Be Your Husband [from the "Live at Sin-e"]04:55
3Calling You [from the "Live at Sin-e"]05:49
4Dink's Song [from the "Live at Sin-e"]11:14
5Dream Brother [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]08:02
6Dream Brother [from the "Mystery White Boy"]08:48
7Dream Brother [from the "Grace"]04:57
8Dream Brother (Nag Champa mix) [from the "Grace"]05:21
9Drown in My Own Tears [from the "Live at Sin-e"]04:11
10Eternal Life [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]05:08
11Eternal Life [from the "Live at Sin-e"]05:50
12Eternal Life [from the "Mystery White Boy"]05:58
13Eternal Life (road version) [from the "Grace"]04:50
14Forget Her [from the "Grace"]05:14
15Grace [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]06:10
16Grace [from the "Live at Sin-e"]06:49
17Grace [from the "Mystery White Boy"]05:38
18Hallelujah [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]09:37
19Hallelujah [from the "Live at Sin-e"]09:15
20Hallelujah/I Know It's Over (medley) [from the "Mystery White Boy"]09:17
21I Shall Be Released [from the "Live at Sin-e"]05:20
22I Want Someone Badly - Buckley, Jeff & Shudder To Think [from the "Grace"]02:38
23I Woke up in a Strange Place [from the "Mystery White Boy"]05:05
24If You Knew [from the "Live at Sin-e"]04:28
25If You See Her, Say Hello [from the "Live at Sin-e"]08:18
26Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]06:27
27Je N'En Connais Pas la Fin [from the "Live at Sin-e"]05:02
28Just Like a Woman [from the "Live at Sin-e"]07:26
29Kanga Roo [from the "Grace"]14:10
30Kanga-Roo [from the "Mystery White Boy"]10:23
31Kashmir [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]01:36
32Kick Out the Jams [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]03:08
33Kick Out The Jams (Live) [from the "Grace"]03:07
34Last Goodbye [from the "Mystery White Boy"]04:58
35Lilac Wine [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]05:40
36Lilac Wine [from the "Mystery White Boy"]05:19
37Lost Highway [from the "Grace"]04:26
38Lover, You Should Have Come Over [from the "Live a L' Olympia"]07:49
39Lover, You Should've Come Over [from the "Live at Sin-e"]09:25
40Mama You Been On My Mind [from the "Grace"]03:28
41Mojo Pin [from the "Live at Sin-e"]05:37
42Mojo Pin [from the "Mystery White Boy"]06:06
43Monologue: Cafe Days [from the "Live at Sin-e"]00:15
44Monologue: Duane Eddy/Songs for Lovers [from the "Live at Sin-e"]01:18
45Monologue: Eternal Life [from the "Live at Sin-e"]00:36
46Monologue: Fabulous Time for a Guinness [from the "Live at Sin-e"]00:40
47Monologue: False Start/Apology/Miles Davis [from the "Live at Sin-e"]01:03
48Monologue: Good Night Bill [from the "Live at Sin-e"]00:16
49Monologue: I'm a Ridiculous Person [from the "Live at Sin-e"]00:39
50Monologue: Matt Dillon/Hollies/Classic Rock Radio [from the "Live at Sin-e"]01:33
51Monologue: Musical Chairs [from the "Live at Sin-e"]01:09
52Monologue: Nusrat/He's My Elvis [from the "Live at Sin-e"]03:12
53Monologue: Reverb, The Doors [from the "Live at Sin-e"]01:40
54Monologue: The Suckiest Water [from the "Live at Sin-e"]00:08
55Monologue: Walk Through Walls [from the "Live at Sin-e"]00:26
56Moodswing Whiskey [from the "Mystery White Boy"]05:36
57Night Flight [from the "Live at Sin-e"]06:40
58Other Woman [from the "Grace"]03:07
59Parchman Farm Blues [from the "Grace"]06:20
60Strange Fruit [from the "Live at Sin-e"]07:43

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Jeff Buckley

Jeffrey Scott "Jeff" Buckley (November 17, 1966 – May 29, 1997), raised as Scotty Moorhead, was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He was the son of Tim Buckley, also a musician. []


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