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The Thrill of It All by Sam Smith [2017] [album editions]

The Thrill of It All (Sam Smith)

Track listing

1Too Good At Goodbyes
2Say It First
3One Last Song
4Midnight Train
7Baby, You Make Me Crazy
8No Peace
9Palace (ft. Yebba)
11Nothing Left For You
12The Thrill of It All
14One Day at a Time

Sam Smith albums

1In the Lonely Hour[ 2014 ]
2Nirvana[ 2013 ]
3The Thrill of It All[ 2017 ]
1In the Lonely Hour (Sam Smith)
2Nirvana (Sam Smith)
3The Thrill of It All (Sam Smith)

Sam Smith songs

1Baby, You Make Me Crazy [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:28
2Burning [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:23
3Good Thing [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:21
4HIM [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:10
5I'm Not the Only One [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:59
6I've Told You Now [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:30
7I've Told You Now (Live At St Pancras Old Church, London 2013) [from the "Nirvana"]04:00
8La La La [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:39
9Latch (Acoustic) [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:43
10Latch (Acoustic) [from the "Nirvana"]03:41
11Lay Me Down [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]04:13
12Leave Your Lover [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:08
13Life Support [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:53
14Like I Can [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:47
15Make It To Me [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:43
16Midnight Train [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:27
17Money On My Mind [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:13
18Nirvana [from the "Nirvana"]03:22
19No Peace [from the "The Thrill of It All"]04:43
20Not In That Way [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:52
21Nothing Left For You [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:46
22One Day at a Time [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:29
23One Last Song [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:13
24Palace (ft. Yebba) [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:07
25Pray [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:41
26Restart [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:52
27Safe With Me [from the "Nirvana"]03:04
28Say It First [from the "The Thrill of It All"]04:07
29Scars [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:03
30Stay With Me [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:52
31The Thrill of It All [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:29
32Too Good At Goodbyes [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:21

Sam Smith - top artists list [#48]

Sam Smith

Samuel Frederick "Sam" Smith is an English singer-songwriter. []


  • Pop,
  • R&B,
  • Soul
  • Too Good At Goodbyes - one of the best Sam Smith songs, top songs list [#79]

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