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The Diving Board by Elton John [2013] [album editions]

The Diving Board (Elton John)

Track listing

1Oceans Away
2Oscar Wilde Gets Out
3A Town Called Jubilee
4The Ballad Of Blind Tom
5Dream #1
6My Quicksand
7Can't Stay Alone Tonight
9Home Again
10Take This Dirty Water
11Dream #2
12The New Fever Waltz
13Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)
14Dream #3
15The Diving Board

Elton John albums

121 at 33[ 1980 ]
2A Single Man[ 1978 ]
3Blue Moves[ 1976 ]
4Breaking Hearts[ 1984 ]
5Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy[ 1975 ]
6Caribou[ 1974 ]
7Chef Aid: The South Park Album (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
8Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player[ 1973 ]
9Duets[ 1993 ]
10Elton John[ 1970 ]
11Empty Sky[ 1969 ]
12Goodbye Yellow Brick Road[ 1973 ]
13Honky Chateau[ 1972 ]
14Ice on Fire[ 1985 ]
15Jump Up![ 1982 ]
16Leather Jackets[ 1986 ]
17Made in England[ 1995 ]
18Madman Across The Water[ 1971 ]
19Peachtree Road[ 2004 ]
20Reg Strikes Back[ 1988 ]
21Rock of the Westies[ 1975 ]
22Sleeping With The Past[ 1989 ]
23Songs From The West Coast[ 2001 ]
24The Big Picture[ 1997 ]
25The Captain & the Kid[ 2006 ]
26The Diving Board[ 2013 ]
27The Fox[ 1981 ]
28The One[ 1992 ]
29Too Low For Zero[ 1983 ]
30Tumbleweed Connection[ 1970 ]
31Victim of Love[ 1979 ]
32Wonderful Crazy Night[ 2016 ]
121 at 33 (Elton John)
2A Single Man (Elton John)
3Blue Moves (Elton John)
4Breaking Hearts (Elton John)
5Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (Elton John)
6Caribou (Elton John)
7Chef Aid: The South Park Album (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player (Elton John)
9Duets (Elton John)
10Elton John (Elton John)
11Empty Sky (Elton John)
12Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John)
13Honky Chateau (Elton John)
14Ice on Fire (Elton John)
15Jump Up! (Elton John)
16Leather Jackets (Elton John)
17Made in England (Elton John)
18Madman Across The Water (Elton John)
19Peachtree Road (Elton John)
20Reg Strikes Back (Elton John)
21Rock of the Westies (Elton John)
22Sleeping With The Past (Elton John)
23Songs From The West Coast (Elton John)
24The Big Picture (Elton John)
25The Captain & the Kid (Elton John)
26The Diving Board (Elton John)
27The Fox (Elton John)
28The One (Elton John)
29Too Low For Zero (Elton John)
30Tumbleweed Connection (Elton John)
31Victim of Love (Elton John)
32Wonderful Crazy Night (Elton John)

Elton John songs

181Love Song [from the "Tumbleweed Connection"]03:41
182Love's Got A Lot To Answer For [from the "The Big Picture"]05:02
183Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Bonus Track) [from the "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy"]06:17
184Made In England [from the "Made in England"]05:09
185Madman Across The Water [from the "Madman Across The Water"]05:57
186Madman Across The Water (original version) [from the "Tumbleweed Connection"]08:51
187Madness [from the "A Single Man"]05:49
188Man [from the "Made in England"]05:15
189Mansfield [from the "Songs From The West Coast"]04:56
190Medley (Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly) [from the "Rock of the Westies"]06:15
191Mellow [from the "Honky Chateau"]05:30
192Memory of Love [from the "Leather Jackets"]04:08
193Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight) [from the "The Diving Board"]03:33
194Midnight Creeper [from the "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player"]03:53
195Mona Lisa And Mad Hatters [from the "Honky Chateau"]04:58
196Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (part two) [from the "Reg Strikes Back"]04:12
197Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two) (The Renaissance Mix) [from the "Reg Strikes Back"]06:19
198My Elusive Drug [from the "Peachtree Road"]04:12
199My Father's Gun [from the "Tumbleweed Connection"]06:20
200My Quicksand [from the "The Diving Board"]04:46
201Never Gonna Fall in Love Again [from the "21 at 33"]04:08
202Nikita [from the "Ice on Fire"]05:43
203No Shoe Strings On Louise [from the "Elton John"]03:31
204Nobody Wins [from the "The Fox"]03:38
205Oceans Away [from the "The Diving Board"]03:58
206Old 67 [from the "The Captain & the Kid"]04:01
207Old Friend (ft. Nik Kershaw) [from the "Duets"]04:16
208On Dark Street [from the "The One"]04:43
209One Day at a Time (Bonus Track) [from the "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy"]03:49
210One Horse Town [from the "Blue Moves"]05:56
211One More Arrow [from the "Too Low For Zero"]03:34
212Original Sin [from the "Songs From The West Coast"]04:49
213Oscar Wilde Gets Out [from the "The Diving Board"]04:35
214Out Of The Blue [from the "Blue Moves"]06:14
215Pain [from the "Made in England"]03:50
216Paris [from the "Leather Jackets"]04:00
217Part Time Love [from the "A Single Man"]03:15
218Passengers [from the "Breaking Hearts"]03:24
219Philadelphia Freedom (Bonus Track) [from the "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy"]05:24
220Pinball Wizard [from the "Caribou"]05:09
221Pinky [from the "Caribou"]03:55
222Please [from the "Made in England"]03:54
223Poor Cow [from the "Reg Strikes Back"]03:50
224Porch Swing in Tupelo [from the "Peachtree Road"]04:38
225Postcards from Richard Nixon [from the "The Captain & the Kid"]05:15
226Princess [from the "Jump Up!"]04:56
227Razor Face [from the "Madman Across The Water"]04:44
228Recover Your Soul [from the "The Big Picture"]05:18
229Religion [from the "Too Low For Zero"]04:06
230Restless [from the "Breaking Hearts"]05:16
231Return To Paradise [from the "A Single Man"]04:14
232Reverie [from the "A Single Man"]00:52
233Rock 'n' Roll Madonna (Bonus Track) [from the "Elton John"]04:17
234Rocket Man [from the "Honky Chateau"]04:39
235Rope Around A Fool (Bonustrack) [from the "Reg Strikes Back"]03:48
236Rotten Peaches [from the "Madman Across The Water"]04:58
237Roy Rogers [from the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"]04:08
238Runaway Train [from the "The One"]05:23
239Sacrifice [from the "Sleeping With The Past"]05:04
240Sad Songs [from the "Breaking Hearts"]04:47

Elton John

Elton John

Sir Elton Hercules John is an English singer, songwriter, and composer. []


  • Rock,
  • Glam rock,
  • Soft rock,
  • Piano rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Rhythm and blues
  • Oscar Wilde Gets Out by Elton John

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