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Country & Vestern by Louis Armstrong [1970]

Country & Vestern (Louis Armstrong)

Track listing

1Miller's Cave
2Almost Persuaded
3Running Bear
4Get Together
5Crystal Chandeliers
6You Can Have Her
7The Easy Part's Over
8Black Cloud
9Why Did Mrs. Marphy Leave Town
10Wolverton Mountain
12Crasy Arms

Louis Armstrong albums

1Ambassador Satch[ 1955 ]
2Country & Vestern[ 1970 ]
3Disney Songs The Satchmo Way[ 1968 ]
4Hello, Dolly![ 1964 ]
5Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)[ 1990 ]
6I Will Wait For You[ 1968 ]
7Louis and the Angels[ 1957 ]
8Louis and the Good Book[ 1958 ]
9Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947)[ 1996 ]
10Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson[ 1957 ]
11Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy[ 1954 ]
12Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)[ 2007 ]
13Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)[ 1996 ]
14Now You Has Jazz[ 1997 ]
15Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)[ 1958 ]
16Satch Plays Fats[ 1955 ]
17Satchmo at Pasadena[ 1951 ]
18Satchmo at Symphony Hall[ 1951 ]
19Satchmo In Style[ 1959 ]
20Satchmo Serenades[ 1952 ]
21Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)[ 1990 ]
22Singin' N' Playin'[ 1985 ]
23The Hot Fives, Vol. I[ 1988 ]
24Town Hall Concert Plus[ 1993 ]
25What a Wonderful World[ 1970 ]
1Ambassador Satch (Louis Armstrong)
2Country & Vestern (Louis Armstrong)
3Disney Songs The Satchmo Way (Louis Armstrong)
4Hello, Dolly! (Louis Armstrong)
5Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928) (Louis Armstrong)
6I Will Wait For You (Louis Armstrong)
7Louis and the Angels (Louis Armstrong)
8Louis and the Good Book (Louis Armstrong)
9Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947) (Louis Armstrong)
10Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson (Louis Armstrong)
11Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy (Louis Armstrong)
12Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939) (Louis Armstrong)
13Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940) (Louis Armstrong)
14Now You Has Jazz (Louis Armstrong)
15Porgy & Bess  (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong) (Louis Armstrong)
16Satch Plays Fats (Louis Armstrong)
17Satchmo at Pasadena (Louis Armstrong)
18Satchmo at Symphony Hall (Louis Armstrong)
19Satchmo In Style (Louis Armstrong)
20Satchmo Serenades (Louis Armstrong)
21Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947) (Louis Armstrong)
22Singin' N' Playin' (Louis Armstrong)
23The Hot Fives, Vol. I (Louis Armstrong)
24Town Hall Concert Plus (Louis Armstrong)
25What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong songs

181Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) / Oscar (Emmanuel) Peterson [from the "Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson"] 
182Let's Fall in Love / Oscar (Emmanuel) Peterson [from the "Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson"] 
183Listen To The Mocking Bird [from the "Satchmo In Style"]03:05
184Little On [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]02:30
185Long Gone (from The Bowlin' Green) [from the "Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy"]05:10
186Long Gone (from The Bowlin' Green) (rehersal sequence) [from the "Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy"]07:53
187Long Long Journey [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]04:21
188Long Long Journey [from the "Town Hall Concert Plus"]04:23
189Love Walked In [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]02:30
190Loveless Love [from the "Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy"]04:30
191Loveless Love (rehersal sequence) [from the "Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy"]05:56
192Lover [from the "Satchmo at Symphony Hall"]02:22
193Lover [from the "Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947)"]02:21
194Mack The Knife [from the "Singin' N' Playin'"]03:31
195Mahogany Hall Stomp [from the "Satchmo at Symphony Hall"]03:53
196Mahogany Hall Stomp [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]02:57
197Mahogany Hall Stomp [from the "Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947)"]03:53
198Mahogany Hall Stomp [from the "Town Hall Concert Plus"]02:59
199Makin' Whoopee / Oscar (Emmanuel) Peterson [from the "Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson"] 
200Maybe It's Because [from the "Satchmo Serenades"]03:16
201Me And Brother Bill [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)"]02:48
202Medley: Here Come De Honey Man/Crab Man/Oh, Deh's So Fresh And Fine (Strawberry Woman) [from the "Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)"] 
203Medley: Shadrack/When The Saints Go Marchin' In [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]04:35
204Melancholy Blues [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]03:04
205Miller's Cave [from the "Country & Vestern"]03:54
206Moon Indigo [from the "What a Wonderful World"]03:21
207Moon River [from the "Hello, Dolly!"]03:00
208Moon Song / Oscar (Emmanuel) Peterson [from the "Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson"] 
209Muskrat Ramble [from the "The Hot Fives, Vol. I"]02:40
210Muskrat Ramble [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]02:37
211Muskrat Ramble [from the "Satchmo at Symphony Hall"]06:15
212Muskrat Ramble [from the "Ambassador Satch"]05:43
213Muskrat Ramble [from the "Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947)"]06:12
214Muskrat Ramble [from the "Singin' N' Playin'"]03:43
215My Heart [from the "The Hot Fives, Vol. I"]02:31
216My Man's Gone Now [from the "Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)"]04:00
217My Monday Date [from the "Satchmo at Pasadena"]06:37
218My One And Only Love [from the "What a Wonderful World"]03:20
219Naturally [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)"]02:50
220Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)"]03:50
221Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [from the "Louis and the Good Book"]03:03
222Now You Has Jazz [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]04:14
223Oh Didn't He Ramble [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]01:17
224Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way [from the "Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)"]02:57
225Oh, Doctor Jesus [from the "Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)"]01:57
226Ole Miss [from the "Singin' N' Playin'"]04:18
227Ole Miss Blues [from the "Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy"]03:27
228Ole Miss Blues [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]02:27
229On My Way (Got on My Travelin' Shoes) [from the "Louis and the Good Book"]03:04
230On The Sunny Side Of The Street [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.5 (1938-1939)"]05:22
231On The Sunny Side Of The Street [from the "Satchmo at Symphony Hall"]06:49
232On The Sunny Side Of The Street [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]02:56
233On The Sunny Side Of The Street [from the "Louis Armstrong and the All Stars at Symphony Hall (1947)"]06:44
234One O'clock Jump [from the "Now You Has Jazz"]02:54
235Oriental Strut [from the "The Hot Fives, Vol. I"]03:11
236Ory's Creole Trombone [from the "Hot Five & Hot Seven (1925-1928)"]03:08
237Our Monday Date [from the "Louis Armstrong Vol.6 (1939-1940)"]02:31
238Ouverture [from the "Porgy & Bess (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)"]10:52
239Pennies From Heaven [from the "Town Hall Concert Plus"]03:48
240Perdido Street Blues [from the "Satchmo's Immortal Performances (1929-1947)"]03:03

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

Louis Daniel Armstrong was one of the most famous jazz musicians of the 20th century.


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