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Education, Education, Education & War by Kaiser Chiefs [2014] [album editions]

Education, Education, Education & War (Kaiser Chiefs)

Track listing

1The Factory Gates
2Coming Home
3Misery Company
4Ruffians On Parade
5Meanwhile, Up In Heaven
6One More Last Song
7My Life
8Bows & Arrows

Kaiser Chiefs albums

1Education, Education, Education & War[ 2014 ]
2Employment[ 2005 ]
3Off with Their Heads[ 2008 ]
4The Future Is Medieval[ 2011 ]
5Yours Truly, Angry Mob[ 2007 ]
1Education, Education, Education & War (Kaiser Chiefs)
2Employment (Kaiser Chiefs)
3Off with Their Heads (Kaiser Chiefs)
4The Future Is Medieval (Kaiser Chiefs)
5Yours Truly, Angry Mob (Kaiser Chiefs)

Kaiser Chiefs songs

1Addicted To Drugs [from the "Off with Their Heads"]03:53
2Admire You (Bonus Track) [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]04:13
3Always Happens Like That [from the "Off with Their Heads"]03:12
4Back In December [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:40
5Born To Be A Dancer [from the "Employment"]03:30
6Bows & Arrows [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]03:43
7Boxing Champ [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]01:31
8Cannons [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]06:02
9Can't Mind My Own Business [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:48
10Can't Say What I Mean [from the "Off with Their Heads"]02:49
11Can't Say What I Mean (live at Elland Road) [from the "Off with Their Heads"]03:27
12Caroline, Yes [from the "Employment"]04:11
13Child Of The Jago [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]04:41
14Coming Home [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]04:51
15Coming Up For Air [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]05:35
16Cousin in the Bronx [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:32
17Dead Or in Serious Trouble [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]02:37
18Everyday I Love You Less and Less [from the "Employment"]03:37
19Everything Is Average Nowadays [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]02:44
20Fly On the Wall [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]04:35
21Good Days Bad Days [from the "Off with Their Heads"]02:53
22Half The Truth [from the "Off with Their Heads"]03:44
23Half The Truth (live at Elland Road) [from the "Off with Their Heads"]04:12
24Heard It Break [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:07
25Heat Dies Down [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:57
26High Royds [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:19
27I Can Do Without You [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:24
28I Dare You [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:56
29I Like To Fight (Bonus Track) [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:38
30I Predict a Riot [from the "Employment"]03:53
31If You Will Have Me [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:23
32Learnt My Lesson Well [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:54
33Like It Too Much [from the "Off with Their Heads"]03:23
34Little Shocks [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:42
35Long Way From Celebrating [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:02
36Love Is Not a Competition (But I'm Winning) [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:17
37Man On Mars [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]04:14
38Meanwhile, Up In Heaven [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]05:12
39Misery Company [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]05:13
40Modern Way [from the "Employment"]04:03
41My Kind Of Guy [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]04:06
42My Life [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]05:08
43My Place Is Here [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]04:04
44Na Na Na Na Naa [from the "Employment"]03:01
45Never Miss a Beat [from the "Off with Their Heads"]03:08
46Never Miss a Beat (live at Elland Road) [from the "Off with Their Heads"]03:12
47Oh My God [from the "Employment"]03:35
48One More Last Song [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]04:05
49Out Of Focus [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]04:09
50Problem Solved [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]03:01
51Remember You're A Girl [from the "Off with Their Heads"]02:38
52Retirement [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:53
53Roses [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]04:38
54Ruby [from the "Yours Truly, Angry Mob"]03:25
55Ruffians On Parade [from the "Education, Education, Education & War"]03:35
56Saturday Night [from the "Employment"]03:27
57Saying Something [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]04:06
58Spanish Metal [from the "Off with Their Heads"]02:19
59Starts With Nothing [from the "The Future Is Medieval"]05:31
60Team Mate [from the "Employment"]03:24

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs are an English indie rock band from Leeds. []


  • Indie Rock,
  • Post-punk,
  • New wave
  • Coming Home by Kaiser Chiefs

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