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The Art of Hustle by Yo Gotti [2016] [album editions]

The Art of Hustle (Yo Gotti)

Track listing

1My City (ft. K. Michelle)
2Bible (ft. Lil Wayne)
3Down in the DM
4Law (ft. E-40)
5The Art of Hustle
6Smile (ft. Timbaland)
7Come Up
8Pay The Price
10General (ft. Future)
11Imagine Dat
12Bank Teller
13Hunnid (ft. Pusha T)
14Luv Deez Hoes (ft. 2 Chainz)
15Down in the DM (Remix) (ft. Nicki Minaj)
16One Day
17Get Out Your Feelings

Yo Gotti albums

15 Star Chef[ 2009 ]
2All Things White[ 2009 ]
3Back 2 da Basics[ 2006 ]
4Cocaine Cowboy[ 2009 ]
5Cocaine Muzik[ 2008 ]
6Cocaine Muzik 2[ 2009 ]
7Countin Money[ 2010 ]
8I Am[ 2013 ]
9Live From the Kitchen[ 2009 ]
10Official White Label[ 2009 ]
11The Art of Hustle[ 2016 ]
12The Pyrex King[ 2009 ]
15 Star Chef (Yo Gotti)
2All Things White (Yo Gotti)
3Back 2 da Basics (Yo Gotti)
4Cocaine Cowboy (Yo Gotti)
5Cocaine Muzik (Yo Gotti)
6Cocaine Muzik 2 (Yo Gotti)
7Countin Money (Yo Gotti)
8I Am (Yo Gotti)
9Live From the Kitchen (Yo Gotti)
10Official White Label (Yo Gotti)
11The Art of Hustle (Yo Gotti)
12The Pyrex King (Yo Gotti)

Yo Gotti songs

61Five Star Chef [from the "5 Star Chef"]01:22
62Freestyle [from the "All Things White"]00:28
63Fresh [from the "Countin Money"]02:13
64F-U (ft. Meek Mill) [from the "I Am"]03:05
65Fuck You, Pay Me [from the "Cocaine Cowboy"]04:03
66Full Time [from the "Back 2 da Basics"]04:41
67Gangsta Party (ft. Bun B & 8Ball) [from the "Back 2 da Basics"]04:56
68Gangsta Shit (ft. OJ Da Juiceman) [from the "Countin Money"]02:55
69General (ft. Future) [from the "The Art of Hustle"]03:34
70Get In My Car (ft. Usher) [from the "Countin Money"]03:31
71Get It In [from the "All Things White"]01:25
72Get It In [from the "Official White Label"]02:19
73Get It Into It [from the "Official White Label"]02:29
74Get It On Da Flo [from the "Countin Money"]01:46
75Get Out Your Feelings [from the "The Art of Hustle"]03:34
76Get Silly [from the "Cocaine Cowboy"]02:32
77Get Silly [from the "Live From the Kitchen"]03:34
78Gettin It In [from the "The Pyrex King"]01:36
79Ghetto [from the "All Things White"]03:08
80Ghetto [from the "Official White Label"]02:47
81Givin' Up [from the "Cocaine Muzik"]03:45
82Hello [from the "Cocaine Muzik"]02:00
83Here We Go (ft. Rick Ross & Masspike Miles) [from the "Cocaine Cowboy"]03:39
84Hit The Highway [from the "All Things White"]01:09
85Holla [from the "Official White Label"]03:13
86Hood Bitch Fetish (ft. Dorrough) [from the "Countin Money"]02:58
87Hoody (ft. All Star) [from the "Cocaine Muzik"]04:16
88How The Game Go [from the "Live From the Kitchen"]02:02
89How To Do It [from the "5 Star Chef"]00:59
90How You Feel About Me [from the "The Pyrex King"]02:02
91Hunnid (ft. Pusha T) [from the "The Art of Hustle"]03:52
92Hustla [from the "Live From the Kitchen"]02:27
93Hustling All My Life [from the "Live From the Kitchen"]02:25
94I Am [from the "I Am"]03:04
95I Got Them (ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman) [from the "Back 2 da Basics"]04:53
96I Gotta Be (fat. Attitude) [from the "Cocaine Cowboy"]04:00
97I Know (ft. Rich Homie Quan) [from the "I Am"]04:19
98I Run [from the "Cocaine Cowboy"]01:56
99I Wanna Rock [from the "Countin Money"]01:52
100I’d Rather [from the "Cocaine Cowboy"]02:22
101Ice Cream Paint Job [from the "Countin Money"]01:59
102I'll Ride, I'll Die [from the "Countin Money"]01:03
103I'm a Thug (ft. D'Nero of Tha Blockburnaz) [from the "Back 2 da Basics"]04:30
104I'm Fly [from the "All Things White"]02:26
105Im Get You [from the "5 Star Chef"]04:19
106I'm Gucci [from the "Countin Money"]01:26
107Imagine Dat [from the "The Art of Hustle"]03:48
108Intro [from the "The Pyrex King"]00:26
109Intro (CM2) [from the "Cocaine Muzik 2"]03:05
110Intro (ft. DJ Smallz) [from the "Cocaine Muzik"]00:33
111ION Want It [from the "I Am"]03:17
112Jerk [from the "Official White Label"]02:23
113Julius [from the "Official White Label"]02:55
114Keep It Gangsta (ft. Lil' Boosie & Webbie) [from the "Cocaine Muzik"]04:14
115Keep It On The Low [from the "Cocaine Muzik"]04:39
116King Shit (ft. T.I.) [from the "I Am"]03:31
117Law (ft. E-40) [from the "The Art of Hustle"]04:17
118Lean [from the "Countin Money"]01:32
119LeBron James [from the "I Am"]03:13
120Let's Vibe (ft. Pleasure P) [from the "Cocaine Muzik"]04:16

Yo Gotti - top artists list [#136]

Yo Gotti

Mario Mims, better known by his stage name Yo Gotti, is a southern rapper from the northern side of Memphis, Tennessee who was previously known as Lil Yo. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Southern hip hop,
  • R&B
  • Law (ft. E-40) - one of the best Yo Gotti songs, top songs list [#315]

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