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Ghosts from the Past by Bang Gang [2008] [album editions]

Ghosts from the Past (Bang Gang)

Track listing

1The World Is Gray
2One More Trip
3I Know You Sleep
4Black Parade
5Lost in Wonderland
6Every Time I Look in Your Eyes
7Ghosts from the Past
8Forever Now
9Don't Feel Ashamed
10You Won't Get Out
11Stay Home

Bang Gang albums

1Ghosts from the Past[ 2008 ]
2Screaming Masterpiece (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
3Something Wrong[ 2003 ]
1Ghosts from the Past (Bang Gang)
2Screaming Masterpiece (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Something Wrong (Bang Gang)

Bang Gang songs

1Black Parade [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]03:35
2Contradiction (ft. Nicolette) [from the "Something Wrong"]04:46
3Don't Feel Ashamed [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]04:39
4Every Time I Look in Your Eyes [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]04:59
5Everything’s Gone [from the "Something Wrong"]02:25
6Find What You Get [from the "Something Wrong"]03:28
7Find What You Get - Bang Gang [from the "Screaming Masterpiece (Soundtrack)"]03:28
8Follow [from the "Something Wrong"]04:51
9Forever Now [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]04:35
10Forward and Reverse (ft. Keren Ann) [from the "Something Wrong"]03:54
11Ghosts from the Past [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]05:12
12I Know You Sleep [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]03:19
13Inside [from the "Something Wrong"]05:39
14It’s Allright [from the "Something Wrong"]04:06
15Look At The Sun [from the "Something Wrong"]02:51
16Lost in Wonderland [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]03:31
17One More Trip [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]05:02
18Something Wrong [from the "Something Wrong"]02:53
19Stay Home [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]02:59
20The World Is Gray [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]04:01
21There Was A Whisper (ft. Phoebe) [from the "Something Wrong"] 
22You Won't Get Out [from the "Ghosts from the Past"]06:26

Bang Gang

Bang Gang

Bang Gang is a melodic pop band from Iceland founded in 1996. []


  • Trip hop,
  • Indie pop,
  • Electronic,
  • Downtempo,
  • Shoegaze
  • The World Is Gray by Bang Gang

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