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T.G. by T.G. Sheppard [1985] [album editions]

T.G. (T.G. Sheppard)

Track listing

1You're Going Out of My Mind
2I Could Get Used To This
3Love, Ten Feet Away
4A Little Less Blue
5Heart Lighting
6Shot Down In Hot Blood
7Love Made A Liar Out Of Me
8Fade Away
9Hard To Get
10Those Eyes

T.G. Sheppard albums

13/4 Lonely[ 1979 ]
2Biggest Hits of T.G. Sheppard[ 1988 ]
3Crossroads[ 1988 ]
4Daylight[ 1979 ]
5Finally![ 1982 ]
6I Love 'Em All[ 1981 ]
7It Still Rains In Memphis[ 1986 ]
8Livin' On The Edge[ 1985 ]
9Motels & Memories[ 1976 ]
10Nothin' on But the Radio[ 1997 ]
11One for the Money[ 1987 ]
12One Owner Heart[ 1984 ]
13Slow Burn[ 1983 ]
14Smooth Sailin'[ 1980 ]
15Solitary Man[ 1976 ]
16T.G.[ 1985 ]
17T.G. Sheppard[ 1975 ]
18Timeless[ 2004 ]
13/4 Lonely (T.G. Sheppard)
2Biggest Hits of T.G. Sheppard (T.G. Sheppard)
3Crossroads (T.G. Sheppard)
4Daylight (T.G. Sheppard)
5Finally! (T.G. Sheppard)
6I Love 'Em All (T.G. Sheppard)
7It Still Rains In Memphis (T.G. Sheppard)
8Livin' On The Edge (T.G. Sheppard)
9Motels & Memories (T.G. Sheppard)
10Nothin' on But the Radio (T.G. Sheppard)
11One for the Money (T.G. Sheppard)
12One Owner Heart (T.G. Sheppard)
13Slow Burn (T.G. Sheppard)
14Smooth Sailin' (T.G. Sheppard)
15Solitary Man (T.G. Sheppard)
16T.G. (T.G. Sheppard)
17T.G. Sheppard (T.G. Sheppard)
18Timeless (T.G. Sheppard)

T.G. Sheppard songs

181Your My First Lady [from the "Biggest Hits of T.G. Sheppard"]03:25
182You're Going Out of My Mind [from the "T.G."]03:19
183You're Going Out of My Mind [from the "One Owner Heart"]03:17
184You're Mine Tonight [from the "Livin' On The Edge"]03:34
185You're My First Lady [from the "It Still Rains In Memphis"]03:20
186You're The First To Last (This Long) [from the "Finally!"]03:00

T.G. Sheppard

T.G. Sheppard

William Neal Browderis an American country music singer-songwriter, known professionally as T. G. Sheppard. []


  • Country
  • You're Going Out of My Mind by T.G. Sheppard

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