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Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple [2005] [album editions]

Extraordinary Machine (Fiona Apple)

Track listing

1Extraordinary Machine
2Get Him Back
3O Sailor
4Better Version Of Me
5Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)
6Parting Gift
8Oh Well
9Please Please Please
10Red Red Red
11Not About Love
12Waltz (Better Than Fine)

Fiona Apple albums

1Extraordinary Machine[ 2005 ]
2Tidal[ 1996 ]
3When the Pawn...[ 1999 ]
1Extraordinary Machine (Fiona Apple)
2Tidal (Fiona Apple)
3When the Pawn... (Fiona Apple)

Fiona Apple songs

1A Mistake [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:58
2Better Version Of Me [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:01
3Carrion [from the "Tidal"]05:45
4Criminal [from the "Tidal"]05:43
5Extraordinary Machine [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:43
6Fast as You Can [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:40
7Get Gone [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:10
8Get Him Back [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]05:25
9I Know [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:55
10Limp [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:31
11Love Ridden [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:22
12Never is a Promise [from the "Tidal"]05:54
13Not About Love [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]04:20
14O Sailor [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]05:35
15Oh Well [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:41
16On the Bound [from the "When the Pawn..."]05:23
17Pale September [from the "Tidal"]05:51
18Paper Bag [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:40
19Parting Gift [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:35
20Please Please Please [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:35
21Red Red Red [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]04:08
22Shadowboxer [from the "Tidal"]05:24
23Sleep to Dream [from the "Tidal"]04:10
24Slow Like Honey [from the "Tidal"]05:57
25Sullen Girl [from the "Tidal"]03:54
26The Child is Gone [from the "Tidal"]04:14
27The First Taste [from the "Tidal"]04:47
28The Way Things Are [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:18
29To Your Love [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:40
30Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song) [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]04:04
31Waltz (Better Than Fine) [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:45
32Window [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]05:32

Fiona Apple - top artists list [#542]

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. []


  • Piano rock,
  • Baroque pop,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Experimental rock,
  • Jazz
  • Parting Gift - one of the best Fiona Apple songs, top songs list [#1257]

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