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Trouble in Shangri-La by Stevie Nicks [2001] [album editions]

Trouble in Shangri-La (Stevie Nicks)

Track listing

1Trouble in Shangri-La
4Planets of the Universe
5Every Day
6Too Far From Texas
7That Made Me Stronger
8It's Only Love
9Love Changes
10I Miss You
11Bombay Sapphires
12Fall From Grace
13Love Is

Stevie Nicks albums

124 Karat Gold - Songs from the Vault[ 2014 ]
2Bella Donna[ 1981 ]
3In Your Dreams[ 2011 ]
4Rock a Little[ 1985 ]
5Street Angel[ 1994 ]
6The Other Side of the Mirror[ 1989 ]
7The Wild Heart[ 1983 ]
8Trouble in Shangri-La[ 2001 ]
124 Karat Gold - Songs from the Vault (Stevie Nicks)
2Bella Donna (Stevie Nicks)
3In Your Dreams (Stevie Nicks)
4Rock a Little (Stevie Nicks)
5Street Angel (Stevie Nicks)
6The Other Side of the Mirror (Stevie Nicks)
7The Wild Heart (Stevie Nicks)
8Trouble in Shangri-La (Stevie Nicks)

Stevie Nicks songs

61Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream) [from the "In Your Dreams"]05:26
62New Orleans [from the "In Your Dreams"]05:34
63Nightbird [from the "The Wild Heart"]04:58
64No Spoken Word [from the "Rock a Little"]04:15
65Nothing Ever Changes [from the "The Wild Heart"]04:05
66Ooh My Love [from the "The Other Side of the Mirror"]05:04
67Outside The Rain [from the "Bella Donna"]04:18
68Planets of the Universe [from the "Trouble in Shangri-La"]04:30
69Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily) [from the "Rock a Little"]03:39
70Rooms on Fire [from the "The Other Side of the Mirror"]04:35
71Rose Garden [from the "Street Angel"]04:29
72Sable On Blond [from the "The Wild Heart"]04:13
73Secret Love [from the "In Your Dreams"]03:15
74She Loves Him Still [from the "24 Karat Gold - Songs from the Vault"]04:29
75Sister Honey [from the "Rock a Little"]03:50
76Soldier's Angel [from the "In Your Dreams"]05:16
77Some Become Strangers [from the "Rock a Little"]03:30
78Sorcerer [from the "Trouble in Shangri-La"]04:30
79Stand Back [from the "The Wild Heart"]04:48
80Starshine [from the "24 Karat Gold - Songs from the Vault"]04:05
81Stop Draggin' My Heart Around [from the "Bella Donna"]04:05
82Street Angel [from the "Street Angel"]04:11
83Talk To Me [from the "Rock a Little"]04:11
84That Made Me Stronger [from the "Trouble in Shangri-La"]04:30
85The Dealer [from the "24 Karat Gold - Songs from the Vault"]04:38
86The Highwayman [from the "Bella Donna"]04:49
87The Nightmare [from the "Rock a Little"]05:23
88Think About It [from the "Bella Donna"]03:35
89Too Far From Texas [from the "Trouble in Shangri-La"]04:30
90Trouble in Shangri-La [from the "Trouble in Shangri-La"]04:30
91Twisted [from the "24 Karat Gold - Songs from the Vault"]04:29
92Two Kinds Of Love [from the "The Other Side of the Mirror"]04:46
93Unconditional Love [from the "Street Angel"]03:22
94Watch Chain [from the "24 Karat Gold - Songs from the Vault"]04:09
95Whole Lotta Trouble [from the "The Other Side of the Mirror"]04:55
96Wide Sargasso Sea [from the "In Your Dreams"]05:36
97Wild Heart [from the "The Wild Heart"]06:08
98You May Be The One [from the "In Your Dreams"]05:26

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Stevie Nicks

Stephanie Lynn "Stevie" Nicks is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and an extensive solo career. []


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