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Tidal by Fiona Apple [1996] [album editions]

Tidal (Fiona Apple)

Track listing

1Sleep to Dream
2Sullen Girl
5Slow Like Honey
6The First Taste
7Never is a Promise
8The Child is Gone
9Pale September

Fiona Apple albums

1Extraordinary Machine[ 2005 ]
2Tidal[ 1996 ]
3When the Pawn...[ 1999 ]
1Extraordinary Machine (Fiona Apple)
2Tidal (Fiona Apple)
3When the Pawn... (Fiona Apple)

Fiona Apple songs

1A Mistake [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:58
2Better Version Of Me [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:01
3Carrion [from the "Tidal"]05:45
4Criminal [from the "Tidal"]05:43
5Extraordinary Machine [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:43
6Fast as You Can [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:40
7Get Gone [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:10
8Get Him Back [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]05:25
9I Know [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:55
10Limp [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:31
11Love Ridden [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:22
12Never is a Promise [from the "Tidal"]05:54
13Not About Love [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]04:20
14O Sailor [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]05:35
15Oh Well [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:41
16On the Bound [from the "When the Pawn..."]05:23
17Pale September [from the "Tidal"]05:51
18Paper Bag [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:40
19Parting Gift [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:35
20Please Please Please [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:35
21Red Red Red [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]04:08
22Shadowboxer [from the "Tidal"]05:24
23Sleep to Dream [from the "Tidal"]04:10
24Slow Like Honey [from the "Tidal"]05:57
25Sullen Girl [from the "Tidal"]03:54
26The Child is Gone [from the "Tidal"]04:14
27The First Taste [from the "Tidal"]04:47
28The Way Things Are [from the "When the Pawn..."]04:18
29To Your Love [from the "When the Pawn..."]03:40
30Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song) [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]04:04
31Waltz (Better Than Fine) [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]03:45
32Window [from the "Extraordinary Machine"]05:32

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Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart is an American singer-songwriter and pianist.

Apple met international acclaim for her 1996 debut album, Tidal, which was a critical and commercial success.

At the age of nineteen she received a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for the single "Criminal" from that album in 1998. []


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