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Thursday by The Weeknd [2011]

Thursday (The Weeknd)

Track listing

1Lonely Star
2Life Of The Party
4The Zone (ft. Drake)
5The Birds Part 1
6The Birds Part 2
7Rolling Stone
9Heaven Or Las Vegas

The Weeknd albums

1After Hours[ 2020 ]
2Beauty Behind the Madness[ 2015 ]
3Echoes of Silence[ 2011 ]
4Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[ 2015 ]
5House of Balloons[ 2011 ]
6Kiss Land[ 2013 ]
7Starboy[ 2016 ]
8Thursday[ 2011 ]
9Trilogy[ 2012 ]
1After Hours (The Weeknd)
2Beauty Behind the Madness (The Weeknd)
3Echoes of Silence (The Weeknd)
4Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5House of Balloons (The Weeknd)
6Kiss Land (The Weeknd)
7Starboy (The Weeknd)
8Thursday (The Weeknd)
9Trilogy (The Weeknd)

The Weeknd songs

61Outside [from the "Echoes of Silence"]04:19
62Party Monster [from the "Starboy"]04:11
63Pretty [from the "Kiss Land"]06:15
64Prisoner (ft. Lana Del Rey) [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:35
65Professional [from the "Kiss Land"]06:08
66Real Life [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]03:43
67Reminder [from the "Starboy"]03:38
68Repeat After Me (Interlude) [from the "After Hours"]03:15
69Rockin’ [from the "Starboy"]03:52
70Rolling Stone [from the "Trilogy"]03:50
71Rolling Stone [from the "Thursday"]03:50
72Same Old Song [from the "Echoes of Silence"]05:12
73Same Old Song (ft. Juicy J) [from the "Trilogy"]05:12
74Save Your Tears [from the "After Hours"]03:35
75Scared To Live [from the "After Hours"]03:11
76Secrets [from the "Starboy"]04:25
77Shameless [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:13
78Sidewalks (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [from the "Starboy"]03:51
79Six Feet Under [from the "Starboy"]03:57
80Snowchild [from the "After Hours"]04:07
81Starboy (ft. Daft Punk) [from the "Starboy"]03:50
82Stargirl Interlude (ft. Lana Del Rey) [from the "Starboy"]01:51
83Tears In the Rain [from the "Kiss Land"]07:26
84Tell Your Friends [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]05:34
85The Birds Part 1 [from the "Thursday"]03:34
86The Birds Part 2 [from the "Thursday"]05:50
87The Birds Pt. 1 [from the "Trilogy"]03:34
88The Birds Pt. 2 [from the "Trilogy"]05:50
89The Fall [from the "Trilogy"]05:45
90The Fall [from the "Echoes of Silence"]05:45
91The Hills [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:02
92The Knowing [from the "Trilogy"]05:49
93The Knowing [from the "House of Balloons"]05:46
94The Morning [from the "Trilogy"]05:15
95The Morning [from the "House of Balloons"]05:05
96The Party & The After Party [from the "House of Balloons"]07:26
97The Party & The After Paty [from the "Trilogy"]07:39
98The Town [from the "Kiss Land"]05:07
99The Zone (ft. Drake) [from the "Trilogy"]06:58
100The Zone (ft. Drake) [from the "Thursday"]06:57
101Thursday [from the "Trilogy"]05:20
102Thursday [from the "Thursday"]05:19
103Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) [from the "Trilogy"]05:19
104Too Late [from the "After Hours"]04:00
105True Colors [from the "Starboy"]03:26
106Twenty Eight [from the "Trilogy"]04:18
107Until I Bleed Out [from the "After Hours"]03:10
108Valerie [from the "Trilogy"]04:46
109Wanderlust [from the "Kiss Land"]05:06
110Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix) [from the "Kiss Land"]05:07
111What You Need [from the "Trilogy"]03:16
112What You Need [from the "House of Balloons"]03:20
113Where You Belong - The Weeknd [from the "Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"]04:57
114Wicked Games [from the "Trilogy"]05:25
115Wicked Games [from the "House of Balloons"]05:15
116XO - The Host [from the "Echoes of Silence"]07:24
117XO / The Host [from the "Trilogy"]07:24

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The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye, known by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian recording artist. []


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