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No End in Sight by Pro-Pain [album editions]

No End in Sight (Pro-Pain)

Track listing

1Let The Blood Run Through The
3Hour Of The Time
4To Never Return
5Where We Stand
6Phoenix Rising
7Go It Alone
8All Rise
9God's Will
10The Fight Goes On
11Where We Stand (Ream Mix)

Pro-Pain albums

1Absolute Power[ 2010 ]
2Act of God[ 1999 ]
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru[ 2007 ]
4Contents Under Pressure[ 1996 ]
5Fistful of Hate[ 2004 ]
6Foul Taste of Freedom[ 1992 ]
7No End in Sight[   ]
8Pro-Pain[ 1998 ]
9Prophets of Doom[ 2005 ]
10Round 6[ 2000 ]
11Run For Cover[ 2003 ]
12Shreds of Dignity[ 2002 ]
13Straight to the Dome[ 2012 ]
14The Final Revolution[ 2013 ]
15The Truth Hurts[ 1994 ]
1Absolute Power (Pro-Pain)
2Act of God (Pro-Pain)
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru (Pro-Pain)
4Contents Under Pressure (Pro-Pain)
5Fistful of Hate (Pro-Pain)
6Foul Taste of Freedom (Pro-Pain)
7No End in Sight (Pro-Pain)
8Pro-Pain (Pro-Pain)
9Prophets of Doom (Pro-Pain)
10Round 6 (Pro-Pain)
11Run For Cover (Pro-Pain)
12Shreds of Dignity (Pro-Pain)
13Straight to the Dome (Pro-Pain)
14The Final Revolution (Pro-Pain)
15The Truth Hurts (Pro-Pain)

Pro-Pain songs

61Go It Alone [from the "No End in Sight"]04:39
62God Only Knows [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:30
63God's Will [from the "No End in Sight"]04:36
64Godsize [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:04
65Godspeed [from the "Fistful of Hate"]04:16
66Gone Fishin' [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]01:47
67Gone Rogue (I Apologize) [from the "Absolute Power"]04:45
68Gunya Down [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]04:40
69Halo [from the "No End in Sight"]03:43
70Hate Coalition [from the "Absolute Power"]02:38
71Hate Marches On [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:19
72Heads Will Roll [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:35
73Hell On Earth [from the "Absolute Power"]04:57
74Hopeless? [from the "Act of God"]02:40
75Hour Of The Time [from the "No End in Sight"]04:20
76I Remain [from the "Act of God"]02:27
77Impeach, Indict, Imprison [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:59
78Implode [from the "Fistful of Hate"]02:52
79In For The Kill [from the "Act of God"]03:15
80Iraqnam [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:53
81Iraqnophobia [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:20
82Iron Fist [from the "Run For Cover"]02:45
83Johnny Black [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:15
84Judge [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:01
85Just Sit There [from the "Run For Cover"]01:05
86Justice Must Be Done [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]03:49
87Kill Or Be Killed [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]08:41
88Knife Edge [from the "Run For Cover"]02:09
89Left For Dead [from the "Fistful of Hate"]03:23
90Lesson Learned [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:25
91Let Live [from the "Round 6"]03:00
92Let Sleeping Dogs Lie [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:25
93Let The Blood Run Through The [from the "No End in Sight"]02:44
94Leveler [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]02:11
95Life's Hard [from the "Pro-Pain"]04:30
96Live Free (Or Die Trying) [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:51
97Lock N' Load [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]02:33
98Lost Horizons [from the "Fistful of Hate"]04:30
99Love And War [from the "Act of God"]03:15
100Love/H8 [from the "Pro-Pain"]02:29
101Make Some Noise [from the "Round 6"]01:48
102Make War (Not Love) [from the "The Truth Hurts"]04:59
103Mark My Words [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:08
104Mass Extinction [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:52
105Murder 101 [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:00
106My Time Will Come [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:18
107Neocon [from the "Prophets of Doom"]03:28
108Never Again [from the "Run For Cover"]02:28
109No Love Lost [from the "Pro-Pain"]02:42
110No Way Out [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]03:01
111Nothing [from the "Run For Cover"]01:50
112Nothing Left [from the "Straight to the Dome"]02:35
113Odd Man Out [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:58
114On Parade [from the "Act of God"]02:35
115One Man Army [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:15
116One Shot One Kill [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:55
117One World Ain't Enough [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:22
118Operation Blood For Oil [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:18
119Payback [from the "Straight to the Dome"]02:43
120Phoenix Rising [from the "No End in Sight"]04:37



Pro-Pain is a New York-based hardcore and Groove Metal band formed in 1991 by vocalist and bassist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson. []


  • New York hardcore,
  • Groove metal,
  • Metalcore
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