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Prophets of Doom by Pro-Pain [2005] [album editions]

Prophets of Doom (Pro-Pain)

Track listing

3Hate Marches On
4One World Ain't Enough
5Getting Over
6Operation Blood For Oil
8Death Toll Rises
9The Prisoner
10Days Of Shame

Pro-Pain albums

1Absolute Power[ 2010 ]
2Act of God[ 1999 ]
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru[ 2007 ]
4Contents Under Pressure[ 1996 ]
5Fistful of Hate[ 2004 ]
6Foul Taste of Freedom[ 1992 ]
7No End in Sight[   ]
8Pro-Pain[ 1998 ]
9Prophets of Doom[ 2005 ]
10Round 6[ 2000 ]
11Run For Cover[ 2003 ]
12Shreds of Dignity[ 2002 ]
13Straight to the Dome[ 2012 ]
14The Final Revolution[ 2013 ]
15The Truth Hurts[ 1994 ]
1Absolute Power (Pro-Pain)
2Act of God (Pro-Pain)
3Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru (Pro-Pain)
4Contents Under Pressure (Pro-Pain)
5Fistful of Hate (Pro-Pain)
6Foul Taste of Freedom (Pro-Pain)
7No End in Sight (Pro-Pain)
8Pro-Pain (Pro-Pain)
9Prophets of Doom (Pro-Pain)
10Round 6 (Pro-Pain)
11Run For Cover (Pro-Pain)
12Shreds of Dignity (Pro-Pain)
13Straight to the Dome (Pro-Pain)
14The Final Revolution (Pro-Pain)
15The Truth Hurts (Pro-Pain)

Pro-Pain songs

61Go It Alone [from the "No End in Sight"]04:39
62God Only Knows [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:30
63God's Will [from the "No End in Sight"]04:36
64Godsize [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:04
65Godspeed [from the "Fistful of Hate"]04:16
66Gone Fishin' [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]01:47
67Gone Rogue (I Apologize) [from the "Absolute Power"]04:45
68Gunya Down [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]04:40
69Halo [from the "No End in Sight"]03:43
70Hate Coalition [from the "Absolute Power"]02:38
71Hate Marches On [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:19
72Heads Will Roll [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:35
73Hell On Earth [from the "Absolute Power"]04:57
74Hopeless? [from the "Act of God"]02:40
75Hour Of The Time [from the "No End in Sight"]04:20
76I Remain [from the "Act of God"]02:27
77Impeach, Indict, Imprison [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:59
78Implode [from the "Fistful of Hate"]02:52
79In For The Kill [from the "Act of God"]03:15
80Iraqnam [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:53
81Iraqnophobia [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:20
82Iron Fist [from the "Run For Cover"]02:45
83Johnny Black [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:15
84Judge [from the "Straight to the Dome"]03:01
85Just Sit There [from the "Run For Cover"]01:05
86Justice Must Be Done [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]03:49
87Kill Or Be Killed [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]08:41
88Knife Edge [from the "Run For Cover"]02:09
89Left For Dead [from the "Fistful of Hate"]03:23
90Lesson Learned [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:25
91Let Live [from the "Round 6"]03:00
92Let Sleeping Dogs Lie [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:25
93Let The Blood Run Through The [from the "No End in Sight"]02:44
94Leveler [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]02:11
95Life's Hard [from the "Pro-Pain"]04:30
96Live Free (Or Die Trying) [from the "Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Cru"]03:51
97Lock N' Load [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]02:33
98Lost Horizons [from the "Fistful of Hate"]04:30
99Love And War [from the "Act of God"]03:15
100Love/H8 [from the "Pro-Pain"]02:29
101Make Some Noise [from the "Round 6"]01:48
102Make War (Not Love) [from the "The Truth Hurts"]04:59
103Mark My Words [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:08
104Mass Extinction [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:52
105Murder 101 [from the "Foul Taste of Freedom"]03:00
106My Time Will Come [from the "Pro-Pain"]03:18
107Neocon [from the "Prophets of Doom"]03:28
108Never Again [from the "Run For Cover"]02:28
109No Love Lost [from the "Pro-Pain"]02:42
110No Way Out [from the "Shreds of Dignity"]03:01
111Nothing [from the "Run For Cover"]01:50
112Nothing Left [from the "Straight to the Dome"]02:35
113Odd Man Out [from the "Contents Under Pressure"]03:58
114On Parade [from the "Act of God"]02:35
115One Man Army [from the "The Truth Hurts"]03:15
116One Shot One Kill [from the "The Final Revolution"]02:55
117One World Ain't Enough [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:22
118Operation Blood For Oil [from the "Prophets of Doom"]04:18
119Payback [from the "Straight to the Dome"]02:43
120Phoenix Rising [from the "No End in Sight"]04:37



Pro-Pain is a New York-based hardcore and Groove Metal band formed in 1991 by vocalist and bassist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson. []


  • New York hardcore,
  • Groove metal,
  • Metalcore
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