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Hellbound & Heartless by Vampires Everywhere! [2012]

Hellbound & Heartless (Vampires Everywhere!)

Track listing

1I: Hellbound
2I Can't Breathe
3Beauty Queen
4Drug of Choice
5II: The Inferno
6Star of 666
7Kiss Of Death
8Rape Me (Nirvana cover)
10III: The 7th Gate
11Unholy Eyes
12Social Suicide
13IV: Born Individual
14Anti Hate
15Hell on Earth
16My Blood Is Yours (Amanda's Song)

Vampires Everywhere! albums

1Hellbound & Heartless[ 2012 ]
2Kiss the Sun Goodbye[ 2011 ]
1Hellbound & Heartless (Vampires Everywhere!)
2Kiss the Sun Goodbye (Vampires Everywhere!)

Vampires Everywhere! songs

1Anti Hate [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]03:05
2Ashes To Ashes [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:41
3Beauty Queen [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]02:59
4Bleeding Rain [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:17
5Bury Me Alive [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:54
6Call Out the Dead [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:37
7Carnage at the Castle [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:19
8Children Of The Night [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:47
9Dear Eliza [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]04:16
10Drug of Choice [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]04:00
11Hell on Earth [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]03:33
12I Can't Breathe [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]03:50
13I: Hellbound [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]00:59
14II: The Inferno [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]00:21
15III: The 7th Gate [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]00:45
16Immortal Love [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]04:16
17IV: Born Individual [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]00:34
18Kill The Chemicals [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:41
19Kiss Of Death [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]03:18
20Lipstick Lies [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]02:58
21My Blood Is Yours (Amanda's Song) [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]04:15
22Plastic [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]02:50
23Rape Me (Nirvana cover) [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]02:57
24Silver Bullets Don't Kill Vampires [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:21
25Social Suicide [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]03:36
26Star of 666 [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]03:34
27Teenage Dream [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]04:32
28The Embrace [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:50
29Undead Heart [from the "Kiss the Sun Goodbye"]03:18
30Unholy Eyes [from the "Hellbound & Heartless"]03:23

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Vampires Everywhere!

Vampires Everywhere! is an American metalcore band founded in 2009.


  • Metalcore
  • Drug of Choice by Vampires Everywhere!

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