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Dying to Say This to You by The Sounds [2006] [album editions]

Dying to Say This to You (The Sounds)

Track listing

1Song with a Mission
2Queen of Apology
3Tony the Beat
424 Hours
5Painted by Numbers
6Night After Night (Acoustic version)
8Hurt You
9Much Too Long
10Running Out of Turbo
11Night After Night

The Sounds albums

1Crossing the Rubicon[ 2009 ]
2Dying to Say This to You[ 2006 ]
3Living In America[ 2002 ]
4Something to Die For[ 2011 ]
5Weekend[ 2013 ]
1Crossing the Rubicon (The Sounds)
2Dying to Say This to You (The Sounds)
3Living In America (The Sounds)
4Something to Die For (The Sounds)
5Weekend (The Sounds)

The Sounds songs

124 Hours [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]02:42
24 Songs & A Fight [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]03:23
3Animal [from the "Weekend"]03:46
4Beatbox [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]04:00
5Better Off Dead [from the "Something to Die For"]04:55
6Crossing the Rubicon [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]02:03
7Dance with Me [from the "Living In America"]03:16
8Dance With the Devil [from the "Something to Die For"]04:47
9Diana [from the "Something to Die For"]03:35
10Dorchester Hotel [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]04:07
11Ego [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]02:43
12Emperor [from the "Weekend"]03:52
13Fire [from the "Living In America"]03:17
14Goodnight Freedy [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]03:58
15Great Day [from the "Weekend"]04:45
16Hit Me [from the "Living In America"]02:19
17Home Is Where The Heart Is [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]05:09
18Hope Youre Happy Now [from the "Living In America"]04:06
19Hurt the Ones I Love [from the "Weekend"]03:52
20Hurt You [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]03:51
21It's So Easy [from the "Something to Die For"]02:33
22Like A Lady [from the "Living In America"]03:31
23Living in America [from the "Living In America"]03:28
24Lost In Love [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]05:02
25Midnight Sun [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]04:28
26Mine for Life [from the "Living In America"]04:42
27Much Too Long [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]03:07
28My Lover [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]04:23
29Night After Night [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]03:28
30Night After Night (Acoustic version) [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]04:15
31No One Sleeps When I'm Awake [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]04:23
32Outlaw [from the "Weekend"]03:03
33Painted by Numbers [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]03:20
34Panic [from the "Weekend"]03:14
35Queen of Apology [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]03:06
36Reggie [from the "Living In America"]03:20
37Riot [from the "Living In America"]02:52
38Rock N Roll [from the "Living In America"]03:55
39Running Out of Turbo [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]03:09
40Seven Days A Week [from the "Living In America"]03:03
41Shake Shake Shake [from the "Weekend"]03:32
42Something to Die For [from the "Something to Die For"]05:33
43Song with a Mission [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]02:57
44Take It the Wrong Way [from the "Weekend"]04:00
45The Best Of Me [from the "Something to Die For"]04:48
46The No No Song [from the "Something to Die For"]03:53
47The Only Ones [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]04:36
48Tony the Beat [from the "Dying to Say This to You"]03:12
49Too Young to Die [from the "Weekend"]03:52
50Underground [from the "Crossing the Rubicon"]03:47
51Weekend [from the "Weekend"]03:48
52Wish You Were Here [from the "Something to Die For"]03:08
53Won't Let Them Tear Us Apart [from the "Something to Die For"]04:07
54Yeah Yeah Yeah [from the "Something to Die For"]03:58
55Young and Wild [from the "Weekend"]03:33

The Sounds - top artists list [#464]

The Sounds

The Sounds are a Swedish indie rock band formed in Helsingborg in 1999.


  • Indie rock,
  • New wave,
  • Post-punk revival
  • Painted by Numbers - one of the best The Sounds songs, top songs list [#1869]

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