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Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack) by Mary J. Blige [2014] [album editions]

Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack) (Mary J. Blige)

Track listing

1A Night To Remember
2Vegas Nights (ft. The-Dream)
3Moment Of Love
4See That Boy Again (ft. Pharrell Williams)
6Kiss And Make Up
9I Want You
10Self Love
11Power Back
12All Fun And Games

Mary J. Blige albums

1A Mary Christmas[ 2013 ]
2Growing Pains[ 2007 ]
3Love & Life[ 2003 ]
4Mary[ 1999 ]
5My Life[ 1994 ]
6My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1)[ 2011 ]
7No More Drama[ 2001 ]
8Share My World[ 1997 ]
9Stronger with Each Tear[ 2009 ]
10The Breakthrough[ 2005 ]
11The London Sessions[ 2014 ]
12Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack)[ 2014 ]
13What's the 411?[ 1992 ]
1A Mary Christmas (Mary J. Blige)
2Growing Pains (Mary J. Blige)
3Love & Life (Mary J. Blige)
4Mary (Mary J. Blige)
5My Life (Mary J. Blige)
6My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1) (Mary J. Blige)
7No More Drama (Mary J. Blige)
8Share My World (Mary J. Blige)
9Stronger with Each Tear (Mary J. Blige)
10The Breakthrough (Mary J. Blige)
11The London Sessions (Mary J. Blige)
12Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack) (Mary J. Blige)
13What's the 411? (Mary J. Blige)

Mary J. Blige songs

121No Happy Hollidays [from the "Mary"]04:47
122No More Drama [from the "No More Drama"]05:26
123No More Drama (Remix w/ P. Diddy) [from the "No More Drama"]04:05
124No One Else [from the "My Life"]04:15
125No One Will Do [from the "The Breakthrough"]04:46
126Nobody But You [from the "The London Sessions"]04:38
127Noche De Paz (Silent Night) ( ft. Marc Anthony) [from the "A Mary Christmas"]03:28
128Not Gon' Cry [from the "Share My World"]04:55
129Not Lookin' (duet with K-Ci Hailey) [from the "Mary"]04:51
130Not Loving You [from the "The London Sessions"]03:26
131Not Today (ft. Eve) [from the "Love & Life"]04:13
132One (With U2) [from the "The Breakthrough"]04:21
133Ooh! [from the "Love & Life"]04:07
134Our Love [from the "Share My World"]05:22
135Petit Papa Noel [from the "A Mary Christmas"]04:00
136Pick Me Up [from the "The London Sessions"]03:07
137Pms [from the "No More Drama"]04:51
138Power Back [from the "Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack)"]03:56
139Press On [from the "Love & Life"]04:17
140Propose [from the "Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack)"]04:21
141Rainy Dayz (ft. Ja Rule) [from the "No More Drama"]04:36
142Real Love [from the "What's the 411?"]04:32
143Reminisce [from the "What's the 411?"]05:24
144Right Now [from the "The London Sessions"]03:49
145Roses [from the "Growing Pains"]04:35
146Round And Round [from the "Share My World"]04:24
147Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer [from the "A Mary Christmas"]02:30
148Said And Done [from the "Stronger with Each Tear"]03:23
149Searching (ft. Roy Ayers) [from the "Share My World"]05:05
150See That Boy Again (ft. Pharrell Williams) [from the "Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack)"]04:13
151Self Love [from the "Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack)"]03:43
152Seven Days (ft. George Benson) [from the "Share My World"]05:09
153Sexy (ft. Jadakiss) [from the "Mary"]04:49
154Shake Down (ft. Usher) [from the "Growing Pains"]03:36
155Share My World [from the "Share My World"]05:07
156Share My World (Interlude) [from the "Share My World"]00:30
157Slow Down [from the "What's the 411?"]04:33
158Smoke [from the "Growing Pains"]03:10
159So Lady [from the "The Breakthrough"]04:16
160Someone to Love Me (Naked) (ft. Lil Wayne & Diddy) [from the "My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1)"]03:32
161Special Part Of Me [from the "Love & Life"]04:33
162Stay Down [from the "Growing Pains"]04:22
163Steal Away [from the "No More Drama"]04:27
164Suitcase [from the "Think Like a Man Too (Soundtrack)"]03:48
165Sweet Thing [from the "What's the 411?"]03:46
166Take Me As I Am [from the "The Breakthrough"]03:57
167Talk To Me [from the "Growing Pains"]04:09
168Testimony [from the "No More Drama"]05:00
169Thank You Lord (Interlude) [from the "Share My World"]00:45
170The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire) [from the "A Mary Christmas"]03:56
171The First Noel (ft. The Clark Sisters) [from the "A Mary Christmas"]04:26
172The Living Proof [from the "My Life II... The Journey Continues (Act 1)"]05:51
173The Love I Never Had [from the "Mary"]05:48
174The One (ft. Drake) [from the "Stronger with Each Tear"]03:13
175Therapy [from the "The London Sessions"]03:22
176This Christmas [from the "A Mary Christmas"]03:21
177Till The Morning [from the "Growing Pains"]04:17
178Time [from the "Mary"]05:09
179Tonight [from the "Stronger with Each Tear"]04:00
180Ultimate Relationship (A.M.) [from the "Love & Life"]05:03

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Mary J. Blige

Mary Jane Blige is an American singer, songwriter, model, record producer, and actress. []


  • R&B,
  • Soul,
  • Hip hop,
  • Hip hop soul,
  • Gospel
  • Suitcase by Mary J. Blige

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