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Do You Know by Michelle Williams [2004] [album editions]

Do You Know (Michelle Williams)

Track listing

1Purpose In Your Storm
2Never Be the Same
3Love Thang (ft. Dawkins & Dawkins)
4Do You Know
5The Incident
6My Only Love Is You
715 Minutes
8No One Like You
9The Way of Love
10Rescue My Heart
11Didn't Know
12The Movement
13Have You Ever
14I Know (Destiny's Child)

Michelle Williams albums

1Do You Know[ 2004 ]
2Heart to Yours[ 2002 ]
3Journey to Freedom[ 2014 ]
4Unexpected[ 2008 ]
1Do You Know (Michelle Williams)
2Heart to Yours (Michelle Williams)
3Journey to Freedom (Michelle Williams)
4Unexpected (Michelle Williams)

Michelle Williams songs

115 Minutes [from the "Do You Know"]04:43
2Beautiful [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:17
3Believe In Me [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:07
4Better Place (9.11) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:01
5Change The World [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:59
6Didn't Know [from the "Do You Know"]03:48
7Do You Know [from the "Do You Know"]04:28
8Everything [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:33
9Everything [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:02
10Fall (ft. Lecrae & Tye Tribbett) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:41
11Fire [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:31
12Free [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:08
13Gospel Medley (ft. Destiny's Child) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:26
14Have You Ever [from the "Do You Know"]04:56
15Heard a Word [from the "Heart to Yours"]04:56
16Heart to Yours [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:54
17Heaven (ft. Carl Thomas) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:07
18Hello Heartbreak [from the "Unexpected"]04:07
19Hungover [from the "Unexpected"]03:31
20I Know (Destiny's Child) [from the "Do You Know"]03:32
21If We Had Your Eyes (ft. Fantasia) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:34
22In the Morning [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:46
23Just Like You (ft. Chief Wakil) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:59
24Love Thang (ft. Dawkins & Dawkins) [from the "Do You Know"]04:37
25Lucky Girl Interlude/Lucky Girl [from the "Unexpected"]03:51
26My Only Love Is You [from the "Do You Know"]03:48
27Need Your Help (ft. Eric Dawkins) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:25
28Never Be the Same [from the "Do You Know"]05:38
29No One Like You [from the "Do You Know"]03:35
30Private Party [from the "Unexpected"]03:36
31Purpose In Your Storm [from the "Do You Know"]04:21
32Rescue My Heart [from the "Do You Know"]05:03
33Rock With Me [from the "Heart to Yours"]06:04
34Say Yes (ft. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:22
35Say Yes (Jochen Simms - Radio Edit) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:26
36Say Yes (John J-C Carr Remix - Original) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]05:56
37So Glad (Duet With Mary Mary) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:54
38Steal Away to Jesus (Duet With Shirley Ceasar) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:28
39Stop This Car [from the "Unexpected"]03:58
40Sun Will Shine Again [from the "Heart to Yours"]04:18
41Thank U [from the "Unexpected"]03:47
42The Greatest [from the "Unexpected"]03:31
43The Incident [from the "Do You Know"]03:14
44The Movement [from the "Do You Know"]03:05
45The Way of Love [from the "Do You Know"]03:42
46Till The End Of The World [from the "Unexpected"]03:10
47Too Young For Love [from the "Unexpected"]03:56
48Unexpected [from the "Unexpected"]03:37
49Unexpected Intro [from the "Unexpected"]00:44
50We Break The Dawn [from the "Unexpected"]03:54
51We Break The Dawn (Part 2) (ft. Flo Rida) [from the "Unexpected"]04:21
52Yes [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:36
53You Care For Me (ft. Isaac Carree & Lowell Pye of Men Of Standard) [from the "Heart to Yours"]05:56

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Michelle Williams

Tenitra Michelle Williams, commonly known as Michelle Williams, is an American singer, songwriter, model, record producer and actress. []


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  • Do You Know by Michelle Williams

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