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Standing in the Breach by Jackson Browne [2014] [album editions]

Standing in the Breach (Jackson Browne)

Track listing

1The Birds of St. Marks
2Yeah Yeah
3The Long Way Around
4Leaving Winslow
5If I Could Be Anywhere
6You Know The Night
7Walls And Doors
8Which Side
9Standing in the Breach

Jackson Browne albums

1For Everyman[ 1973 ]
2Jackson Browne[ 1972 ]
3Late for the Sky[ 1974 ]
4Lawyers in Love[ 1983 ]
5Lives in the Balance[ 1986 ]
6Running on Empty[ 1977 ]
7Standing in the Breach[ 2014 ]
8The Naked Ride Home[ 2002 ]
9The Pretender[ 1976 ]
10Time the Conqueror[ 2008 ]
11World in Motion[ 1989 ]
1For Everyman (Jackson Browne)
2Jackson Browne (Jackson Browne)
3Late for the Sky (Jackson Browne)
4Lawyers in Love (Jackson Browne)
5Lives in the Balance (Jackson Browne)
6Running on Empty (Jackson Browne)
7Standing in the Breach (Jackson Browne)
8The Naked Ride Home (Jackson Browne)
9The Pretender (Jackson Browne)
10Time the Conqueror (Jackson Browne)
11World in Motion (Jackson Browne)

Jackson Browne songs

61Say It Isn't True [from the "Lawyers in Love"]05:25
62Sergio Leone [from the "The Naked Ride Home"]07:59
63Shaky Town [from the "Running on Empty"]03:40
64Sing My Songs To Me [from the "For Everyman"]03:25
65Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate [from the "The Pretender"]02:37
66Soldier of Plenty [from the "Lives in the Balance"]04:37
67Something Fine [from the "Jackson Browne"]03:48
68Song For Adam [from the "Jackson Browne"]05:23
69Standing in the Breach [from the "Standing in the Breach"]05:37
70Stay [from the "Running on Empty"]03:21
71Take it Easy [from the "For Everyman"]03:51
72Tender Is the Night [from the "Lawyers in Love"]04:53
73The Arms of Night [from the "Time the Conqueror"]04:34
74The Birds of St. Marks [from the "Standing in the Breach"]04:22
75The Drums of War [from the "Time the Conqueror"]06:13
76The Fuse [from the "The Pretender"]05:50
77The Late Show [from the "Late for the Sky"]05:15
78The Load-Out [from the "Running on Empty"]05:35
79The Long Way Around [from the "Standing in the Breach"]06:24
80The Naked Ride Home [from the "The Naked Ride Home"]05:58
81The Night Inside Me [from the "The Naked Ride Home"]04:40
82The Only Child [from the "The Pretender"]03:43
83The Pretender [from the "The Pretender"]05:54
84The Road [from the "Running on Empty"]04:46
85The Road and the Sky [from the "Late for the Sky"]03:08
86The Times You've Come [from the "For Everyman"]03:39
87The Word Justice [from the "World in Motion"]04:21
88These Days [from the "For Everyman"]04:42
89Till I Go Down [from the "Lives in the Balance"]04:19
90Time the Conquerer [from the "Time the Conqueror"]05:26
91Under The Falling Sky [from the "Jackson Browne"]04:09
92Walking Slow [from the "Late for the Sky"]03:55
93Walking Town [from the "The Naked Ride Home"]06:22
94Walls And Doors [from the "Standing in the Breach"]06:01
95When the Stone Begins to Turn [from the "World in Motion"]04:51
96Where Were You? [from the "Time the Conqueror"]09:48
97Which Side [from the "Standing in the Breach"]06:37
98World in Motion [from the "World in Motion"]04:28
99Yeah Yeah [from the "Standing in the Breach"]06:14
100You Know The Night [from the "Standing in the Breach"]05:31
101You Love the Thunder [from the "Running on Empty"]03:55
102Your Bright Baby Blues [from the "The Pretender"]06:05

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Jackson Browne

Clyde Jackson Browne is an American singer-songwriter and musician. []


  • Rock,
  • Folk,
  • Country rock,
  • Soft rock
  • The Birds of St. Marks - one of the best Jackson Browne songs, top songs list [#517]

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