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Contra la Corriente by Marc Anthony [1997] [album editions]

Contra la Corriente (Marc Anthony)

Track listing

1Y Hubo Alguien
2Contra La Corriente
3Si Te Vas
4Me Voy A Regalar
5No Me Conoces
6No Sabes Como Duele
7La Luna Sobre Nuestro Amor
9Un Mal Sueno

Marc Anthony albums

13.0[ 2013 ]
2Amar Sin Mentiras[ 2004 ]
3Contra la Corriente[ 1997 ]
4El Cantante (Soundtrack)[ 2007 ]
5Iconos[ 2010 ]
6Libre[ 2001 ]
7Marc Anthony[ 1999 ]
8Mended[ 2002 ]
9Otra Nota[ 1999 ]
10Todo a Su Tiempo[ 1995 ]
11Valio La Pena[ 2004 ]
12When the Night Is Over[ 1991 ]
13.0 (Marc Anthony)
2Amar Sin Mentiras (Marc Anthony)
3Contra la Corriente (Marc Anthony)
4El Cantante (Soundtrack) (Marc Anthony)
5Iconos (Marc Anthony)
6Libre (Marc Anthony)
7Marc Anthony (Marc Anthony)
8Mended (Marc Anthony)
9Otra Nota (Marc Anthony)
10Todo a Su Tiempo (Marc Anthony)
11Valio La Pena (Marc Anthony)
12When the Night Is Over (Marc Anthony)

Marc Anthony songs

1A Quien Quiero Mentirle [from the "Iconos"]04:13
2Abrazame Muy Fuerte [from the "Iconos"]04:34
3Aguanile [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]05:15
4Ahora Quien [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]05:05
5Ahora Quien [from the "Valio La Pena"]05:10
6Almohada [from the "Iconos"]04:21
7Am I The Only One [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:24
8Amada Amante [from the "Iconos"]03:56
9Amar Sin Mentiras [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]03:42
10Amigo [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]04:49
11Amigo [from the "Valio La Pena"]04:13
12Amor Aventurero [from the "Libre"]04:42
13Barco A La Deriva [from the "Libre"]04:34
14Cambio De Piel [from the "3.0"]04:39
15Caminare [from the "Libre"]04:16
16Cautivo De Este Amor [from the "3.0"]03:40
17Celos [from the "Libre"]04:46
18Che Che Cole [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]03:27
19Como Ella Me Quiere a Mí (She's Been Good to Me) [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:20
20Contra La Corriente [from the "Contra la Corriente"]05:04
21Da La Vuelta [from the "Marc Anthony"]05:11
22De Que Depende [from the "Libre"]03:52
23Dime Si No Es Verdad [from the "3.0"]04:05
24Dimelo (I Need To Know) [from the "Marc Anthony"]03:48
25Do You Believe In Loneliness [from the "Mended"]04:04
26Don't Let Me Leave [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:50
27Don't Tell Me It's Love [from the "Mended"]03:36
28El Cantante [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]06:47
29El Dia De Mi Suerte [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]05:20
30El Triste [from the "Iconos"]05:19
31El Ultimo Beso [from the "Otra Nota"]04:31
32Escandalo [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]03:59
33Escapemonos (duet with Jennifer Lopez) [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]04:45
34Escapemonos (duet with Jennifer Lopez) [from the "Valio La Pena"]05:32
35Espera [from the "3.0"]04:01
36Este Loco Que Te Mira [from the "Libre"]04:55
37Everything You Do [from the "Mended"]03:24
38Flor Palida [from the "3.0"]04:40
39Give Me A Reason [from the "Mended"]03:12
40Hasta Ayer [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]04:38
41Hasta Que Te Conoci [from the "Otra Nota"]05:05
42Hasta Que Vuelvas Conmigo [from the "Libre"]04:51
43Hipocresia [from the "3.0"]04:31
44How Could I [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:28
45I Need to Know [from the "Marc Anthony"]03:48
46I Need You [from the "Mended"]04:13
47I Reach For You [from the "Mended"]03:27
48I Swear [from the "Mended"]03:46
49I Wanna Be Free [from the "Mended"]03:59
50If I Had the Opportunity (ft. Tito Puente) [from the "When the Night Is Over"]04:35
51It's Alright [from the "When the Night Is Over"]04:05
52I've Got You [from the "Mended"]03:51
53Juego O Amor [from the "Otra Nota"]04:36
54La Copa Rota [from the "3.0"]03:29
55La Luna Sobre Nuestro Amor [from the "Contra la Corriente"]05:01
56Lamento Borincano [from the "Valio La Pena"]05:05
57Let Me Love You (ft. Tito Puente) [from the "When the Night Is Over"]04:58
58Living in a Strange World [from the "When the Night Is Over"]05:35
59Llegaste A Mi [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]04:56
60Love Is All [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:30

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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter popular in Latin America for his salsa music and salsamonga ballads. []


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  • Contra La Corriente by Marc Anthony

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