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When the Night Is Over by Marc Anthony [1991] [album editions]

When the Night Is Over (Marc Anthony)

Track listing

1Ride on the Rythm
2When the Night Is Over
3Walk Away
4If I Had the Opportunity (ft. Tito Puente)
5Let Me Love You (ft. Tito Puente)
6It's Alright
7Name of the Game
8Living in a Strange World
10The Masters at Work

Marc Anthony albums

13.0[ 2013 ]
2Amar Sin Mentiras[ 2004 ]
3Contra la Corriente[ 1997 ]
4El Cantante (Soundtrack)[ 2007 ]
5Iconos[ 2010 ]
6Libre[ 2001 ]
7Marc Anthony[ 1999 ]
8Mended[ 2002 ]
9Otra Nota[ 1999 ]
10Todo a Su Tiempo[ 1995 ]
11Valio La Pena[ 2004 ]
12When the Night Is Over[ 1991 ]
13.0 (Marc Anthony)
2Amar Sin Mentiras (Marc Anthony)
3Contra la Corriente (Marc Anthony)
4El Cantante (Soundtrack) (Marc Anthony)
5Iconos (Marc Anthony)
6Libre (Marc Anthony)
7Marc Anthony (Marc Anthony)
8Mended (Marc Anthony)
9Otra Nota (Marc Anthony)
10Todo a Su Tiempo (Marc Anthony)
11Valio La Pena (Marc Anthony)
12When the Night Is Over (Marc Anthony)

Marc Anthony songs

61Love Won't Get Any Better [from the "Mended"]03:38
62Make It With You [from the "Otra Nota"]04:23
63Maldita Sea Mi Suerte [from the "Iconos"]04:01
64Me Haces Falta [from the "Mended"]03:52
65Me Voy A Regalar [from the "Contra la Corriente"]05:25
66Mi Gente [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]03:52
67My Baby You [from the "Marc Anthony"]03:59
68Nada Personal [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]04:39
69Nadie Como Ella [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]04:56
70Name of the Game [from the "When the Night Is Over"]06:06
71Necesito Amarte [from the "Otra Nota"]04:53
72No Me Conoces [from the "Contra la Corriente"]05:28
73No One [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:41
74No Sabes Como Duele [from the "Contra la Corriente"]05:09
75Palabras del Alma [from the "Otra Nota"]05:00
76Por Amar Se Da Todo [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]04:59
77Que Lio [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]04:24
78Quitate Tu [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]04:24
79Remember Me [from the "Marc Anthony"]03:48
80Ride [from the "When the Night Is Over"]06:40
81Ride on the Rythm [from the "When the Night Is Over"]04:07
82Se Esfuma Tu Amor [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]03:53
83Se Esfuma Tu Amor [from the "Valio La Pena"]04:37
84Se Me Sigue Olvidando [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]04:53
85She Mends Me [from the "Mended"]03:18
86She's Been Good To Me [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:20
87Si He de Morir [from the "Otra Nota"]04:14
88Si Te Vas [from the "Contra la Corriente"]04:46
89Si Tu No Te Fueras [from the "Otra Nota"]04:33
90Suceden [from the "Contra la Corriente"]04:05
91Tan Solo Palabras [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]03:41
92Te Amare [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]04:47
93Te Conozco Bien [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]05:14
94Te Lo Pido Por Favor [from the "Iconos"]03:27
95Te Tengo Aqui [from the "Mended"]03:51
96That's Okay [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:41
97The Masters at Work [from the "When the Night Is Over"]04:01
98Time [from the "When the Night Is Over"]05:44
99Todo Tiene Su Final [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]04:56
100Toma De Mi (Jennifer Lopez) [from the "El Cantante (Soundtrack)"]04:29
101Tragedia [from the "Mended"]03:47
102Tragedy [from the "Mended"]04:10
103Tu Amor Me Hace Bien [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]04:35
104Tu Amor Me Hace Bien [from the "Valio La Pena"]05:01
105Un Mal Sueno [from the "Contra la Corriente"]03:26
106Valio La Pena [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]03:42
107Valio La Pena [from the "Valio La Pena"]04:50
108Vida [from the "Iconos"]04:39
109Vieja Mesa [from the "Todo a Su Tiempo"]04:24
110Viviendo [from the "Libre"]04:43
111Vivir Mi Vida [from the "3.0"]04:12
112Vivir Mi Vida (Version Pop) [from the "3.0"]03:51
113Volando Entre Tus Brazos [from the "Amar Sin Mentiras"]04:25
114Volando Entre Tus Brazos [from the "Valio La Pena"]05:19
115Volver A Comenzar [from the "3.0"]04:36
116Walk Away [from the "When the Night Is Over"]04:45
117When I Dream at Night [from the "Marc Anthony"]04:21
118When the Night Is Over [from the "When the Night Is Over"]05:41
119Y C—Émo Es El [from the "Iconos"]04:00
120Y Hubo Alguien [from the "Contra la Corriente"]06:28

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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter popular in Latin America for his salsa music and salsamonga ballads. []


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  • Ride on the Rythm by Marc Anthony

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