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Homecoming in Heaven by George Jones [1962] [album editions]

Homecoming in Heaven (George Jones)

Track listing

1Someone's Watching Over You
2He Made Me Free
3Beacon in the Night
4Matthew Twenty-Four
5Peace in the Valley
6Wings of a Dove
7Wandering Soul
8He's So Good to Me
9Magic Valley
10Kneel at the Feet of Jesus
11Homecoming in Heaven
12My Cup Runneth Over

George Jones albums

1Cold Hard Truth[ 1999 ]
2Homecoming in Heaven[ 1962 ]
3I Lived to Tell It All[ 1996 ]
4If My Heart Had Windows[ 1968 ]
5I'm a People[ 1966 ]
6Long Live King George[ 1965 ]
7My Favorites of Hank Williams[ 1962 ]
8New Country Hits[ 1965 ]
9Old Brush Arbors[ 1966 ]
10Salutes Hank Williams[ 1960 ]
11Sings Bob Wills[ 1962 ]
12Sings Country and Western Hits[ 1961 ]
13Sings the Songs of Dallas Frazier[ 1968 ]
14The Essential[ 2006 ]
15The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001[ 2001 ]
16Walk Through This World With Me[ 1967 ]
17White Lightning and Other Favorites[ 1959 ]
1Cold Hard Truth (George Jones)
2Homecoming in Heaven (George Jones)
3I Lived to Tell It All (George Jones)
4If My Heart Had Windows (George Jones)
5I'm a People (George Jones)
6Long Live King George (George Jones)
7My Favorites of Hank Williams (George Jones)
8New Country Hits (George Jones)
9Old Brush Arbors (George Jones)
10Salutes Hank Williams (George Jones)
11Sings Bob Wills (George Jones)
12Sings Country and Western Hits (George Jones)
13Sings the Songs of Dallas Frazier (George Jones)
14The Essential (George Jones)
15The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001 (George Jones)
16Walk Through This World With Me (George Jones)
17White Lightning and Other Favorites (George Jones)

George Jones songs

181Unwanted Babies [from the "If My Heart Had Windows"]02:19
182Walk Through This World With Me [from the "Walk Through This World With Me"]02:15
183Wandering Soul [from the "Homecoming in Heaven"]02:28
184Wandering Soul [from the "White Lightning and Other Favorites"]02:19
185Warm Red Wine [from the "Sings Bob Wills"]02:34
186We Can Make It [from the "The Essential"]02:05
187We Loved It Away (Duet With Tammy Wynette) [from the "The Essential"]02:24
188We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds (Duet With Melba Montgomery) [from the "The Essential"]02:41
189Wedding Bells [from the "My Favorites of Hank Williams"]02:57
190Well It's Alright [from the "Old Brush Arbors"]03:00
191We're Watching Our Step [from the "New Country Hits"]02:53
192What I Didn't Do [from the "The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001"]03:46
193What My Woman Can't Do [from the "The Essential"]02:36
194When Love Was Green [from the "Sings the Songs of Dallas Frazier"]02:13
195When The Last Curtain [from the "Cold Hard Truth"]03:36
196Where We'll Never Grow Old [from the "Old Brush Arbors"]02:24
197White Lightning [from the "White Lightning and Other Favorites"]02:42
198White Lightning [from the "The Essential"]02:48
199Why Baby Why [from the "Long Live King George"]02:13
200Why Baby Why [from the "The Essential"]02:16
201Why Don't You Love Me [from the "Salutes Hank Williams"]02:06
202Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown [from the "Old Brush Arbors"]03:00
203Window Up Above [from the "Sings Country and Western Hits"]02:36
204Wings of a Dove [from the "Homecoming in Heaven"]02:04
205Won't It Be Wonderful There [from the "Old Brush Arbors"]02:19
206Wood and Wire [from the "The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001"]03:49
207World Of Forgotten People [from the "I'm a People"]02:20
208Wrong Side of the World [from the "If My Heart Had Windows"]02:23
209You Gotta Be My Baby [from the "Long Live King George"]02:29
210You Never Know Just How Good You've Got It [from the "Cold Hard Truth"]03:29
211You Win Again [from the "My Favorites of Hank Williams"]02:27
212Your Angel Steps Out of Heaven [from the "If My Heart Had Windows"]02:11
213Your Cheatin' Heart [from the "My Favorites of Hank Williams"]02:30
214You're Back Again [from the "White Lightning and Other Favorites"]02:45
215You're Gonna Change [from the "My Favorites of Hank Williams"]02:14
216You're Still On My Mind [from the "The Essential"]02:36
217You've Still Got A Place In My Heart [from the "The Essential"]03:06

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George Jones

George Glenn Jones (September 12, 1931 – April 26, 2013) was an American musician, singer and songwriter. []


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  • Wandering Soul by George Jones

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