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Seven Turns by The Allman Brothers Band [1990] [album editions]

Seven Turns (The Allman Brothers Band)

Track listing

1Good Clean Fun
2Let Me Ride
3Low Down Dirty Mean
4Shine It On
5Loaded Dice
6Seven Turns
7Gambler's Roll
8True Gravity
9It Ain't Over Yet

The Allman Brothers Band albums

1At Fillmore East[ 1971 ]
2Brothers and Sisters[ 1973 ]
3Brothers of the Road[ 1981 ]
4Eat a Peach[ 1972 ]
5Enlightened Rogues[ 1979 ]
6Hittin' the Note[ 2003 ]
7Idlewild South[ 1970 ]
8Peakin' at the Beacon[ 2000 ]
9Reach for the Sky[ 1980 ]
10Seven Turns[ 1990 ]
11Shades of Two Worlds[ 1991 ]
12The Allman Brothers Band[ 1969 ]
13Where It All Begins[ 1994 ]
14Win, Lose or Draw[ 1975 ]
1At Fillmore East (The Allman Brothers Band)
2Brothers and Sisters (The Allman Brothers Band)
3Brothers of the Road (The Allman Brothers Band)
4Eat a Peach (The Allman Brothers Band)
5Enlightened Rogues (The Allman Brothers Band)
6Hittin' the Note (The Allman Brothers Band)
7Idlewild South (The Allman Brothers Band)
8Peakin' at the Beacon (The Allman Brothers Band)
9Reach for the Sky (The Allman Brothers Band)
10Seven Turns (The Allman Brothers Band)
11Shades of Two Worlds (The Allman Brothers Band)
12The Allman Brothers Band (The Allman Brothers Band)
13Where It All Begins (The Allman Brothers Band)
14Win, Lose or Draw (The Allman Brothers Band)

The Allman Brothers Band songs

61Les Brers In a Minor [from the "Eat a Peach"]09:03
62Let Me Ride [from the "Seven Turns"]04:36
63Little Martha [from the "Eat a Peach"]02:07
64Loaded Dice [from the "Seven Turns"]03:29
65Louisiana Lou and Three Card Monty John [from the "Win, Lose or Draw"]03:45
66Low Down Dirty Mean [from the "Seven Turns"]05:30
67Maybe We Can Go Back To Yesterday [from the "Brothers of the Road"]04:39
68Maydell [from the "Hittin' the Note"]04:33
69Mean Woman Blues [from the "Where It All Begins"]05:01
70Melissa [from the "Eat a Peach"]03:54
71Midnight Man [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]04:38
72Midnight Rider [from the "Idlewild South"]02:59
73Midnight Rider [from the "At Fillmore East"]02:55
74Mountain Jam [from the "At Fillmore East"]33:41
75Mountain Jam [from the "Eat a Peach"]13:07
76Mountain Jam (01) [from the "Eat a Peach"]05:33
77Mountain Jam (02) [from the "Eat a Peach"]03:13
78Mountain Jam (03) [from the "Eat a Peach"]11:43
79Mystery Woman [from the "Reach for the Sky"]03:31
80Need Your Love So Bad [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]04:02
81Never Knew How Much (I Needed You) [from the "Brothers of the Road"]04:23
82Nevertheless [from the "Win, Lose or Draw"]03:32
83No One To Run With [from the "Where It All Begins"]05:59
84Nobody Knows [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]10:58
85Old Before My Time [from the "Hittin' the Note"]05:23
86Old Friend [from the "Hittin' the Note"]06:12
87One Way Out [from the "At Fillmore East"]04:58
88One Way Out [from the "Eat a Peach"]04:57
89Pegasus [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]07:32
90Please Call Home [from the "Idlewild South"]04:02
91Please Call Home [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]04:30
92Pony Boy [from the "Brothers and Sisters"]05:51
93Ramblin' Man [from the "Brothers and Sisters"]04:48
94Revival [from the "Idlewild South"]04:05
95Rockin' Horse [from the "Hittin' the Note"]07:23
96Sail Away [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]03:34
97Sailin Cross The Devils Sea [from the "Where It All Begins"]04:57
98Seven Turns [from the "Seven Turns"]05:05
99Seven Turns [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]04:48
100Shine It On [from the "Seven Turns"]04:51
101So Long [from the "Reach for the Sky"]06:54
102Soulshine [from the "Where It All Begins"]06:44
103Southbound [from the "Brothers and Sisters"]05:08
104Stand Back [from the "Eat a Peach"]03:24
105Stand Back [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]05:44
106Statesboro Blues [from the "At Fillmore East"]04:18
107Stormy Mondy [from the "At Fillmore East"]08:49
108Straight From The Heart [from the "Brothers of the Road"]03:45
109Sweet Mama [from the "Win, Lose or Draw"]03:33
110Temptation Is a Gun [from the "Where It All Begins"]05:37
111The Heat Is On [from the "Brothers of the Road"]04:09
112The Judgement [from the "Brothers of the Road"]03:41
113Things You Used To Do [from the "Brothers of the Road"]03:41
114Trouble No More [from the "The Allman Brothers Band"]03:45
115Trouble No More [from the "At Fillmore East"]03:44
116Trouble No More [from the "Eat a Peach"]03:43
117True Gravity [from the "Seven Turns"]07:58
118Try It One More Time [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]05:03
119Two Rights [from the "Brothers of the Road"]03:28
120Wasted Words [from the "Brothers and Sisters"]04:19

The Allman Brothers Band - top artists list [#682]

The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band was an American rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969. []


  • Southern rock,
  • Blues,
  • Blues-rock,
  • Country rock
  • Seven Turns - one of the best The Allman Brothers Band songs, top songs list [#1970]

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