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Brothers of the Road by The Allman Brothers Band [1981] [album editions]

Brothers of the Road (The Allman Brothers Band)

Track listing

1Brothers of the Road
3Straight From The Heart
4The Heat Is On
5Maybe We Can Go Back To Yesterday
6The Judgement
7Two Rights
8Never Knew How Much (I Needed You)
9Things You Used To Do
10I Beg of You

The Allman Brothers Band albums

1At Fillmore East[ 1971 ]
2Brothers and Sisters[ 1973 ]
3Brothers of the Road[ 1981 ]
4Eat a Peach[ 1972 ]
5Enlightened Rogues[ 1979 ]
6Hittin' the Note[ 2003 ]
7Idlewild South[ 1970 ]
8Peakin' at the Beacon[ 2000 ]
9Reach for the Sky[ 1980 ]
10Seven Turns[ 1990 ]
11Shades of Two Worlds[ 1991 ]
12The Allman Brothers Band[ 1969 ]
13Where It All Begins[ 1994 ]
14Win, Lose or Draw[ 1975 ]
1At Fillmore East (The Allman Brothers Band)
2Brothers and Sisters (The Allman Brothers Band)
3Brothers of the Road (The Allman Brothers Band)
4Eat a Peach (The Allman Brothers Band)
5Enlightened Rogues (The Allman Brothers Band)
6Hittin' the Note (The Allman Brothers Band)
7Idlewild South (The Allman Brothers Band)
8Peakin' at the Beacon (The Allman Brothers Band)
9Reach for the Sky (The Allman Brothers Band)
10Seven Turns (The Allman Brothers Band)
11Shades of Two Worlds (The Allman Brothers Band)
12The Allman Brothers Band (The Allman Brothers Band)
13Where It All Begins (The Allman Brothers Band)
14Win, Lose or Draw (The Allman Brothers Band)

The Allman Brothers Band songs

1Ain't Wastin' Time No More [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]05:46
2Ain't Wasting Time No More [from the "Eat a Peach"]03:40
3All Night Train [from the "Where It All Begins"]04:04
4Angeline [from the "Reach for the Sky"]03:41
5Back Where It All Begins [from the "Where It All Begins"]09:12
6Bad Rain [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]05:33
7Black Hearted Woman [from the "The Allman Brothers Band"]05:07
8Black Hearted Woman [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]06:30
9Blind Love [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]04:42
10Blue Sky [from the "Eat a Peach"]05:10
11Brothers of the Road [from the "Brothers of the Road"]03:56
12Can't Lose What You Never Had [from the "Win, Lose or Draw"]05:50
13Can't Take It With You [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]03:34
14Change My Way Of Living [from the "Where It All Begins"]06:15
15Come And Go Blues [from the "Brothers and Sisters"]04:54
16Come On In My Kitchen [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]06:18
17Crazy Love [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]03:44
18Desdemona [from the "Hittin' the Note"]09:20
19Desert Blues [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]05:02
20Done Somebody Wrong [from the "At Fillmore East"]04:33
21Don't Keep Me Wonderin' [from the "Idlewild South"]03:31
22Don't Keep Me Wonderin' [from the "At Fillmore East"]03:27
23Don't Want You No More [from the "The Allman Brothers Band"]02:26
24Don't Want You No More [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]03:06
25Dreams [from the "The Allman Brothers Band"]07:17
26Drunken Hearted Boy [from the "At Fillmore East"]06:54
27End of The Line [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]04:37
28Every Hungry Woman [from the "The Allman Brothers Band"]04:13
29Every Hungry Woman [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]05:56
30Everybodys Got a Mountain To Climb [from the "Where It All Begins"]04:01
31Famous Last Words [from the "Reach for the Sky"]02:44
32Firing Line [from the "Hittin' the Note"]05:16
33From The Madness Of The West [from the "Reach for the Sky"]06:34
34Gambler's Roll [from the "Seven Turns"]06:44
35Get On With Your Life [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]06:57
36Good Clean Fun [from the "Seven Turns"]05:09
37Heart of Stone [from the "Hittin' the Note"]05:07
38Hell & High Water [from the "Reach for the Sky"]03:34
39High Cost of Low Living [from the "Hittin' the Note"]07:52
40High Falls [from the "Win, Lose or Draw"]14:28
41High Falls [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]27:27
42Hoochie Coochie Man [from the "Idlewild South"]04:57
43Hot 'lanta [from the "At Fillmore East"]05:22
44I Beg of You [from the "Brothers of the Road"]03:26
45I Got A Right To Be Wrong [from the "Reach for the Sky"]03:43
46In Memory of Elizabeth Reed [from the "Idlewild South"]06:56
47In Memory of Elizabeth Reed [from the "At Fillmore East"]13:07
48Instrumental Illness [from the "Hittin' the Note"]12:08
49It Ain't Over Yet [from the "Seven Turns"]04:54
50It's Not My Cross To Bear [from the "The Allman Brothers Band"]05:01
51It's Not My Cross to Bear [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]05:13
52Jelly Jelly [from the "Brothers and Sisters"]05:46
53Jessica [from the "Brothers and Sisters"]07:28
54Just Ain't Easy [from the "Enlightened Rogues"]06:07
55Just Another Love Song [from the "Win, Lose or Draw"]02:44
56Keep On Keepinґ On [from the "Reach for the Sky"]04:06
57Kind of Bird [from the "Shades of Two Worlds"]08:25
58Leave My Blues at Home [from the "Idlewild South"]04:17
59Leave My Blues at Home [from the "Peakin' at the Beacon"]05:07
60Leavinґ [from the "Brothers of the Road"]03:43

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The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band was an American rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969. []


  • Southern rock,
  • Blues,
  • Blues-rock,
  • Country rock
  • Brothers of the Road by The Allman Brothers Band

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