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Carnival of Chaos by Gwar [1997] [album editions]

Carnival of Chaos (Gwar)

Track listing

1Penguin Attack
2Let's Blame The Lightman
3First Rule Is
5Endless Apocalypse
6Billy Bad Ass
7Hate Love Songs (Vocals by Beefcake the Mighty)
8Letter From The Scallop Boat
9Pre-Skool Prostitute
10If I Could Be That
11In Her Fear
12Back To Iraq
13I Suck On My Thumb
14The Private Pain of Techno Destructo (Vocals by Techno Destructo)
15Gonna Kill U
16Sex Cow
17Antarctican Drinking Song
18Don't Need a Man (Vocals by Slymenstra Hymen)

Gwar albums

1America Must Be Destroyed[ 1992 ]
2Beyond Hell[ 2006 ]
3Bloody Pit of Horror[ 2010 ]
4Carnival of Chaos[ 1997 ]
5Hell-O![ 1988 ]
6Lust In Space[ 2009 ]
7Ragnarok[ 1995 ]
8Scumdogs of the Universe[ 1990 ]
9This Toilet Earth[ 1994 ]
10Violence Has Arrived[ 2001 ]
11War Party[ 2004 ]
12We Kill Everything[ 1999 ]
1America Must Be Destroyed (Gwar)
2Beyond Hell (Gwar)
3Bloody Pit of Horror (Gwar)
4Carnival of Chaos (Gwar)
5Hell-O! (Gwar)
6Lust In Space (Gwar)
7Ragnarok (Gwar)
8Scumdogs of the Universe (Gwar)
9This Toilet Earth (Gwar)
10Violence Has Arrived (Gwar)
11War Party (Gwar)
12We Kill Everything (Gwar)

Gwar songs

61Hell Intro [from the "Violence Has Arrived"]01:00
62Hell-O Medly (Bonus track) [from the "Bloody Pit of Horror"]07:51
63Horror Of Yig [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]05:20
64I Love The Pigs [from the "Beyond Hell"]04:29
65I Suck On My Thumb [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:07
66If I Could Be That [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:17
67I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog) [from the "Hell-O!"]02:32
68Immortal Corrupter [from the "Violence Has Arrived"]05:35
69In Her Fear [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:51
70Intro [from the "Beyond Hell"]01:00
71Jack The World [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:24
72Jagermonsta [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:50
73Je M'appelle J. Cousteau [from the "Hell-O!"]03:07
74Jiggle the Handle (Vocals by Oderus Urungus, Scroda Moon, ...) [from the "We Kill Everything"]05:28
75King Queen [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:48
76Knife In Yer Guts [from the "Ragnarok"]03:15
77Krak Down [from the "This Toilet Earth"]03:22
78Krosstika [from the "War Party"]03:32
79KZ Necromancer [from the "Bloody Pit of Horror"]03:21
80Let Us Slay [from the "Lust In Space"]03:25
81Let's Blame The Lightman [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:09
82Letter From The Scallop Boat [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]02:49
83Licksore [from the "Violence Has Arrived"]01:41
84Lords & Masters [from the "Lust In Space"]04:53
85Lost God [from the "War Party"]03:55
86Love Surgery [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:55
87Lust In Space [from the "Lust In Space"]06:12
88Maggots [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:04
89Make A Child Cry [from the "Lust In Space"]02:59
90Martyr Dumb [from the "Ragnarok"]03:57
91Mary Anne (Vocals by BalSac the Jaws of Death) [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:42
92Meat Sandwich [from the "Ragnarok"]03:28
93Metal Metal Land [from the "Lust In Space"]03:05
94Murderer's Muse [from the "Beyond Hell"]04:18
95My Girly Ways (Vocals by Slymenstra Hymen) [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:59
96Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong [from the "We Kill Everything"]03:27
97None But The Brave [from the "Ragnarok"]03:50
98Nudged [from the "Ragnarok"]02:40
99Ollie North [from the "Hell-O!"]01:55
100Parting Shot [from the "Lust In Space"]04:16
101Penguin Attack [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:27
102Penile Drip [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:38
103Penis I See [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:56
104Pepperoni [from the "This Toilet Earth"]01:41
105Pocket Pool [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:27
106Poor Ole Tom [from the "America Must Be Destroyed"]05:07
107Pre-Skool Prostitute [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]05:08
108Pure As The Arctic Snow [from the "Hell-O!"]02:26
109Pussy Planet [from the "America Must Be Destroyed"]02:51
110RagNaRok (Vocals by Sexecutioner) [from the "Ragnarok"]03:58
111Release the Flies (Vocals by Flattus Maximus) [from the "Lust In Space"]04:10
112Rock & Roll Party Town [from the "Hell-O!"]03:11
113Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good [from the "America Must Be Destroyed"]04:17
114Saddam a Go-Go [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:30
115Sammy [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]06:57
116School's Out (Alice Cooper cover) [from the "Beyond Hell"]03:23
117Sex Cow [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]02:58
118Sexicutioner [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:00
119Sick and Twisted [from the "Bloody Pit of Horror"]03:44
120Sick Of You [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]03:08

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Gwar is a satirical heavy metal band formed in Richmond, Virginia, United States, in 1984.

The band is well known for its elaborate science fiction/horror film inspired costumes, obscene lyrics and graphic stage performances, which feature humorous enactments of politically and morally taboo themes. []


  • Thrash metal,
  • Comedy rock,
  • Crossover thrash,
  • Hardcore punk,
  • Shock rock
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