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Street Hassle by Lou Reed [1978] [album editions]

Street Hassle (Lou Reed)

Track listing

1Gimmie Some Good Times
3Street Hassle
4I Wanna Be Black
5Real Good Time Together
6Shooting Star
7Leave Me Alone

Lou Reed albums

1Berlin[ 1973 ]
2Coney Island Baby[ 1976 ]
3Ecstasy[ 2000 ]
4Growing Up in Public[ 1980 ]
5Hudson River Wind Meditations[ 2007 ]
6Legendary Hearts[ 1983 ]
7Lost Highway (1997 Film) (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
8Lou Reed[ 1972 ]
9Lulu (with Metallica)[ 2011 ]
10Magic and Loss[ 1992 ]
11Metal Machine Music[ 1975 ]
12Mistrial[ 1986 ]
13New Sensations[ 1984 ]
14New York[ 1989 ]
15Rock and Roll Heart[ 1976 ]
16Sally Can't Dance[ 1974 ]
17Set the Twilight Reeling[ 1996 ]
18Street Hassle[ 1978 ]
19The Bells[ 1979 ]
20The Blue Mask[ 1982 ]
21The Raven[ 2003 ]
22Trainspotting (Soundtrack)[ 1996 ]
23Transformer[ 1972 ]
1Berlin (Lou Reed)
2Coney Island Baby (Lou Reed)
3Ecstasy (Lou Reed)
4Growing Up in Public (Lou Reed)
5Hudson River Wind Meditations (Lou Reed)
6Legendary Hearts (Lou Reed)
7Lost Highway (1997 Film) (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Lou Reed (Lou Reed)
9Lulu (with Metallica) (Lou Reed)
10Magic and Loss (Lou Reed)
11Metal Machine Music (Lou Reed)
12Mistrial (Lou Reed)
13New Sensations (Lou Reed)
14New York (Lou Reed)
15Rock and Roll Heart (Lou Reed)
16Sally Can't Dance (Lou Reed)
17Set the Twilight Reeling (Lou Reed)
18Street Hassle (Lou Reed)
19The Bells (Lou Reed)
20The Blue Mask (Lou Reed)
21The Raven (Lou Reed)
22Trainspotting (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
23Transformer (Lou Reed)

Lou Reed songs

181Strawman [from the "New York"]05:54
182Street Hassle [from the "Street Hassle"]11:00
183Stupid Man [from the "The Bells"]02:32
184Sword of Damocles [from the "Magic and Loss"]03:42
185Tatters [from the "Ecstasy"]05:55
186Teach The Gifted Children [from the "Growing Up in Public"]03:25
187Tell It to Your Heart [from the "Mistrial"]05:08
188Temporary Thing [from the "Rock and Roll Heart"]05:13
189The Bed [from the "Berlin"]05:51
190The Bed [from the "The Raven"]03:32
191The Bells [from the "The Bells"]09:18
192The Blue Mask [from the "The Blue Mask"]05:06
193The Cask [from the "The Raven"]06:41
194The City in the Sea / Shadow [from the "The Raven"]04:14
195The Conqueror Worm [from the "The Raven"]02:16
196The Day John Kennedy Died [from the "The Blue Mask"]04:07
197The Fall of the House of Usher [from the "The Raven"]08:43
198The Gun [from the "The Blue Mask"]03:41
199The Heroine [from the "The Blue Mask"]03:04
200The Kids [from the "Berlin"]07:53
201The Last Shot [from the "Legendary Hearts"]03:23
202The Original Wrapper [from the "Mistrial"]03:37
203The Power Of Positive Drinking [from the "Growing Up in Public"]02:14
204The Proposition [from the "Set the Twilight Reeling"]03:26
205The Raven [from the "The Raven"]06:30
206The Tell-Tale Heart (Part 1) [from the "The Raven"]02:24
207The Tell-Tale Heart (Part 2) [from the "The Raven"]01:43
208The Valley of Unrest [from the "The Raven"]02:26
209The View [from the "Lulu (with Metallica)"]05:20
210There Is No Time [from the "New York"]03:46
211Think It Over [from the "Growing Up in Public"]03:24
212This Magic Moment - Lou Reed [from the "Lost Highway (1997 Film) (Soundtrack)"]03:23
213Trade In [from the "Set the Twilight Reeling"]04:59
214Tripitena's Speech [from the "The Raven"]02:19
215Turn Out The Light [from the "Legendary Hearts"]02:49
216Turn To Me [from the "New Sensations"]04:22
217Turning Time Around [from the "Ecstasy"]04:21
218Underneath The Bottle [from the "The Blue Mask"]02:30
219Vanishing Act [from the "The Raven"]05:23
220Vicious [from the "Transformer"]02:58
221Vicious Circle [from the "Rock and Roll Heart"]02:53
222Video Violence [from the "Mistrial"]05:35
223Wagon Wheel [from the "Transformer"]03:19
224Wait [from the "Street Hassle"]03:13
225Walk and Talk It [from the "Lou Reed"]03:40
226Walk on the Wild Side [from the "Transformer"]04:16
227Warrior King [from the "Magic and Loss"]04:27
228Waves Of Fear [from the "The Blue Mask"]04:12
229What Becomes A Legend Most [from the "New Sensations"]03:37
230What's Good [from the "Magic and Loss"]03:22
231White Prism [from the "Ecstasy"]04:00
232Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song) [from the "The Raven"]04:30
233Wild Child [from the "Lou Reed"]04:43
234Wind Coda [from the "Hudson River Wind Meditations"]05:22
235With You [from the "The Bells"]02:24
236Women [from the "The Blue Mask"]04:59
237Xmas In February [from the "New York"]02:57
238You Wear It So Well [from the "Rock and Roll Heart"]04:52

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Lou Reed

Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. []


  • Rock,
  • Experimental rock,
  • Art rock,
  • Protopunk,
  • Folk rock,
  • Glam rock,
  • Blue-eyed soul
  • Street Hassle by Lou Reed

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