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I Never Learn by Lykke Li [2014] [album editions]

I Never Learn (Lykke Li)

Track listing

1I Never Learn
2No Rest for the Wicked
3Just Like a Dream
6Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone
7Never Gonna Love Again
8Heart of Steel
9Sleeping Alone

Lykke Li albums

1I Never Learn[ 2014 ]
2Wounded Rhymes[ 2011 ]
3Youth Novel[ 2008 ]
1I Never Learn (Lykke Li)
2Wounded Rhymes (Lykke Li)
3Youth Novel (Lykke Li)

Lykke Li songs

1Breaking It Up [from the "Youth Novel"]03:40
2Complaint Department [from the "Youth Novel"]04:32
3Dance Dance Dance [from the "Youth Novel"]03:41
4Get Some [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]03:22
5Gunshot [from the "I Never Learn"]03:24
6Hanging High [from the "Youth Novel"]04:07
7Heart of Steel [from the "I Never Learn"]04:05
8I Follow Rivers [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]03:48
9I Know Places [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]06:06
10I Never Learn [from the "I Never Learn"]03:05
11I'm Good, I'm Gone [from the "Youth Novel"]03:09
12Jerome [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]04:22
13Just Like a Dream [from the "I Never Learn"]04:08
14Let It Fall [from the "Youth Novel"]02:42
15Little Bit [from the "Youth Novel"]04:33
16Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone [from the "I Never Learn"]03:47
17Love Out Of Lust [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]04:43
18Melodies & Desires [from the "Youth Novel"]03:52
19My [from the "Youth Novel"]04:36
20Never Gonna Love Again [from the "I Never Learn"]04:00
21No Rest for the Wicked [from the "I Never Learn"]03:42
22Rich Kids Blues [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]03:01
23Sadness Is a Blessing [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]04:00
24Silent My Song [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]05:24
25Silverline [from the "I Never Learn"]04:00
26Sleeping Alone [from the "I Never Learn"]02:59
27This Trumpet in My Head [from the "Youth Novel"]02:36
28Time Flies [from the "Youth Novel"]03:21
29Unrequited Love [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]03:11
30Window Blues [from the "Youth Novel"]03:59
31Youth Knows No Pain [from the "Wounded Rhymes"]02:59

Lykke Li - top artists list [#278]

Lykke Li

Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson, better known by her stage name Lykke Li, is a Swedish singer-songwriter. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Dream pop,
  • Electronic,
  • Wonky pop
  • No Rest for the Wicked - one of the best Lykke Li songs, top songs list [#533]

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