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Jagermeister Promotional by Straight Line Stitch [2003]

Jagermeister Promotional (Straight Line Stitch)

Track listing

1Bleeding Heart Theory
2Never See The Day
3Razorblade Smile
4Inside Depravation

Straight Line Stitch albums

1Everything is Nothing By Itself[ 2004 ]
2Jagermeister Promotional[ 2003 ]
3The Barker[ 2001 ]
4The Fight of Our Lives[ 2011 ]
5The Word Made Flesh[ 2007 ]
6To Be Godlike[ 2006 ]
7When Skies Wash Ashore[ 2008 ]
1Everything is Nothing By Itself (Straight Line Stitch)
2Jagermeister Promotional (Straight Line Stitch)
3The Barker (Straight Line Stitch)
4The Fight of Our Lives (Straight Line Stitch)
5The Word Made Flesh (Straight Line Stitch)
6To Be Godlike (Straight Line Stitch)
7When Skies Wash Ashore (Straight Line Stitch)

Straight Line Stitch songs

111 Times Over [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]02:31
220mm Hotbox [from the "The Barker"]03:21
3Absent [from the "The Barker"]03:10
4Adult Cinema [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]04:05
5Adult Cinema [from the "The Word Made Flesh"]03:26
6Among The Last Moment [from the "To Be Godlike"]03:21
7Ashes In The Wind [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]03:30
8Bar Room Brawl [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]04:20
9Birth Defect [from the "The Barker"]02:41
10Black Veil [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]03:13
11Black Veil [from the "The Word Made Flesh"]03:36
12Bleeding Heart Theory [from the "To Be Godlike"]04:11
13Bleeding Heart Theory [from the "Jagermeister Promotional"]04:01
14Broken Wrist [from the "To Be Godlike"]03:37
15Brown Paper Eyes [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]02:27
16Cell X [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]02:35
17Cold Front [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]03:54
18Conversion [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]04:22
19Dismantle The Sun [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]02:43
20Eucharist [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]03:50
21Exodus [from the "To Be Godlike"]05:02
22Expressions ODE [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]10:00
23Faceless and Inhuman [from the "To Be Godlike"]02:16
24Fall To Red [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]02:47
25Haberdasher Cadaver [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]02:48
26Inside Depravation [from the "Jagermeister Promotional"]06:47
27Intro [from the "To Be Godlike"]01:05
28Justified [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]02:46
29Laughing In The Rearview [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]04:20
30Line Of Fire [from the "The Word Made Flesh"]04:09
31Living Dead [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]03:26
32Never Ending Horror [from the "To Be Godlike"]03:36
33Never See The Day [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]03:06
34Never See The Day [from the "To Be Godlike"]03:08
35Never See The Day [from the "Jagermeister Promotional"]03:11
36Never Surrender [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]03:20
37No Tomorrow [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]03:35
38Ns2 [from the "The Barker"]02:38
39One Reason [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]03:29
40Promise Me [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]03:22
41Razorblade Smile [from the "Jagermeister Promotional"]05:33
42Remission [from the "The Word Made Flesh"]03:58
43Seneca Tragedy [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]03:37
44Shattered Glass [from the "To Be Godlike"]03:47
45Silver Lining [from the "To Be Godlike"]04:12
46Slow Asphyxiation [from the "To Be Godlike"]03:07
47Sould of Silence [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]03:31
48Taste of Ashes [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]04:12
49Tear Down the Sky [from the "The Fight of Our Lives"]04:15
50The Antagonist [from the "To Be Godlike"]04:54
51The Word Made Flesh [from the "The Word Made Flesh"]03:47
52To Be Godlike [from the "To Be Godlike"]03:51
53Untitled [from the "To Be Godlike"]02:15
54Walking Dead [from the "The Word Made Flesh"]03:37
55Wash Between The Fats [from the "Everything is Nothing By Itself"]03:37
56What You Can Do To Me [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]03:47
57World Made Flesh [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]04:50
58Yesterday's Gone [from the "When Skies Wash Ashore"]04:37

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Straight Line Stitch

Straight Line Stitch is an American metalcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee.


  • Metalcore
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