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Lust In Space by Gwar [2009] [album editions]

Lust In Space (Gwar)

Track listing

1Lust In Space
2Let Us Slay
3Damnation Under God
4The Uberklaw
5Lords & Masters
6Metal Metal Land
7The Price of Peace (Vocals by Beefcake the Mighty)
8Where Is Zog?
9Make A Child Cry
10Release the Flies (Vocals by Flattus Maximus)
11Parting Shot

Gwar albums

1America Must Be Destroyed[ 1992 ]
2Beyond Hell[ 2006 ]
3Bloody Pit of Horror[ 2010 ]
4Carnival of Chaos[ 1997 ]
5Hell-O![ 1988 ]
6Lust In Space[ 2009 ]
7Ragnarok[ 1995 ]
8Scumdogs of the Universe[ 1990 ]
9This Toilet Earth[ 1994 ]
10Violence Has Arrived[ 2001 ]
11War Party[ 2004 ]
12We Kill Everything[ 1999 ]
1America Must Be Destroyed (Gwar)
2Beyond Hell (Gwar)
3Bloody Pit of Horror (Gwar)
4Carnival of Chaos (Gwar)
5Hell-O! (Gwar)
6Lust In Space (Gwar)
7Ragnarok (Gwar)
8Scumdogs of the Universe (Gwar)
9This Toilet Earth (Gwar)
10Violence Has Arrived (Gwar)
11War Party (Gwar)
12We Kill Everything (Gwar)

Gwar songs

61Hell Intro [from the "Violence Has Arrived"]01:00
62Hell-O Medly (Bonus track) [from the "Bloody Pit of Horror"]07:51
63Horror Of Yig [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]05:20
64I Love The Pigs [from the "Beyond Hell"]04:29
65I Suck On My Thumb [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:07
66If I Could Be That [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:17
67I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog) [from the "Hell-O!"]02:32
68Immortal Corrupter [from the "Violence Has Arrived"]05:35
69In Her Fear [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:51
70Intro [from the "Beyond Hell"]01:00
71Jack The World [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:24
72Jagermonsta [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:50
73Je M'appelle J. Cousteau [from the "Hell-O!"]03:07
74Jiggle the Handle (Vocals by Oderus Urungus, Scroda Moon, ...) [from the "We Kill Everything"]05:28
75King Queen [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:48
76Knife In Yer Guts [from the "Ragnarok"]03:15
77Krak Down [from the "This Toilet Earth"]03:22
78Krosstika [from the "War Party"]03:32
79KZ Necromancer [from the "Bloody Pit of Horror"]03:21
80Let Us Slay [from the "Lust In Space"]03:25
81Let's Blame The Lightman [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:09
82Letter From The Scallop Boat [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]02:49
83Licksore [from the "Violence Has Arrived"]01:41
84Lords & Masters [from the "Lust In Space"]04:53
85Lost God [from the "War Party"]03:55
86Love Surgery [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:55
87Lust In Space [from the "Lust In Space"]06:12
88Maggots [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:04
89Make A Child Cry [from the "Lust In Space"]02:59
90Martyr Dumb [from the "Ragnarok"]03:57
91Mary Anne (Vocals by BalSac the Jaws of Death) [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:42
92Meat Sandwich [from the "Ragnarok"]03:28
93Metal Metal Land [from the "Lust In Space"]03:05
94Murderer's Muse [from the "Beyond Hell"]04:18
95My Girly Ways (Vocals by Slymenstra Hymen) [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:59
96Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong [from the "We Kill Everything"]03:27
97None But The Brave [from the "Ragnarok"]03:50
98Nudged [from the "Ragnarok"]02:40
99Ollie North [from the "Hell-O!"]01:55
100Parting Shot [from the "Lust In Space"]04:16
101Penguin Attack [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]03:27
102Penile Drip [from the "We Kill Everything"]02:38
103Penis I See [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:56
104Pepperoni [from the "This Toilet Earth"]01:41
105Pocket Pool [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:27
106Poor Ole Tom [from the "America Must Be Destroyed"]05:07
107Pre-Skool Prostitute [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]05:08
108Pure As The Arctic Snow [from the "Hell-O!"]02:26
109Pussy Planet [from the "America Must Be Destroyed"]02:51
110RagNaRok (Vocals by Sexecutioner) [from the "Ragnarok"]03:58
111Release the Flies (Vocals by Flattus Maximus) [from the "Lust In Space"]04:10
112Rock & Roll Party Town [from the "Hell-O!"]03:11
113Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good [from the "America Must Be Destroyed"]04:17
114Saddam a Go-Go [from the "This Toilet Earth"]02:30
115Sammy [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]06:57
116School's Out (Alice Cooper cover) [from the "Beyond Hell"]03:23
117Sex Cow [from the "Carnival of Chaos"]02:58
118Sexicutioner [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]04:00
119Sick and Twisted [from the "Bloody Pit of Horror"]03:44
120Sick Of You [from the "Scumdogs of the Universe"]03:08

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Gwar is a satirical heavy metal band formed in Richmond, Virginia, United States, in 1984.

The band is well known for its elaborate science fiction/horror film inspired costumes, obscene lyrics and graphic stage performances, which feature humorous enactments of politically and morally taboo themes. []


  • Thrash metal,
  • Comedy rock,
  • Crossover thrash,
  • Hardcore punk,
  • Shock rock
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