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The Wanted: The EP by The Wanted [2012] [album editions]

The Wanted: The EP (The Wanted)

Track listing

1Glad You Came
2Chasing the Sun
3All Time Low
6Heart Vacancy
7Gold Forever

The Wanted albums

1Battleground[ 2011 ]
2The Wanted[ 2010 ]
3The Wanted: The EP[ 2012 ]
4Word of Mouth[ 2013 ]
1Battleground (The Wanted)
2The Wanted (The Wanted)
3The Wanted: The EP (The Wanted)
4Word of Mouth (The Wanted)

The Wanted songs

1A Good Day For Love To Die [from the "The Wanted"]03:31
2All Time Low [from the "The Wanted: The EP"]03:25
3All Time Low [from the "The Wanted"]03:25
4Behind Bars [from the "The Wanted"]03:01
5Chasing the Sun [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:15
6Chasing the Sun [from the "The Wanted: The EP"]03:18
7Could This Be Love [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:08
8Demons [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:14
9Drunk On Love [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:23
10Everybody Knows [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:39
11Glad You Came [from the "Battleground"]03:18
12Glad You Came [from the "The Wanted: The EP"]03:18
13Glow In the Dark [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:35
14Gold Forever [from the "Battleground"]03:58
15Gold Forever [from the "The Wanted: The EP"]03:58
16Golden [from the "The Wanted"]02:56
17Heart Vacancy [from the "The Wanted: The EP"]03:43
18Heart Vacancy [from the "The Wanted"]03:44
19Heartbreak Story [from the "Word of Mouth"]02:58
20HI & Low [from the "The Wanted"]03:41
21I Found You [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:59
22I Want It All [from the "Battleground"]03:21
23If We're Alright [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:40
24I'll Be Your Strength [from the "Battleground"]03:25
25In the Middle [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:13
26Invincible [from the "Battleground"]03:09
27Last To Know [from the "Battleground"]03:34
28Lets Get Ugly [from the "The Wanted"]03:31
29Lie To Me [from the "Battleground"]03:44
30Lightning [from the "Battleground"]03:23
31Lightning [from the "The Wanted: The EP"]03:23
32Lose My Mind [from the "The Wanted"]03:50
33Love Sewn [from the "Word of Mouth"]04:23
34Made [from the "The Wanted"]03:21
35Only You [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:45
36Personal Soldier [from the "The Wanted"]03:48
37Read My Mind [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:45
38Replace Your Heart [from the "The Wanted"]04:07
39Rocket [from the "Battleground"]03:15
40Running Out of Reasons [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:46
41Satellite [from the "The Wanted: The EP"]03:02
42Satellite (Remastered 2012) [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:02
43Say It On The Radio [from the "The Wanted"]03:18
44Show Me Love (America) [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:27
45Summer Alive [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:05
46The Weekend [from the "Battleground"]03:08
47Walks Like Rihanna [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:22
48Warzone [from the "Battleground"]03:38
49We Own the Night [from the "Word of Mouth"]03:26
50Weakness [from the "The Wanted"]03:56

The Wanted - top artists list [#128]

The Wanted

The Wanted are a British-Irish boy band.

The band were formed in 2009 through a mass audition by Jayne Collins, the same woman who put together The Saturdays and Parade. []


  • Dance-pop,
  • Pop
  • Glad You Came - one of the best The Wanted songs, top songs list [#869]

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