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New Politics by New Politics [2010] [album editions]

New Politics (New Politics)

Track listing

1Yeah Yeah Yeah
3Give Me Hope
4Love Is A Drug
5Nuclear War
7My Love
8We Are the Radio
9Die For You
10New Generation

New Politics albums

1A Bad Girl In Harlem[ 2013 ]
2New Politics[ 2010 ]
3Vikings[ 2015 ]
1A Bad Girl In Harlem (New Politics)
2New Politics (New Politics)
3Vikings (New Politics)

New Politics songs

115 Dreams [from the "Vikings"]03:04
250 Feet Tall [from the "Vikings"]03:30
3Aristocrat [from the "Vikings"]03:16
4Berlin [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]03:11
5Burn [from the "New Politics"]02:14
6Die For You [from the "New Politics"]03:01
7Die Together [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]03:57
8Dignity [from the "New Politics"]03:14
9Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) [from the "Vikings"]03:25
10Fall Into These Arms [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]03:44
11Girl Crush [from the "Vikings"]02:54
12Give Me Hope [from the "New Politics"]02:47
13Give Me Hope [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]02:48
14Goodbye Copenhagen [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]03:22
15Harlem [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]02:43
16Just Like Me [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]02:36
17Love Is A Drug [from the "New Politics"]03:15
18Lovers in a Song [from the "Vikings"]03:11
19Loyalties Among Thieves [from the "Vikings"]03:12
20My Love [from the "New Politics"]03:22
21New Generation [from the "New Politics"]03:33
22Nuclear War [from the "New Politics"]03:05
23Overcome [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]03:35
24Pretend We're in a Movie [from the "Vikings"]03:15
25Stardust [from the "Vikings"]03:40
26Strings Attached [from the "Vikings"]11:55
27Stuck On You [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]03:42
28Tonight You're Perfect [from the "A Bad Girl In Harlem"]03:22
29We Are the Radio [from the "New Politics"]03:35
30West End Kids [from the "Vikings"]03:32
31Yeah Yeah Yeah [from the "New Politics"]03:03

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New Politics

New Politics is a dance-rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. []


  • Dance-rock,
  • Pop punk,
  • Alternative rock
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah by New Politics

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