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The Makings of Me by Monica [2006] [album editions]

The Makings of Me (Monica)

Track listing

1Everytime tha Beat Drop (ft. Dem Franchize Boyz)
2Dozen Roses A (You Remind Me)
3Sideline Ho
4Why Her
5Hell No (Leave Home) (ft. Twista)
6Doin' Me Right
7Raw (ft. Swizz Beatz)
8My Everything
10Gotta Move On

Monica albums

1After the Storm[ 2003 ]
2All Eyez On Me[ 2002 ]
3Miss Thang[ 1995 ]
4New life[ 2012 ]
5Still Standing[ 2010 ]
6The Boy Is Mine[ 1998 ]
7The Makings of Me[ 2006 ]
1After the Storm (Monica)
2All Eyez On Me (Monica)
3Miss Thang (Monica)
4New life (Monica)
5Still Standing (Monica)
6The Boy Is Mine (Monica)
7The Makings of Me (Monica)

Monica songs

1Ain't Gonna Cry No More [from the "After the Storm"]04:10
2Ain't Gonna Cry No More [from the "All Eyez On Me"]04:10
3All Eyez On Me [from the "All Eyez On Me"]04:00
4Amazing [from the "New life"]04:03
5Angel [from the "Miss Thang"]04:44
6Angel of Mine [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:10
7Before You Walk Out Of My Life [from the "Miss Thang"]04:54
8Believing In Me [from the "Still Standing"]04:00
9Big Mistake [from the "New life"]03:49
10Breaks My Heart [from the "After the Storm"]04:26
11Breaks My Heart [from the "All Eyez On Me"]04:27
12'Cross the Room [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]03:52
13Cry [from the "New life"]03:44
14Daddy's Good Girl [from the "New life"]04:39
15Doin' Me Right [from the "The Makings of Me"]03:19
16Don't Gotta Go Home (ft. DMX) [from the "After the Storm"]03:55
17Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) [from the "Miss Thang"]04:21
18Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)(Remix) [from the "Miss Thang"]03:51
19Down 4 Whatever [from the "After the Storm"]04:38
20Dozen Roses A (You Remind Me) [from the "The Makings of Me"]03:51
21Everything To Me [from the "Still Standing"]03:17
22Everytime tha Beat Drop (ft. Dem Franchize Boyz) [from the "The Makings of Me"]03:43
23For You I Will [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:54
24Forever Always [from the "Miss Thang"]04:42
25Get Down [from the "Miss Thang"]04:25
26Get It Off (ft. Dirtbag) [from the "After the Storm"]04:19
27Getaway [from the "The Makings of Me"]03:44
28Go to Bed Mad (ft. Tyrese) [from the "After the Storm"]04:37
29Gone Be Fine (ft. OutKast) [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:17
30Gotta Move On [from the "The Makings of Me"]03:36
31Hell No (Leave Home) (ft. Twista) [from the "The Makings of Me"]04:44
32Here I Am [from the "Still Standing"]03:43
33Hurts The Most [from the "After the Storm"]04:44
34I Keep It To Myself [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:25
35I Wrote This Song [from the "After the Storm"]03:48
36I Wrote This Song [from the "All Eyez On Me"]03:48
37If U Were The Girl [from the "All Eyez On Me"]03:52
38If You Were My Man [from the "Still Standing"]03:26
39I'm Back [from the "All Eyez On Me"]03:35
40Inside [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:12
41Intro [from the "After the Storm"]01:04
42It All Belongs To Me (ft. Brandy) [from the "New life"]04:04
43Just Another Girl [from the "All Eyez On Me"]03:24
44Knock Knock [from the "After the Storm"]04:18
45Let's Straighten It Out (ft. Usher) [from the "Miss Thang"]04:28
46Like This and Like That (ft. Mr. Malik) [from the "Miss Thang"]04:43
47Love All Over Me [from the "Still Standing"]03:50
48Man Who Has Everything [from the "New life"]03:55
49Mirror [from the "Still Standing"]04:17
50Miss Thang [from the "Miss Thang"]03:52
51Misty Blue [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:21
52My Everything [from the "The Makings of Me"]03:40
53Never Can Say Goodbye [from the "Miss Thang"]05:03
54New Life (Intro) [from the "New life"]01:30
55New Life (Outro) [from the "New life"]01:00
56Now I'm Gone [from the "Miss Thang"]04:41
57One in a Lifetime [from the "Still Standing"]04:31
58Raw (ft. Swizz Beatz) [from the "The Makings of Me"]03:44
59Right Here Waiting (ft. 112) [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:29
60Ring Da Bell [from the "The Boy Is Mine"]04:36

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Monica Denise Brown, simply known as Monica, is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and actress. []


  • R&B,
  • Hip hop soul,
  • Soul
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