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You Can't Make Old Friends by Kenny Rogers [2013] [album editions]

You Can't Make Old Friends (Kenny Rogers)

Track listing

1You Can't Make Old Friends (With Dolly Parton)
2All I Need Is One
3You Had To Be There
5Turn This World Around
6Dreams Of The San Joaquin
7Don't Leave Me In The Night Time Feat. Buckwheat Zydeco
8Look At You
9Neon Horses
10When You Love Someone
11It's Gonna Be Easy Now

Kenny Rogers albums

121 Number Ones[ 2006 ]
2Amazing Grace[ 2012 ]
3Best Inspirational Songs[ 2001 ]
4Christmas Live![ 2010 ]
5Faith[ 2012 ]
6She Rides Wild Horses[ 1999 ]
7The Love of God[ 2011 ]
8Water & Bridges[ 2006 ]
9You Can't Make Old Friends[ 2013 ]
121 Number Ones (Kenny Rogers)
2Amazing Grace (Kenny Rogers)
3Best Inspirational Songs (Kenny Rogers)
4Christmas Live! (Kenny Rogers)
5Faith (Kenny Rogers)
6She Rides Wild Horses (Kenny Rogers)
7The Love of God (Kenny Rogers)
8Water & Bridges (Kenny Rogers)
9You Can't Make Old Friends (Kenny Rogers)

Kenny Rogers songs

61Make No Mistake, She's Mine (With Ronnie Milsap) [from the "21 Number Ones"]03:53
62Mary, Did You Know [from the "Christmas Live!"]03:32
63'merica [from the "You Can't Make Old Friends"]03:41
64Morning Desire [from the "21 Number Ones"]04:04
65My Favorite Things [from the "Christmas Live!"]02:26
66My Petition [from the "Water & Bridges"]04:12
67Neon Horses [from the "You Can't Make Old Friends"]04:29
68O Come All Ye Faithful [from the "Christmas Live!"]01:46
69One Life [from the "Water & Bridges"]03:44
70Peace [from the "Amazing Grace"]03:33
71Peace [from the "The Love of God"]03:33
72Peace [from the "Faith"]03:33
73See Me Through [from the "Best Inspirational Songs"]03:30
74Share Your Love With Me [from the "21 Number Ones"]03:16
75She Believes In Me [from the "21 Number Ones"]04:10
76She Rides Wild Horses [from the "She Rides Wild Horses"]03:17
77Silent Night [from the "Christmas Live!"]02:04
78Slow Dance More [from the "She Rides Wild Horses"]03:06
79Someone Is Me [from the "Water & Bridges"]03:30
80Someone Somewhere Tonight [from the "Water & Bridges"]05:18
81Sweet Litle Jesus Boy [from the "Best Inspirational Songs"]02:55
82The Chosen One Joy to the World [from the "Christmas Live!"]03:05
83The Gambler [from the "21 Number Ones"]03:31
84The Greatest [from the "She Rides Wild Horses"]03:11
85The Kind of Fool Love Makes [from the "She Rides Wild Horses"]04:14
86The Last Ten Years (Superman) [from the "Water & Bridges"]03:42
87The Rock of Your Love [from the "Amazing Grace"]03:52
88The Rock of Your Love [from the "The Love of God"]03:52
89The Rock of Your Love [from the "Faith"]03:52
90Through The Years [from the "21 Number Ones"]04:22
91Til the Season Comes 'Round Again [from the "Christmas Live!"]02:05
92To Me [from the "Best Inspirational Songs"]03:17
93Turn This World Around [from the "You Can't Make Old Friends"]04:30
94Water & Bridge [from the "Water & Bridges"]04:09
95We Three Kings the Little Drummer Boy [from the "Christmas Live!"]04:33
96We've Got Tonight (With Sheena Easton) [from the "21 Number Ones"]03:47
97What a Friend We Have in Jesus [from the "Amazing Grace"]03:01
98What a Friend We Have In Jesus [from the "The Love of God"]03:01
99What a Friend We Have in Jesus [from the "Faith"]03:01
100What a Wonderful Beginning [from the "Best Inspirational Songs"]03:51
101What Are We Doing In Love (With Dottie West) [from the "21 Number Ones"]02:58
102When You Love Someone [from the "You Can't Make Old Friends"]03:38
103Will the Circle Be Unbroken [from the "Amazing Grace"]04:40
104Will The Circle Be Unbroken [from the "The Love of God"]04:40
105Will the Circle Be Unbroken [from the "Faith"]04:41
106You Can't Make Old Friends (With Dolly Parton) [from the "You Can't Make Old Friends"]03:56
107You Decorated My Life [from the "21 Number Ones"]03:36
108You Had To Be There [from the "You Can't Make Old Friends"]03:58
109You'll Know Love [from the "Water & Bridges"]04:13

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Kenny Rogers

Kenneth Donald "Kenny" Rogers is an American singer-songwriter, photographer, record producer, actor, entrepreneur and author, and member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.


  • Country,
  • Pop,
  • Adult contemporary,
  • Soft rock,
  • Rock,
  • Jazz
  • You Can't Make Old Friends (With Dolly Parton) - one of the best Kenny Rogers songs, top songs list [#761]

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