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Soul Sista by Keke Wyatt [2001] [album editions]

Soul Sista (Keke Wyatt)

Track listing

1Used to Love
2I Don't Wanna
3Nothing in This World (ft. Avant)
4Don't Take Your Love
5I Can't Wait (ft. Avant)
6Push Me Away
7If Only You Knew (Patti LaBelle cover)
8Talkin Bout Love
9Bad Boy
10Call On Me

Keke Wyatt albums

1Soul Sista[ 2001 ]
2Unbelievable[ 2011 ]
1Soul Sista (Keke Wyatt)
2Unbelievable (Keke Wyatt)

Keke Wyatt songs

1Bad Boy [from the "Soul Sista"]03:52
2Call On Me [from the "Soul Sista"]04:23
3Don't Take Your Love [from the "Soul Sista"]04:13
4Enough [from the "Unbelievable"]03:53
5His Eye Is On The Sparrow [from the "Unbelievable"]05:30
6I Can't Wait (ft. Avant) [from the "Soul Sista"]04:17
7I Don't Wanna [from the "Soul Sista"]03:56
8If Only You Knew (Patti LaBelle cover) [from the "Soul Sista"]04:34
9Light Me Up [from the "Unbelievable"]03:58
10Love Under New Management [from the "Unbelievable"]04:46
11Mirror (ft. Kelly Price And Tweet) [from the "Unbelievable"]04:10
12Miss Your Plane [from the "Unbelievable"]03:47
13Nothing in This World (ft. Avant) [from the "Soul Sista"]04:04
14Push Me Away [from the "Soul Sista"]04:21
15Saturday Love (ft. Ruben Studdard) [from the "Unbelievable"]03:58
16Talkin Bout Love [from the "Soul Sista"]04:27
17Tap Out [from the "Unbelievable"]04:09
18Tears In Heaven [from the "Unbelievable"]04:35
19Travel The World (Love Uses Time) [from the "Unbelievable"]02:52
20Unbelievable [from the "Unbelievable"]04:13
21Used to Love [from the "Soul Sista"]03:53

Keke Wyatt

Keke Wyatt

Ketara Shavon "Keke" Wyatt is an American R&B recording artist. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Soul,
  • Gospel
  • If Only You Knew (Patti LaBelle cover) by Keke Wyatt

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