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Peepin' in My Window by Lil' Keke [2001]

Peepin' in My Window (Lil' Keke)

Track listing

2Peepin in My Window
3On da Southside (ft. Archie Lee)
4Here It Is (ft. Archie Lee & Commission Music Group)
5Love 2 Make $ (ft. Mr. 3-2)
6Never Change (AG & Commission Music Group)
7Commission (ft. Fat Pat)
8Who Dat
9Rap Games (ft. Big Pokey)
10In Tha Game (ft. Al-D & Commission Music Group)
11Swang Down (ft. Fat Pat)
12Superstars (Screwed) (ft. Big Hawk and DSD)

Lil' Keke albums

1Birds Fly South[ 2002 ]
2Changin' Lanes[ 2003 ]
3Currency[ 2004 ]
4Don't Mess Wit Texas[ 1997 ]
5Heart of a Hustla[ 2012 ]
6It Was All a Dream[ 1999 ]
7Loved By Few Hated By Many[ 2008 ]
8Money Don't Sleep[ 2014 ]
9Peepin' in My Window[ 2001 ]
10Platinum In da Ghetto[ 2001 ]
11Street Stories[ 2003 ]
12The Commission[ 1998 ]
1Birds Fly South (Lil' Keke)
2Changin' Lanes (Lil' Keke)
3Currency (Lil' Keke)
4Don't Mess Wit Texas (Lil' Keke)
5Heart of a Hustla (Lil' Keke)
6It Was All a Dream (Lil' Keke)
7Loved By Few Hated By Many (Lil' Keke)
8Money Don't Sleep (Lil' Keke)
9Peepin' in My Window (Lil' Keke)
10Platinum In da Ghetto (Lil' Keke)
11Street Stories (Lil' Keke)
12The Commission (Lil' Keke)

Lil' Keke songs

61Gangsta's [from the "Changin' Lanes"]03:45
62Gangstaz Make the Money [from the "Currency"]04:49
63Get High (ft. Devin the Dude) [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]04:23
64Get Paid [from the "Changin' Lanes"]04:04
65Get Your Money [from the "Currency"]05:39
66Gettin' Paid [from the "The Commission"]04:45
67Good Part (ft. Madd Hatta) [from the "It Was All a Dream"]03:44
68Gotta Be a Way [from the "Street Stories"]03:01
69Gotta Get It [from the "It Was All a Dream"]04:52
70Gotta Get This [from the "Street Stories"]03:34
71Here It Is (ft. Archie Lee & Commission Music Group) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]04:14
72Here We Go Again [from the "Birds Fly South"]04:07
73High Come Down [from the "Street Stories"]03:43
74Hit da Club (ft. Boston George) [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]03:38
75Houston's Finest [from the "Birds Fly South"]03:22
76Hunnet Bands [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]03:46
77Hustla [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]03:00
78I Aint Gonna Lie [from the "Street Stories"]03:14
79I Use Rhymes (ft. 1da Boy) [from the "Street Stories"]03:59
80If You Wanna [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]05:37
81I'm A G [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]04:07
82I'm A G [from the "Birds Fly South"]02:54
83In Tha Game (ft. Al-D & Commission Music Group) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]03:20
84In the Club (ft. Slim Thug & Boyz In Blue) [from the "Street Stories"]03:43
85In the Door (ft. Mobb Figgaz) [from the "The Commission"]03:47
86Intro [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]01:57
87Intro [from the "Changin' Lanes"]02:10
88Intro [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]00:18
89Intro [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]00:32
90Intro [from the "Street Stories"]01:16
91Intro Welcome [from the "Changin' Lanes"]02:47
92It Didn't Matter [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]03:22
93It's Goin' Down [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]04:07
94It's Goin' Down [from the "The Commission"]03:57
95Just a Little [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]03:00
96Let Me Know [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]03:00
97Let's Get F**ked Up (ft. Lil' C) [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]03:03
98Lights (ft. Slim Thug, ...) [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]04:06
99Love 2 Make $ (ft. Mr. 3-2) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]04:04
100Love And Understood (ft. Big-T) [from the "Birds Fly South"]04:08
101Love for Ya (ft. E.S.G. and Slim Thug) [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]03:24
102Make Em Break It (ft. Baby, Juvenile & Turk) [from the "It Was All a Dream"]04:09
103Miss My Boyz (ft. Crys Wall) [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]03:20
104Money Flyin' (ft. T. Cash) [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]03:12
105Money In The City (ft. Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Trae Virdue) [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]03:55
106Money in the Making (ft. Herschelwood Hardheadz) [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]03:57
107Money Money (ft. Mobb Figgaz) [from the "It Was All a Dream"]04:12
108Mr. D.J. (ft. Z-Ro) [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]04:35
109My Click (ft.Mobb Figgaz) [from the "Currency"]04:16
110Never Change (AG & Commission Music Group) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]03:48
111Never Gone Give Up [from the "Changin' Lanes"]03:39
112Niggas Be Hating Me (ft. Double D) [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]03:46
113Nothin But Love [from the "Birds Fly South"]04:20
114Nothin But Love (Screwed) [from the "Birds Fly South"]06:35
115Off da Chain [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]03:58
116Oh Buddy [from the "Changin' Lanes"]06:19
117On da Southside (ft. Archie Lee) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]03:27
118On the Come Up [from the "Street Stories"]03:03
119On The Grind (ft. Lil C And Arc) [from the "Birds Fly South"]04:10
120One Life to Live [from the "Street Stories"]03:24

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Lil' Keke

Marcus Lakee Edwards, better known by his stage name Lil' Keke, is an American hip hop recording artist from Houston, Texas and original member of the Southern hip hop collective Screwed Up Click.


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