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It Was All a Dream by Lil' Keke [1999] [album editions]

It Was All a Dream (Lil' Keke)

Track listing

1Good Part (ft. Madd Hatta)
2Southside (Remix) (ft. 8 Ball)
3Money Money (ft. Mobb Figgaz)
4One Love
5Superstars (ft. Big Hawk, Herschelwood Hardheadz, & DSD)
6Dusk 2 Dawn (ft. B-Legit, & Big Pokey)
7Until We Reach the Top
8Don and the Underboss (ft. Lil' C)
9Everyday All Day (ft. Phaz)
10Make Em Break It (ft. Baby, Juvenile & Turk)
11When We Ride (ft. Krazy, & Q.B.)
12Gotta Get It
13Do You Wanna Ride (ft. Cl'Che, & Phaz)
14Eazy Come Eazy Go
15Shake It Baby
16Shops and Bops (ft. Archie Lee)
17World Wilde Playaz (ft. Mr.3-2, The Most Hated, & South Park Mexican)

Lil' Keke albums

1Birds Fly South[ 2002 ]
2Changin' Lanes[ 2003 ]
3Currency[ 2004 ]
4Don't Mess Wit Texas[ 1997 ]
5Heart of a Hustla[ 2012 ]
6It Was All a Dream[ 1999 ]
7Loved By Few Hated By Many[ 2008 ]
8Money Don't Sleep[ 2014 ]
9Peepin' in My Window[ 2001 ]
10Platinum In da Ghetto[ 2001 ]
11Street Stories[ 2003 ]
12The Commission[ 1998 ]
1Birds Fly South (Lil' Keke)
2Changin' Lanes (Lil' Keke)
3Currency (Lil' Keke)
4Don't Mess Wit Texas (Lil' Keke)
5Heart of a Hustla (Lil' Keke)
6It Was All a Dream (Lil' Keke)
7Loved By Few Hated By Many (Lil' Keke)
8Money Don't Sleep (Lil' Keke)
9Peepin' in My Window (Lil' Keke)
10Platinum In da Ghetto (Lil' Keke)
11Street Stories (Lil' Keke)
12The Commission (Lil' Keke)

Lil' Keke songs

121One Love [from the "It Was All a Dream"]04:11
122Outro 1 [from the "Changin' Lanes"]01:32
123Outro 2 [from the "Changin' Lanes"]03:08
124P.W. A [Remix] [from the "Changin' Lanes"]06:23
125Papa Was a Rolling Stone [from the "Currency"]04:34
126Paper Money [from the "The Commission"]03:57
127Past Tense [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]04:00
128Peepin in My Window [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]10:55
129Phenomenal (ft. Trae Virdue) [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]04:30
130Pimp the Pen III [from the "Changin' Lanes"]03:23
131Pimps, Players & Hustlas (ft. Fat Pat and Herschelwood Hardheadz) [from the "The Commission"]04:29
132Platinum in da Ghetto (ft. Billy Cook) [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]04:21
133Prostitute [from the "Birds Fly South"]03:48
134Pyrex Shakin' (ft. Lil' C) [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]03:40
135Rap Games (ft. Big Pokey) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]05:23
136Reaching [from the "Street Stories"]04:00
137Ready 2 Rock [from the "Changin' Lanes"]04:36
138Relax Ya Mind [from the "Changin' Lanes"]05:43
139Rock 4 Rock (ft.Shorty Mac) [from the "Currency"]04:54
140Rumors (ft. Big-T) [from the "Birds Fly South"]04:32
141S.U.C. (ft.Shorty Mac) [from the "Currency"]04:31
142Scholarships 2 The Pen [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]03:18
143Serious Smoke (ft. B.G. Duke of Botany Boyz, Mike D of Southside Playaz & Big Moe) [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]06:17
144Shake It Baby [from the "It Was All a Dream"]03:38
145Shake Somethin [from the "Birds Fly South"]04:19
146She Love Gangsta's [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]04:03
147Shed Tears [from the "Street Stories"]03:40
148Shops and Bops (ft. Archie Lee) [from the "It Was All a Dream"]04:08
149Skit 1 [from the "Changin' Lanes"]00:56
150Skit 1 [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]00:13
151Skit 2 [from the "Changin' Lanes"]00:51
152Skit 2 [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]00:20
153Slab Holiday (ft. Crys Wall) [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]05:01
154Smoke With Me (ft. Shima) [from the "Birds Fly South"]04:39
155Something About the Southside (ft. Mr. 3-2) [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]04:40
156Southside [from the "The Commission"]04:53
157Southside (Remix) (ft. 8 Ball) [from the "It Was All a Dream"]05:30
158Southside Wit Me [from the "Changin' Lanes"]04:38
159Still a "G" (ft. Killa Kyleo) [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]04:19
160Still At It [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]04:13
161Still Pimpin Pens [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]03:08
162Still Pimpin Pens (Screwed) (ft. DJ Screw) [from the "Don't Mess Wit Texas"]03:58
163Still Pimping Pens (Screwed) (ft. DJ Screw) [from the "The Commission"]04:04
164Street Fame [from the "Changin' Lanes"]00:39
165Street Life (ft.Chris Ward) [from the "Currency"]04:25
166Subtract da Top (ft. Woody Mane) [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]03:35
167Success (ft. Cal Wayne & ...) [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]04:29
168Suga Daddy [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]03:43
169Superstars (ft. Big Hawk, Herschelwood Hardheadz, & DSD) [from the "It Was All a Dream"]03:38
170Superstars (Screwed) (ft. Big Hawk and DSD) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]04:19
171Swang Down (ft. Fat Pat) [from the "Peepin' in My Window"]07:35
172That's Me (ft. El Dorado Red & Bankroll Fresh) [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]04:30
173The Underground [from the "Changin' Lanes"]04:41
174These (ft. Lil Brent) [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]03:56
175This a Grind (feat. Propain & ...) [from the "Heart of a Hustla"]04:06
176This Money Crazy (ft. Big Pokey) [from the "Money Don't Sleep"]03:39
177Throw Your Sets Up [from the "Street Stories"]03:46
178Till It Ain't No More [from the "Changin' Lanes"]04:28
179Time Felon (ft. Big Hawk) [from the "Platinum In da Ghetto"]04:12
180Traffic Slowed Down (ft. Pinc Gator) [from the "Loved By Few Hated By Many"]04:37

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Lil' Keke

Marcus Lakee Edwards, better known by his stage name Lil' Keke, is an American hip hop recording artist from Houston, Texas and original member of the Southern hip hop collective Screwed Up Click.


  • Hip hop
  • Southside (Remix) (ft. 8 Ball) by Lil' Keke

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