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Jordin Sparks by Jordin Sparks [2007] [album editions]

Jordin Sparks (Jordin Sparks)

Track listing

2One Step at a Time
3No Air (ft. Chris Brown)
5Shy Boy
6Now You Tell Me
7Next To You
8Just For The Record
9Permanent Monday
10Young And In Love
11See My Side
12God Loves Ugly
13This Is My Now
14Virginia Is for Lovers
15Save Me
16Worth The Wait

Jordin Sparks albums

1Battlefield[ 2009 ]
2Jordin Sparks[ 2007 ]
1Battlefield (Jordin Sparks)
2Jordin Sparks (Jordin Sparks)

Jordin Sparks songs

1Battlefield [from the "Battlefield"]04:02
2Don't Let It Go To Your Head [from the "Battlefield"]04:10
3Emergency [911] [from the "Battlefield"]03:49
4Faith [from the "Battlefield"]03:23
5Freeze [from the "Jordin Sparks"]04:13
6God Loves Ugly [from the "Jordin Sparks"]04:21
7It Takes More [from the "Battlefield"]03:33
8Just For The Record [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:56
9Let It Rain [from the "Battlefield"]03:45
10Next To You [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:16
11No Air (ft. Chris Brown) [from the "Jordin Sparks"]04:24
12No Parade [from the "Battlefield"]03:31
13Now You Tell Me [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:07
14One Step at a Time [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:26
15Papercut [from the "Battlefield"]03:37
16Permanent Monday [from the "Jordin Sparks"]04:12
17Postcard [from the "Battlefield"]04:02
18S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) [from the "Battlefield"]03:32
19Save Me [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:38
20See My Side [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:43
21Shy Boy [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:22
22Tattoo [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:53
23The Cure [from the "Battlefield"]04:17
24This Is My Now [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:50
25Virginia Is for Lovers [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:26
26Walking On Snow [from the "Battlefield"]03:28
27Was I The Only One [from the "Battlefield"]03:21
28Watch You Go [from the "Battlefield"]03:51
29Worth The Wait [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:37
30Young And In Love [from the "Jordin Sparks"]03:24

Jordin Sparks - top artists list [#621]

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Brianna Sparks] is an American singer and actress. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Dance-pop
  • No Air (ft. Chris Brown) - one of the best Jordin Sparks songs, top songs list [#1602]

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