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Porcupine by Echo & The Bunnymen [1983] [album editions]

Porcupine (Echo & The Bunnymen)

Track listing

1The Cutter
2The Back Of Love
3My White Devil
6Heads Will Roll
8Higher Hell
9Gods Will Be Gods
10In Bluer Skies
12The Cutter (Alternate Version)
13My White Devil (Alternate Version)
14Porcupine (Alternate Version)
15Ripeness (Alternate Version)
16Gods Will Be Gods (Alternate Version)
17Never Stop (Discotheque)

Echo & The Bunnymen albums

1Crocodiles[ 1980 ]
2Donnie Darko (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
3Echo & The Bunnymen[ 1987 ]
4Evergreen[ 1997 ]
5Flowers[ 2001 ]
6Heaven Up Here[ 1981 ]
7Meteorites[ 2014 ]
8Ocean Rain[ 1984 ]
9Porcupine[ 1983 ]
10Reverberation[ 1990 ]
11Siberia[ 2005 ]
12The Fountain[ 2009 ]
13What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?[ 1999 ]
1Crocodiles (Echo & The Bunnymen)
2Donnie Darko (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Echo & The Bunnymen (Echo & The Bunnymen)
4Evergreen (Echo & The Bunnymen)
5Flowers (Echo & The Bunnymen)
6Heaven Up Here (Echo & The Bunnymen)
7Meteorites (Echo & The Bunnymen)
8Ocean Rain (Echo & The Bunnymen)
9Porcupine (Echo & The Bunnymen)
10Reverberation (Echo & The Bunnymen)
11Siberia (Echo & The Bunnymen)
12The Fountain (Echo & The Bunnymen)
13What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? (Echo & The Bunnymen)

Echo & The Bunnymen songs

61Higher Hell [from the "Porcupine"]05:01
62History Chimes [from the "What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?"]03:26
63Hole In The Holy [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]04:45
64Holy Moses [from the "Meteorites"]03:43
65I Want To Be There (When You Come) [from the "Evergreen"]03:39
66I'll Fly Tonight [from the "Evergreen"]04:24
67In Bluer Skies [from the "Porcupine"]04:37
68In My Time [from the "Evergreen"]03:26
69In the Margins [from the "Siberia"]05:06
70Is This a Breakdown? [from the "Meteorites"]03:54
71It Was A Pleasure [from the "Heaven Up Here"]03:12
72It's Alright [from the "Flowers"]03:32
73Jimmy Brown (Early Version Of Bring On The Dancing Horses) [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]04:10
74Just A Touch Away [from the "Evergreen"]05:08
75King of Kings [from the "Flowers"]04:23
76King of Your Castle [from the "Reverberation"]04:37
77Life Goes On [from the "Flowers"]03:59
78Life of 1,000 Crimes [from the "The Fountain"]03:22
79Lips Like Sugar [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]04:53
80Lost and Found [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]03:37
81Lost On You [from the "What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?"]04:50
82Lovers on the Run [from the "Meteorites"]04:45
83Make Me Shine [from the "Flowers"]03:53
84Make Us Blind [from the "Siberia"]04:00
85Market Town [from the "Meteorites"]07:39
86Meteorites [from the "Meteorites"]05:10
87Monkeys [from the "Crocodiles"]02:49
88Morning Sun [from the "What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?"]04:13
89My Kingdom [from the "Ocean Rain"]04:05
90My Kingdom (Live) [from the "Ocean Rain"]03:58
91My White Devil [from the "Porcupine"]04:40
92My White Devil (Alternate Version) [from the "Porcupine"]05:03
93Never Stop (Discotheque) [from the "Porcupine"]04:45
94New Direction [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]04:48
95New Horizons [from the "Meteorites"]05:26
96No Dark Things [from the "Heaven Up Here"]04:27
97Nocturnal Me [from the "Ocean Rain"]04:58
98Nothing Lasts Forever [from the "Evergreen"]03:57
99Ocean Rain [from the "Ocean Rain"]05:24
100Ocean Rain (Live) [from the "Ocean Rain"]05:18
101Of a Life [from the "Siberia"]03:44
102Over the Wall [from the "Heaven Up Here"]05:59
103Over the Wall (Live) [from the "Crocodiles"]05:28
104Over You [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]04:02
105Over Your Shoulder [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]04:10
106Parthenon Drive [from the "Siberia"]05:11
107Pictures On My Wall [from the "Crocodiles"]02:55
108Porcupine [from the "Porcupine"]06:00
109Porcupine (Alternate Version) [from the "Porcupine"]04:04
110Pride [from the "Crocodiles"]02:41
111Pride (Early Version) [from the "Crocodiles"]02:54
112Proxy [from the "The Fountain"]03:15
113Read It In Books [from the "Crocodiles"]02:34
114Rescue [from the "Crocodiles"]04:30
115Ripeness [from the "Porcupine"]04:50
116Ripeness (Alternate Version) [from the "Porcupine"]04:42
117Rust [from the "What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?"]05:10
118Satellite [from the "Echo & The Bunnymen"]03:04
119Scissors in the Hand [from the "Siberia"]05:29
120Senseless [from the "Reverberation"]04:55

Echo & The Bunnymen - top artists list [#373]

Echo & The Bunnymen

Echo & the Bunnymen are an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1978. []


  • Post-punk,
  • Neo-psychedelia,
  • Alternative rock,
  • New wave
  • Porcupine by Echo & The Bunnymen

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