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The Quantum Enigma by Epica [2014] [album editions]

The Quantum Enigma (Epica)

Track listing

2The Second Stone
3The Essence of Silence
4Victims of Contingency
5Sense Without Sanity (The Impervious Code)
6Unchain Utopia
7The Fifth Guardian (Interlude)
8Chemical Insomnia
9Reverence (Living in the Heart)
10Omen (The Ghoulish Malady)
11Canvas of Life
12Natural Corruption
13The Quantum Enigma (Kingdom of Heaven part II)
14In All Conscience
15Canvas of Life (Acoustic version)
16In All Conscience (Acoustic version)
17Dreamscape (Acoustic version)
18Natural Corruption (Acoustic version)

Epica albums

1Consign to Oblivion[ 2005 ]
2Design Your Universe[ 2009 ]
3The Classical Conspiracy[ 2009 ]
4The Divine Conspiracy[ 2007 ]
5The Phantom Agony[ 2003 ]
6The Quantum Enigma[ 2014 ]
7The Road to Paradiso[ 2006 ]
8We Will Take You with Us[ 2004 ]
1Consign to Oblivion (Epica)
2Design Your Universe (Epica)
3The Classical Conspiracy (Epica)
4The Divine Conspiracy (Epica)
5The Phantom Agony (Epica)
6The Quantum Enigma (Epica)
7The Road to Paradiso (Epica)
8We Will Take You with Us (Epica)

Epica songs

61Mother of Light (A New Age Dawns - Part II) [from the "Consign to Oblivion"]05:54
62Mother of Light (Live) [from the "The Road to Paradiso"]06:03
63Natural Corruption [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]05:24
64Natural Corruption (Acoustic version) [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]04:48
65Never Enough [from the "The Divine Conspiracy"]04:47
66Never Enough [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]05:37
67Ombra Mai Fu (From Xerxes-George Frideric Handel) [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]03:06
68Omen (The Ghoulish Malady) [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]05:28
69Originem [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]02:11
70Our Destiny [from the "Design Your Universe"]06:00
71Palladium [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]03:46
72Pirates of the Caribbean (European Release-Hans Zimmer/Klaus Badelt) [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]06:44
73Presto (From the Four Seasons-Antonio Vivaldi) [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]03:08
74Purushayita [from the "The Road to Paradiso"]06:22
75Quietus [from the "Consign to Oblivion"]03:45
76Quietus [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]04:22
77Quietus (Demo Version) [from the "The Road to Paradiso"]03:43
78Quintes (Silent Reverie) [from the "The Road to Paradiso"]03:56
79Replica (Bonus Track) [from the "The Divine Conspiracy"]04:09
80Resign to Surrender (A New Age Dawns - Pt. IV) [from the "Design Your Universe"]06:19
81Reverence (Living in the Heart) [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]05:02
82Run for a Fall [from the "The Phantom Agony"]06:32
83Run for a Fall [from the "We Will Take You with Us"]04:46
84Safeguard to Paradise [from the "The Divine Conspiracy"]03:46
85Safeguard To Paradise [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]03:59
86Samadhi (Prelude) [from the "Design Your Universe"]01:26
87Sancta Terra [from the "The Divine Conspiracy"]04:57
88Sancta Terra [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]05:11
89Seif Al Din [from the "We Will Take You with Us"]05:52
90Seif Al Din (The Embrace that Smothers - Part VI) [from the "The Phantom Agony"]05:47
91Semblance Of Liberty [from the "Design Your Universe"]05:42
92Sense Without Sanity (The Impervious Code) [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]07:42
93Sensorium [from the "The Phantom Agony"]04:48
94Sensorium [from the "We Will Take You with Us"]04:54
95Sensorium [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]05:06
96Solitary Ground [from the "Consign to Oblivion"]04:21
97Solitary Ground (Live) [from the "The Road to Paradiso"]04:07
98Spiderman Medley (Danny Elfman) [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]04:16
99Stabat Mater Dolorosa (From Stabat Mater-Giovanni Battista Pergolesi) [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]04:31
100The Divine Conspiracy [from the "The Divine Conspiracy"]13:56
101The Essence of Silence [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]04:47
102The Fallacy [from the "The Road to Paradiso"]03:25
103The Fifth Guardian (Interlude) [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]03:04
104The Imperial March (From Star Wars Episode V-John Williams) [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]03:25
105The Last Crusade [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]04:18
106The Last Crusade (A New Age Dawns - Part I) [from the "Consign to Oblivion"]04:22
107The Obsessive Devotion [from the "The Divine Conspiracy"]07:13
108The Phantom Agony [from the "The Phantom Agony"]08:59
109The Phantom Agony [from the "We Will Take You with Us"]09:02
110The Phantom Agony [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]10:30
111The Price Of Freedom (Interlude) [from the "Design Your Universe"]01:14
112The Quantum Enigma (Kingdom of Heaven part II) [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]11:53
113The Second Stone [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]05:00
114Tides Of Time [from the "Design Your Universe"]05:33
115Trois Vierges [from the "Consign to Oblivion"]04:42
116Unchain Utopia [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]04:45
117Unholy Trinity (Live) [from the "The Classical Conspiracy"]03:12
118Unleashed [from the "Design Your Universe"]05:48
119Victims of Contingency [from the "The Quantum Enigma"]03:31
120Welcome to the Road to Paradiso (Caught in a Web) [from the "The Road to Paradiso"]04:39



Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen subsequent to his departure from After Forever. []


  • Symphonic metal,
  • Progressive metal,
  • Gothic metal
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