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Anthem by Hanson [2013] [album editions]

Anthem (Hanson)

Track listing

1Fired Up
2I've Got Soul
3You Can't Stop Us
4Get the Girl Back
6Already Home
7For Your Love
8Lost Without You
9Cut Right Through Me
10Scream and Be Free
11Tragic Symphony
13Save Me From Myself

Hanson albums

13 Car Garage[ 1998 ]
2Anthem[ 2013 ]
3Boomerang[ 1995 ]
4Live from Albertane[ 1998 ]
5Middle of Nowhere[ 1997 ]
6Shout it Out[ 2010 ]
7Snowed In[ 1997 ]
8The Walk[ 2007 ]
9This Time Around[ 2000 ]
10Underneath[ 2004 ]
13 Car Garage (Hanson)
2Anthem (Hanson)
3Boomerang (Hanson)
4Live from Albertane (Hanson)
5Middle of Nowhere (Hanson)
6Shout it Out (Hanson)
7Snowed In (Hanson)
8The Walk (Hanson)
9This Time Around (Hanson)
10Underneath (Hanson)

Hanson songs

1A Minute With You [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]03:55
2A Minute Without You [from the "Live from Albertane"]03:48
3A Song To Sing [from the "This Time Around"]03:39
4Already Home [from the "Anthem"]03:58
5And I Waited [from the "Shout it Out"]04:00
6At Christmas [from the "Snowed In"]05:17
7Back to the Island (Baha Men cover) [from the "Boomerang"]04:07
8Been There Before [from the "The Walk"]03:32
9Believe [from the "Underneath"]12:17
10Blue Sky [from the "The Walk"]03:37
11Boomerang [from the "Boomerang"]03:09
12Broken Angel [from the "Underneath"]04:49
13Can't Stop [from the "This Time Around"]04:24
14Carry You There [from the "Shout it Out"]04:32
15Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) [from the "Snowed In"]03:20
16Christmas Time [from the "Snowed In"]03:59
17Crazy Beautiful [from the "Underneath"]04:02
18Cut Right Through Me [from the "Anthem"]03:10
19Dancin' In The Wind [from the "Underneath"]04:04
20Day Has Come [from the "3 Car Garage"]04:46
21Deeper [from the "Underneath"]04:10
22Don't Accuse [from the "Boomerang"]02:49
23Dying To Be Alive [from the "This Time Around"]04:37
24Ever Lonely [from the "Live from Albertane"]03:24
25Everybody Knows The Claus [from the "Snowed In"]04:47
26Fire On The Mountain [from the "The Walk"]02:42
27Fired Up [from the "Anthem"]03:29
28For Your Love [from the "Anthem"]03:17
29Georgia [from the "The Walk"]03:48
30Get the Girl Back [from the "Anthem"]03:48
31Get Up And Go [from the "Underneath"]04:19
32Gimme Some Lovin' / Shake a Tail Feather [from the "Live from Albertane"]05:35
33Give a Little [from the "Shout it Out"]03:45
34Go [from the "The Walk"]04:04
35Great Divide [from the "The Walk"]03:59
36Hand In Hand [from the "This Time Around"]04:37
37Hey [from the "Underneath"]04:23
38I Am [from the "The Walk"]03:43
39I Will Come To You [from the "Live from Albertane"]04:32
40I Will Come To You [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]04:11
41If Only [from the "This Time Around"]04:30
42In A way [from the "The Walk"]04:04
43In The City [from the "This Time Around"]03:27
44I've Got Soul [from the "Anthem"]02:56
45Juliet [from the "Anthem"]03:10
46Kiss Me When You Come Home [from the "Shout it Out"]03:38
47Little Saint Nick [from the "Snowed In"]03:33
48Lonely Again [from the "This Time Around"]03:53
49Lonely Boy [from the "Boomerang"]04:06
50Look At You [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]04:28
51Lost Without Each Other [from the "Underneath"]03:44
52Lost Without You [from the "Anthem"]04:11
53Love Song [from the "This Time Around"]04:06
54Lucy [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]03:35
55Madeline [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]04:13
56Make It Out Alive [from the "Shout it Out"]04:34
57Man From Milwaukee [from the "Live from Albertane"]04:00
58Man From Milwaukee [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]03:38
59Me Myself and I [from the "Shout it Out"]05:28
60Merry Christmas Baby [from the "Snowed In"]03:13

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Hanson are an American pop rock band formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson.

They are best known for the 1997 hit song "MMMBop" from their major label debut album Middle of Nowhere, which earned three Grammy nominations. []


  • Pop rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Alternative,
  • Teen pop
  • Get the Girl Back - one of the best Hanson songs, top songs list [#874]

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