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Just a Rolling Stone by Donnie Klang [2008] [album editions]

Just a Rolling Stone (Donnie Klang)

Track listing

2Take You There (ft. P Diddy)
3Dr. Love
4Hurt That Body
5Hollywood Girl
6Pick It Up
7Pretty Girls Cry
8Catch My Breath
9Bedroom (Interlude)
10Not A Love Song
11Which One
12Love In Stereo
13Just A Rolling Stone (Interlude)
14You're My Idol
15The Pain (Interlude)
16The Rain

Donnie Klang albums

1Just a Rolling Stone[ 2008 ]
1Just a Rolling Stone (Donnie Klang)

Donnie Klang songs

1Bedroom (Interlude) [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]01:12
2Catch My Breath [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]04:24
3Dr. Love [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]03:23
4Hollywood Girl [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]04:07
5Hurt That Body [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]03:09
6Intro [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]03:09
7Just A Rolling Stone (Interlude) [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]01:46
8Love In Stereo [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]03:13
9Not A Love Song [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]03:53
10Pick It Up [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]04:32
11Pretty Girls Cry [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]04:09
12Take You There (ft. P Diddy) [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]04:14
13The Pain (Interlude) [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]01:37
14The Rain [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]04:05
15Which One [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]03:29
16You're My Idol [from the "Just a Rolling Stone"]03:44

Donnie Klang - top artists list [#540]

Donnie Klang

Donald Joseph Klang, better known as Donnie Klang, is an American singer, songwriter, producer and model. He won Making the Band 4 and was awarded his own solo contract by Diddy.

He released his debut album, Just a Rolling Stone in late 2008.


  • Pop,
  • R&B
  • Pick It Up - one of the best Donnie Klang songs, top songs list [#1252]

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