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Here's to Special Treatment by Conor Oberst [1994]

Here's to Special Treatment (Conor Oberst)

Track listing

1Sledge Winston & the Element of Surprise
2Things You Know
4Space Invaders
5Lava Monster
6Puddle Stomper
7The Day the Statues Broke
8The Bumpercar Blues

Conor Oberst albums

1Conor Oberst[ 2008 ]
2Gentlemen's Pact[ 2008 ]
3Here's to Special Treatment[ 1994 ]
4One of My Kind[ 2012 ]
5Outer South[ 2009 ]
6Upside Down Mountain[ 2014 ]
7Water[ 1993 ]
1Conor Oberst (Conor Oberst)
2Gentlemen's Pact (Conor Oberst)
3Here's to Special Treatment (Conor Oberst)
4One of My Kind (Conor Oberst)
5Outer South (Conor Oberst)
6Upside Down Mountain (Conor Oberst)
7Water (Conor Oberst)

Conor Oberst songs

1Air Mattress [from the "Outer South"]02:14
2Artifact #1 [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]04:28
3Big Black Nothing [from the "Outer South"]03:39
4Bloodline [from the "Outer South"]04:08
5Blowtorch [from the "Here's to Special Treatment"]04:03
6Blue [from the "Water"]02:28
7Breezy [from the "One of My Kind"]05:19
8Breezy [from the "Gentlemen's Pact"]05:18
9Cabbage Town [from the "Outer South"]03:50
10Cape Canaveral [from the "Conor Oberst"]04:04
11Central City [from the "One of My Kind"]02:18
12College [from the "Water"]02:36
13Common Knowledge [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]05:05
14Corina Corina [from the "Gentlemen's Pact"]03:46
15Corina, Corina [from the "One of My Kind"]03:49
16Danny Callahan [from the "Conor Oberst"]03:58
17Desert Island Questionnaire [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]05:44
18Difference Is Time [from the "Outer South"]05:36
19Double Life [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]04:01
20Eagle On a Pole [from the "Conor Oberst"]04:42
21Eagle on a Pole [from the "Outer South"]04:38
22Enola Gay [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]02:27
23Gentleman's Pact [from the "One of My Kind"]03:11
24Gentlemen's Pact [from the "Gentlemen's Pact"]03:09
25Get Into It [from the "Water"]05:01
26Get-Well-Cards [from the "Conor Oberst"]03:33
27Governor's Ball [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]04:24
28Half a Minute Away [from the "Water"]07:39
29Hubcap [from the "Water"]04:48
30Hundreds of Ways [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]04:32
31I Don’t Want to Die (In the Hospital) [from the "Conor Oberst"]03:32
32I Got the Reason [from the "Outer South"]07:15
33I Got The Reason #1 [from the "One of My Kind"]07:18
34J-Bone [from the "Here's to Special Treatment"]03:45
35Kick [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]03:44
36Kodachrome [from the "One of My Kind"]04:13
37Lava Monster [from the "Here's to Special Treatment"]03:27
38Lenders in the Temple [from the "Conor Oberst"]04:35
39Lonely at the Top [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]03:48
40Milk Thistle [from the "Conor Oberst"]05:21
41Moab [from the "Conor Oberst"]03:36
42Night at Lake Unknown [from the "Upside Down Mountain"]04:20
43Normal [from the "One of My Kind"]04:20
44NYC-Gone, Gone [from the "Conor Oberst"]01:11
45One of My Kind [from the "One of My Kind"]03:47
46Ouija [from the "Water"]04:36
47Over It [from the "Water"]05:16
48Phil's Song (Learn To Stop Me) [from the "One of My Kind"]03:22
49Puddle Stomper [from the "Here's to Special Treatment"]05:05
50Purple Chin [from the "Water"]03:23
51Roosevelt Room [from the "Outer South"]05:02
52Sausalito [from the "Conor Oberst"]03:10
53Sledge Winston & the Element of Surprise [from the "Here's to Special Treatment"]03:39
54Slowly /Oh So Slowly [from the "Outer South"]03:29
55Snake Hill [from the "Outer South"]04:16
56Souled Out!!! [from the "Conor Oberst"]03:32
57Space Invaders [from the "Here's to Special Treatment"]04:34
58Spoiled [from the "Outer South"]03:16
59Sundress [from the "Here's to Special Treatment"]04:31
60Synesthete Song [from the "One of My Kind"]04:42

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Conor Oberst

Conor Mullen Oberst is an American singer-songwriter best known for his work in Bright Eyes.

He has also played in several other bands, including Desaparecidos, Norman Bailer (The Faint), Commander Venus, Park Ave., Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and Monsters of Folk. []


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