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Live Through This by Hole [1994] [album editions]

Live Through This (Hole)

Track listing

2Miss World
4Asking For It
5Jennifers Body
6Doll Parts
7Credit In The Straight World
8Softer. Softest
9She Walks On Me
10I Think That I Would Die
12Rock Star

Hole albums

1Celebrity Skin[ 1998 ]
2Live Through This[ 1994 ]
3Nobody's Daughter[ 2008 ]
4Pretty on the Inside[ 1991 ]
1Celebrity Skin (Hole)
2Live Through This (Hole)
3Nobody's Daughter (Hole)
4Pretty on the Inside (Hole)

Hole songs

1Asking For It [from the "Live Through This"]03:29
2Awful [from the "Celebrity Skin"]03:16
3Babydoll [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]04:59
4Berry [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]02:46
5Boys On The Radio [from the "Celebrity Skin"]05:09
6Celebrity Skin [from the "Celebrity Skin"]02:42
7Credit In The Straight World [from the "Live Through This"]03:11
8Doll Parts [from the "Live Through This"]03:32
9Dying [from the "Celebrity Skin"]03:44
10For Once In Your Life [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]03:34
11Garbage Man [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]03:19
12Good Sister/Bad Sister [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]05:47
13Gutless [from the "Live Through This"]02:15
14Heaven Tonight [from the "Celebrity Skin"]03:31
15Hit So Hard [from the "Celebrity Skin"]04:00
16Honey [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]04:19
17How Dirty Girls Get Clean [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]04:54
18I Think That I Would Die [from the "Live Through This"]03:36
19Jennifers Body [from the "Live Through This"]03:41
20Letter To God [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]04:04
21Loaded [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]04:19
22Loser Dust [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]03:25
23Malibu [from the "Celebrity Skin"]03:50
24Miss World [from the "Live Through This"]03:00
25Mrs. Jones [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]05:25
26Never Go Hungry [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]04:28
27Nobody's Daughter [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]05:19
28Northern Star [from the "Celebrity Skin"]04:58
29Pacific Coast Highway [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]05:14
30Petals [from the "Celebrity Skin"]05:29
31Playing Your Song [from the "Celebrity Skin"]03:21
32Plump [from the "Live Through This"]02:34
33Pretty on the Inside/Clouds [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]05:25
34Reasons To Be Beautiful [from the "Celebrity Skin"]05:19
35Rock Star [from the "Live Through This"]02:42
36Samantha [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]04:16
37Sassy [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]01:43
38She Walks On Me [from the "Live Through This"]03:23
39Skinny Little Bitch [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]03:10
40Softer. Softest [from the "Live Through This"]03:27
41Someone Else's Bed [from the "Nobody's Daughter"]04:26
42Star Belly [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]01:46
43Teenage Whore [from the "Pretty on the Inside"]02:57
44Use Once & Destroy [from the "Celebrity Skin"]05:04
45Violet [from the "Live Through This"]03:24



Hole was an American alternative rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989 by singer-songwriter Courtney Love and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Noise rock,
  • Punk rock,
  • Grunge,
  • Power pop
  • Doll Parts by Hole

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