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Power to the People by Poison [2000] [album editions]

Power to the People (Poison)

Track listing

1Power to the People
2Can't Bring Me Down
3The Last Song
5I Hate Every Bone in Your Body But Mine
6Intro/Look What the Cat Dragged In
7I Want Action
8Something to Believe In
9Love on the Rocks
10C.C. Solo
11Fallen Angel
12Let It Play
13Riki Solo
14Every Rose Has It's Thorn
15Unskinny Bop
16Nothin' But a Good Time
17Talk Dirty to Me

Poison albums

1Crack a Smile... and More![ 2000 ]
2Flesh & Blood[ 1990 ]
3Hollyweird[ 2002 ]
4Look What the Cat Dragged In[ 1986 ]
5Native Tongue[ 1993 ]
6Open Up and Say... Ahh![ 1988 ]
7Poison'd![ 2007 ]
8Power to the People[ 2000 ]
1Crack a Smile... and More! (Poison)
2Flesh & Blood (Poison)
3Hollyweird (Poison)
4Look What the Cat Dragged In (Poison)
5Native Tongue (Poison)
6Open Up and Say... Ahh! (Poison)
7Poison'd! (Poison)
8Power to the People (Poison)

Poison songs

1#1 Bad Boy [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]03:15
2(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice [from the "Flesh & Blood"]04:42
37 Days over You [from the "Native Tongue"]04:15
4Ain't That the Truth [from the "Native Tongue"]03:27
5Baby Gets Around a Bit [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]03:37
6Back to the Rocking Horse [from the "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"]03:37
7Bad to Be Good [from the "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"]04:06
8Ball And Chain [from the "Flesh & Blood"]04:24
9Bastard Son of a Thousand Blues [from the "Native Tongue"]04:57
10Be the One [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]05:39
11Best Thing You Ever Had [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]04:18
12Blame It on You [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]02:34
13Blind Faith [from the "Native Tongue"]03:34
14Body Talk [from the "Native Tongue"]04:03
15Bonus Track: God Save The Queen (Instrumental Demo) [from the "Flesh & Blood"]02:47
16Bonus Track: Something To Believe In (Acoustic Version) [from the "Flesh & Blood"]06:01
17Bring It Home [from the "Native Tongue"]03:57
18C.C. Solo [from the "Power to the People"]01:31
19Can't Bring Me Down [from the "Power to the People"]03:31
20Can't You See [from the "Poison'd!"]04:57
21Come Hell Or High Water [from the "Flesh & Blood"]05:03
22Cover of the Rolling Stone (Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show cover) [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]03:09
23Crack a Smile Unfinished Demo [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]03:46
24Cry Tough [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]03:38
25Dead Flowers [from the "Poison'd!"]04:21
26Devil Woman [from the "Hollyweird"]03:46
27Doin' as I Seen on My TV [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]02:52
28Don't Give Up An Inch [from the "Flesh & Blood"]03:45
29Emperor's New Clothes [from the "Hollyweird"]02:14
30Every Rose Has It's Thorn [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]04:37
31Every Rose Has It's Thorn [from the "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"]04:20
32Every Rose Has It's Thorn [from the "Power to the People"]04:54
33Face the Hangman [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]03:20
34Fallen Angel [from the "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"]03:58
35Fallen Angel [from the "Power to the People"]04:40
36Get 'Ya Some [from the "Hollyweird"]04:22
37Good Love [from the "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"]02:52
38Hollyweird [from the "Hollyweird"]03:15
39Home (Bret's Story) [from the "Hollyweird"]02:49
40Home (C.C.'s Story) [from the "Hollyweird"]02:46
41I Hate Every Bone in Your Body But Mine [from the "Power to the People"]03:12
42I Need To Know [from the "Poison'd!"]02:21
43I Never Cry [from the "Poison'd!"]03:33
44I Want Action [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]03:07
45I Want Action [from the "Power to the People"]04:42
46I Want Action (Single version) [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]03:07
47I Won't Forget You [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]03:36
48I Won't Forget You (Single version) [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]03:40
49Intro/Look What the Cat Dragged In [from the "Power to the People"]04:25
50Just What I Needed [from the "Poison'd!"]03:36
51Lay Your Body Down [from the "Crack a Smile... and More!"]05:27
52Let It Play [from the "Flesh & Blood"]04:24
53Let It Play [from the "Power to the People"]04:15
54Let Me Go to the Show [from the "Look What the Cat Dragged In"]02:47
55Life Goes On [from the "Flesh & Blood"]04:49
56Life Loves A Tragedy [from the "Flesh & Blood"]05:16
57Little Willy [from the "Poison'd!"]03:18
58Livin' for the Minute [from the "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"]02:43
59Livin' in the Now [from the "Hollyweird"]02:37
60Look But You Can't Touch [from the "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"]03:27

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Poison is an American classic rock hair band band that achieved great success in the mid-1980s to mid-1990s.

Poison has sold over 30 million records worldwide[1] and have sold 15 million records in the United States alone. []


  • Glam metal,
  • Hard rock
  • Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison

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