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Mud on the Tires by Brad Paisley [2003] [album editions]

Mud on the Tires (Brad Paisley)

Track listing

1Mud On The Tires
3Ain't Nothin' Like
4Little Moments
5That's Love (ft. Dan Aykroyd and James Belushi)
6Somebody Knows You Now
7Famous People
8Hold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall)
9Whiskey Lullaby
10The Best Thing That I Had Goin'
11The Cigar Song
12Make A Mistake
13Make A Mistake With Me (Instrumental)
14Is It Raining At Your House
15Spaghetti Western Swing (Instrumental)
16Farther Along
17Kung Pao (ft. the Kung Pao Buckaroos)

Brad Paisley albums

15th Gear[ 2007 ]
2American Saturday Night[ 2009 ]
3Brad Paisley Christmas[ 2006 ]
4Moonshine in the Trunk[ 2014 ]
5Mud on the Tires[ 2003 ]
6Part II[ 2001 ]
7Play[ 2008 ]
8This is Country Music[ 2011 ]
9Time Well Wasted[ 2005 ]
10Wheelhouse[ 2013 ]
11Who Needs Pictures[ 1999 ]
15th Gear (Brad Paisley)
2American Saturday Night (Brad Paisley)
3Brad Paisley Christmas (Brad Paisley)
4Moonshine in the Trunk (Brad Paisley)
5Mud on the Tires (Brad Paisley)
6Part II (Brad Paisley)
7Play (Brad Paisley)
8This is Country Music (Brad Paisley)
9Time Well Wasted (Brad Paisley)
10Wheelhouse (Brad Paisley)
11Who Needs Pictures (Brad Paisley)

Brad Paisley songs

121Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy [from the "Brad Paisley Christmas"]04:14
122Shattered Glass [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:45
123She's Everything [from the "Time Well Wasted"]04:27
124She's Her Own Woman [from the "American Saturday Night"]04:29
125Silent Night [from the "Brad Paisley Christmas"]04:08
126Silver Bells [from the "Brad Paisley Christmas"]04:09
127Sleepin' On The Foldout [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]03:22
128Some Mistakes [from the "5th Gear"]04:57
129Somebody Knows You Now [from the "Mud on the Tires"]03:42
130Southern Comfort Zone [from the "Wheelhouse"]05:16
131Southern Comfort Zone (Acoustic Version) [from the "Wheelhouse"]04:37
132Spaghetti Western Swing (Instrumental) [from the "Mud on the Tires"]04:32
133Start A Band [from the "Play"]05:26
134That's Love (ft. Dan Aykroyd and James Belushi) [from the "Mud on the Tires"]04:43
135The Best Thing That I Had Goin' [from the "Mud on the Tires"]04:08
136The Cigar Song [from the "Mud on the Tires"]03:37
137The Mona Lisa [from the "Wheelhouse"]03:54
138The Nervous Breakdown (Instrumental) [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]03:29
139The Old Rugged Cross (live at The Grand Ole Opry, December 16, 2000) [from the "Part II"]03:49
140The Pants [from the "American Saturday Night"]04:36
141The Uncloudy Day [from the "Time Well Wasted"]00:53
142The World [from the "Time Well Wasted"]04:01
143Then [from the "American Saturday Night"]05:21
144This is Country Music [from the "This is Country Music"]05:11
145Those Crazy Christians [from the "Wheelhouse"]04:21
146Throttleneck (Instrumental) [from the "5th Gear"]05:16
147Ticks [from the "5th Gear"]04:33
148Time Warp [from the "Time Well Wasted"]03:56
149Time Well Wasted [from the "Time Well Wasted"]03:56
150Tin Can On A String [from the "Wheelhouse"]04:08
151Too Country (ft. Buck Owens, Bill Anderson and George Jones) [from the "Part II"]03:30
152Toothbrush [from the "This is Country Music"]03:09
153Turf's Up [from the "Play"]03:30
154Two Feet Of Topsoil [from the "Part II"]02:46
155Two People Fell In Love [from the "Part II"]04:06
156Waitin' On a Woman [from the "Time Well Wasted"]04:32
157Waitin' On a Woman [from the "Play"]05:03
158Water [from the "American Saturday Night"]04:21
159We Danced [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]03:46
160Welcome to the Future [from the "American Saturday Night"]05:52
161Welcome to the Future (Reprise) [from the "American Saturday Night"]01:19
162What A Friend We Have In Jesus [from the "Play"]02:31
163When I Get Where I'm Going [from the "Time Well Wasted"]04:08
164When We All Get To Heaven [from the "5th Gear"]03:54
165Whiskey Lullaby [from the "Mud on the Tires"]04:20
166Who Needs Pictures [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]03:45
167Winter Wonderland [from the "Brad Paisley Christmas"]03:31
168With You, Without You [from the "5th Gear"]04:54
169Working On a Tan [from the "This is Country Music"]04:04
170Wrapped Around [from the "Part II"]03:23
171Yankee Doodle Dixie [from the "Wheelhouse"]01:12
172You Do The Math [from the "American Saturday Night"]04:36
173You Have That Effect On Me [from the "Part II"]04:21
174You Need a Man Around Here [from the "Time Well Wasted"]03:33
175You Shouldn't Have To [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:55
176You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive [from the "Part II"]05:04

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Brad Paisley

Brad Douglas Paisley is an American country singer-songwriter and musician.

His songs are frequently laced with humor and popular culture references. []


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  • Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley

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