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Airtight's Revenge by Bilal [2010] [album editions]

Airtight's Revenge (Bilal)

Track listing

1Cake and Eat it Too
3All Matter
6Little One
7Move On
9The Dollar
10Who Are You
11Think It Over

Bilal albums

1A Love Surreal[ 2013 ]
2Airtight's Revenge[ 2010 ]
3In Another Life[ 2015 ]
4Love for Sale[ 2006 ]
1A Love Surreal (Bilal)
2Airtight's Revenge (Bilal)
3In Another Life (Bilal)
4Love for Sale (Bilal)

Bilal songs

1All For Love [from the "Love for Sale"]04:47
2All Matter [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]05:21
3Astray [from the "A Love Surreal"]04:14
4Back To Love [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:08
5Bury Me Next to You [from the "In Another Life"]03:47
6Butterfly (ft. Robert Glasper) [from the "A Love Surreal"]06:39
7Cake and Eat it Too [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]04:00
8Climbing [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:22
9Flying [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]04:22
10Get Out of My Hair [from the "Love for Sale"]04:23
11Gotsta Be Cool [from the "Love for Sale"]05:48
12Hands of Time [from the "Love for Sale"]03:45
13Holding It Back (ft. Kimbra) [from the "In Another Life"]03:31
14Hollywood [from the "Love for Sale"]03:48
15I Really Don’t Care [from the "In Another Life"]03:03
16Intro [from the "A Love Surreal"]01:05
17Levels [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]05:28
18Little One [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:59
19Longing and Waiting [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:56
20Lord Don't Let It [from the "Love for Sale"]05:08
21Lost For Now [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:41
22Love Child [from the "In Another Life"]03:23
23Lunatic [from the "In Another Life"]02:45
24Make Me Over [from the "Love for Sale"]05:17
25Money Over Love (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [from the "In Another Life"]02:48
26Move On [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:28
27Never Be the Same [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:21
28Open up the Door [from the "In Another Life"]03:12
29Outro [from the "A Love Surreal"]01:05
30Pleasure Toy (ft. Big K.R.I.T.) [from the "In Another Life"]04:35
31Restart [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]04:53
32Right at the Core [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:34
33Robots [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:16
34Satellites [from the "In Another Life"]03:02
35Sirens II [from the "In Another Life"]02:48
36Slipping Away [from the "A Love Surreal"]05:50
37Something To Hold On To [from the "Love for Sale"]04:06
38Sorrow, Tears & Blood (ft. Common & Zap Mama) [from the "Love for Sale"]07:43
39Spiraling [from the "In Another Life"]03:02
40Star Now [from the "In Another Life"]03:13
41Sweet Sour U [from the "Love for Sale"]03:23
42The Dollar [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:28
43The Flow [from the "A Love Surreal"]04:02
44Think It Over [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:49
45West Side Girl [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:34
46White Turns To Grey [from the "Love for Sale"]06:17
47Who Are You [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]06:01
48Winning Hand [from the "A Love Surreal"]05:22
49You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven) [from the "Love for Sale"]04:34



Bilal Sayeed Oliver, better known mononymously as Bilal, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer. []


  • Neo soul,
  • Soul,
  • R&B,
  • Funk
  • Cake and Eat it Too by Bilal

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