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Bad Blood by Bastille [2013] [album editions]

Bad Blood (Bastille)

Track listing

2Things We Lost in the Fire
3Bad Blood
5These Streets
6Weight of Living, Pt. II
10Daniel in the Den
11Laura Palmer
12Get Home
13Weight of Living, Pt. I
14The Silence
15Laughter Lines
16Bad Blood (Live Piano Version)
17Things We Lost in the Fire (Abbey Road Sessions)
18Laura Palmer (Abbey Road Sessions)
19Flaws (Live Acoustic Version)

Bastille albums

1All This Bad Blood[ 2013 ]
2Bad Blood[ 2013 ]
1All This Bad Blood (Bastille)
2Bad Blood (Bastille)

Bastille songs

1Bad Blood [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:33
2Bad Blood [from the "Bad Blood"]03:32
3Bad Blood (Live Piano Version) [from the "Bad Blood"]03:28
4Daniel In the Den [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:09
5Daniel in the Den [from the "Bad Blood"]03:08
6Durban Skies [from the "All This Bad Blood"]04:10
7Flaws [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:39
8Flaws [from the "Bad Blood"]03:38
9Flaws (Live Acoustic Version) [from the "Bad Blood"]03:38
10Get Home [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:11
11Get Home [from the "Bad Blood"]03:11
12Haunt (Demo) [from the "All This Bad Blood"]02:53
13Icarus [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:45
14Icarus [from the "Bad Blood"]03:45
15Laughter Lines [from the "All This Bad Blood"]04:08
16Laughter Lines [from the "Bad Blood"]04:04
17Laura Palmer [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:06
18Laura Palmer [from the "Bad Blood"]03:06
19Laura Palmer (Abbey Road Sessions) [from the "Bad Blood"]03:02
20Oblivion [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:16
21Oblivion [from the "Bad Blood"]03:16
22Of the Night [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:34
23Overjoyed [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:26
24Overjoyed [from the "Bad Blood"]03:26
25Poet [from the "All This Bad Blood"]02:45
26Pompeii [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:34
27Pompeii [from the "Bad Blood"]03:34
28Previously on Other People's Heartache… [from the "All This Bad Blood"]01:07
29Skulls [from the "All This Bad Blood"]04:12
30Sleepsong [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:42
31The Draw [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:15
32The Silence [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:51
33The Silence [from the "Bad Blood"]03:51
34These Streets [from the "All This Bad Blood"]02:55
35These Streets [from the "Bad Blood"]02:55
36Things We Lost In the Fire [from the "All This Bad Blood"]04:01
37Things We Lost in the Fire [from the "Bad Blood"]04:00
38Things We Lost in the Fire (Abbey Road Sessions) [from the "Bad Blood"]04:01
39Tuning Out... [from the "All This Bad Blood"]02:37
40Weight of Living, Pt. I [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:27
41Weight of Living, Pt. I [from the "Bad Blood"]03:28
42Weight of Living, Pt. II [from the "All This Bad Blood"]02:55
43Weight of Living, Pt. II [from the "Bad Blood"]02:54
44What Would You Do [from the "All This Bad Blood"]03:03

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Bastille are an English rock band formed in London in 2010. []


  • Indie pop,
  • Indie rock,
  • Synthpop
  • Pompeii by Bastille

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